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For centuries, tarot readings have been a popular form of divination and entertainment. Today, in the hands of a gifted psychic, online tarot readings are a tool for answering your most pressing questions about love and relationships, work, money, and more. Whenever you find yourself stuck or needing guidance, tarot is a great way to deepen your connection to spirit and your understanding of past, present, and future events.

“Get an online tarot card reading for confirmation on something you may know but not be entirely sure of,” offers Psychic Andre. “Another reason for getting a tarot reading online may be for insight when choosing between two different options. It could help you see how a specific choice could affect you in the long run.”

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Why Get a Psychic Tarot Reading Online?

Most people report feeling significantly better after speaking with a psychic tarot reader.

“A professional psychic tarot reading is really something special!” explains Psychic Abbot. “We use our personal gifts (intuition, clairvoyance, mediumship, etc) to enhance our use of tarot cards. This unique combination is what allows us to connect with ancestors through the cards; it's how we know when it's time to reshuffle mid-reading. Professional psychic tarot readers can turn their deck of cards into a powerful magnet for all the messages the Universe wants you to hear.”

Get the Clarity You Need

Psychic Mariam explains that you may feel relieved when you better understand yourself, a challenging situation, or your emotional world better. “You’ll likely feel more confident in your choices and less confused, frustrated, angry, or sad about whatever situation you’re facing.”

When you use a virtual tarot reading app, you get generic interpretations from the app creator. When you read the cards for yourself, you often see what you want to see or see what you expect to see. But as Psychic Alodar notes, “We don't have a personal history with you that might cloud our judgement. We often see points of view that you are missing.”

When is the Best Time to Get a Psychic Tarot Reading?

“Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed about a situation. There is no better time to call than right at that moment. Those are your intuitive nudges to do so.” Psychic Therese

“Einstein said we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created it. Best time for a psychic tarot reading is when you feel stuck and need wisdom and insight to create a successful outcome.” - Psychic Amber

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What Happens When You Get a Psychic Tarot Reading Online?

The art of shuffling, drawing, placing tarot cards into a spread, and interpreting their meaning is most powerful when practiced in a spiritual context. “Tarot Readers, who are also psychic, don’t just interpret the cards but also use their intuitive abilities to receive deeper messages from your guides,” explains Psychic Joshua. “Each card reveals a message that Universe wants you to encounter in that moment.” This is very different than the randomized spreads that online tarot apps serve up.

Discover Hidden Truths

“In an online psychic tarot reading, an immediate energetic exchange starts to take place between you, the reader, and the cards,” explains Psychic Amber. “The psychic becomes the conduit that channels Divine energies and connects with the quantum field to access the Akashic Records, Spirit Guides and Angels. Most of the time you will experience that epiphany or light-bulb moment or experience some form of realization or gut feeling. You may even get goosebumps or feel a sense of validation or peace. No two people will ever experience the same energetic experience, but something will always resonate with your soul and spirit.”

This energetic connection allows for insights and guidance to flow through the cards and the reader to provide guidance and clarity.

Advantages of Getting Online Tarot Readings from Professional Readers

Professional tarot readers have experience and expertise in interpreting cards and providing insightful readings. They have a deep understanding of the meanings of each card and how they interact with each other, which allows them to provide more nuanced and accurate tarot readings online.

Psychic Isabella, who has 27 years of experience using tarot for growth and change, explains:


Professional tarot readers can offer an objective perspective on your situation. We are not emotionally invested in the outcome and can provide guidance without being influenced by personal biases.


Professional tarot readers are bound by ethical guidelines to maintain confidentiality and respect the privacy of their clients. This means you can feel comfortable sharing personal information and feelings without fear of judgment or repercussion.


Professional tarot readers can customize readings to meet your specific needs. We can use different spreads, techniques, and approaches depending on the question, which can lead to more personalized and accurate readings.


Professional tarot readers can validate and affirm your feelings and experiences. We provide a safe space to explore your thoughts and emotions and offer validation and support in the process.

Why Choose Psychic Source for Your Online Tarot Reading?

Since 1989, Psychic Source has pioneered the delivery of online tarot readings by phone, chat, and video on an innovative platform that pairs professional psychics with consumers seeking anonymity, convenience, and security. At a time when psychic phone scams using (900) phone numbers were rampant, Psychic Source entered the market with a focus on pricing transparency, a code of ethics, and a satisfaction guarantee. Since then, thousands of customers have benefited by 24/7 access to our network of psychics and the support of our Customer care team. We know that getting a psychic reading can feel a little intimidating, so we do all we can to make the process feel safe, secure, and as easy as talking to a best friend, as these customer reviews attest.

How Much Does an Online Tarot Reading cost?

Tarot experts generally recommend allocating 15-30 minutes for a reading.

The cost of an online tarot reading is per-minute price based on the demand for each psychic multiplied by the length of the reading. At Psychic Source, we believe the best way for you to predict and control the cost of a reading is to set your own budget. Simply multiply the amount of time you want to allocate to the reading by the Advisor’s rate.

“I can answer basic questions and get an overview of the situation and basic outcomes in about 10 min,” explains our Psychic Advisor Therese. “In 15-20 min, we can really delve deep and get much more information as to the thoughts, opinions, and motives of the other people involved, and where it is all going. I can also get guidance as to how to proceed, and if you need to change course, how to go about it. 25-30 min can give you a two-fold reading, the first part on love, for example, and the second part on work.”

Invest in Your Peace of Mind

Psychic Tallis explains that some clients worry if they can’t budget 15 minutes or more for a reading. If you only have 10-15 minutes, is a tarot reading worth it? “I can start reading with one card,” she explains. “Tarot is fundamentally a craft of interpreting images, just like a clairvoyant must interpret the visions they see. It is still spiritually informed divination, and an experienced psychic reader has learned to be fast and accurate.”

Ready to try a Tarot Reading? Here are some final words of encouragement.

“Calm down. Focus your thoughts, steady your mind. Now..."what is your exact question?" The more precise a question, the more precise an answer. Knowing what you want to ask is crucial. Also, take notes!” - Psychic Spring

“All readers offer something different. You may feel more connected to one reader over another - So it depends on what you're looking for, the connection, the questions, how in depth you want to get. Give the question time to arise from your heart so you are sure this is the place you'd like to begin. Often the cards will steer the discussion in another direction or ask you another question to inspire you to a deeper place, another level of importance which is meaningful in the long term. A minimum of ten minutes will bring more clarity and allow you to leave with tools rather than a quick yes or no. But I do not suggest any time frame over another; rather simply what is comfortable.” - Psychic Jaska

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