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What is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience is the gift of feeling and sensing the energy, attitude, and emotional response of those around you on the most literal and tactile level. Clairsentient people have the ability to walk into a room and read the vibe, whether there are other humans present or not. This is a very unique sense because clairsentient people are able to pick up on spoken words or actions before they happen.

Many people who are clairsentient may not be aware of their gift and might just assume that they're a bit more hypersensitive than others. In fact, some do have the unique ability to pick up on the vibrations given off by a person or object that provide insight into their internal state. With the ability to project their senses into another place, clairsentient psychics may be able to “see” or “feel” what’s going on in a location far removed from where they are physically located.


By utilizing these unique gifts, clairsentients can provide knowledge and assistance to those with questions about everything from their well-being to relationships.

Clairsentient people tend to be more sensitive than those around them, and often in uncomfortable ways. Being extremely sensitive and aware of people around you and the environment you are in has been known to lend itself to bouts of anxiety and secludedness. If you are sensitive to the energy of those around you and find yourself picking up on nonverbal cues that may be too difficult to speak about, you could be clairsentient.

The good news is that the anxiety can and will disappear once you stand in your power. In order to gain confidence in your gift, you need to understand it. This is the time that consulting a trusted psychic will become extremely valuable in your development.

Ways to Use Your Clairsentient Gifts

Clairsentient psychics may feel physical sensations that give them information about your situation and your emotions that you may not directly express, and that you might not even be aware you are feeling. For example, during a reading, a clairsentient psychic might experience a physical feeling of discomfort, indicating that a person or situation has negative energies for you. Or they may say they sense lightness and well-being, indicating that positive energies are involved.

Clairsentient Empaths Can Help Relationships

When people have a difficult time understanding their partner, they will benefit from speaking to a clairsentient psychic. Clairsentient psychics might be able to identify underlying problems in relationships through vibrations manifested as anything from butterflies, to a twitch, to a "gut feeling."

By speaking to a clairsentient, people can evaluate their own hard feelings and emotions as well as those of their partner. By gaining this intuitive knowledge from a clairsentient psychic, a couple can move forward in their relationship and regain stability.

In this video, our Clairaudient psychics share their stories of how they clearly hear answers to your questions and messages from Spirit.

Psychic Sammie

"There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream or desire a reality."
-Anthony Robbins

Clairsentient people aid others in personal growth

Clairsentients can identify when an individual is suffering from negative emotions. This might be stress, sadness or anxiety, and a person might not even recognize the negativity that is affecting his or her life. By being able to sense an individual's aura, a clairsentient psychic can provide insight into what may be causing the complications and negativity. As clairsentients tap into your feelings, they can use their energy to strengthen other’s spirit and provide the relief that true empathy can offer.

How to Develop Your Clairsentience

In order to uncover the gifts that are specifically unique to you, you must first understand them. When a clairsentient person is going through an awakening, it can be a very scary and arduous road trying to figure out if what you are sensing is real or if you’re just crazy. Psychic Source is here to share that you are right where you are supposed to be, and you are not alone in this journey.

Consulting one of our very own clairsentient psychic Advisors will help you to put words to everything that you may be feeling while understanding your gifts in this lifetime. Once you have clarity, the sky's the limit and we encourage your growth!