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Emerging From Winter's Cave by Psychic Dominique

Date 3/27/2013

Break free from winter's restorative state.

Break free from winter's restorative state.

Ostara, or Spring Equinox, has steadfastly approached us, and with it comes a new cycle of life. For the past three months we have been in winter, the time of reflection, contemplation, and rest. As we emerge from that restorative state, we are reenergized and rejuvenated. Now comes the season of new opportunities and new cycles.
Ostara and Easter both represent renewal and rebirth. They have long been associated with transformation as seen in the egg that gives forth new life. Within the Christian religion, new life and transformation are seen in the Christ resurrection story. This notion of rebirth is often tightly tied to religious paradigms.

We can learn from these long held associations and seek within ourselves those seeds of fresh beginnings. We allow ourselves to let go of the old mental constructs that hold us back. Let yourself be transformed by the energies of Spring and find strength and vigor in a new better self.
An excellent spring meditation is that of emergence from the dark winter cave. The cave has long been seen as a place of rebirth, a womb of our Mother Earth. It’s associations with wisdom and reawakening make it ideal for a spring meditation starting point.
Imagine yourself in the cave. Smell the dark rich soil, feel the cool air. See the earth’s energy flowing into your body and spirit. Feel how invigorated and renewed you are becoming. Continue until you are glowing with health and vitality.
Next, see yourself gathering items that represent the wisdom of the earth. These may be herbs, nature or religious symbols that have meaning for you. Ask for and gather any tools that you may need for your life. Within this cave you have been gifted with vitality, powerful symbols, and tools, to prepare you for emergence into your next cycle of life.
Now move out from the mouth of the cave into the fresh greening landscape and know that you are strong and reborn. You are transformed by your time in the cave and are ready and prepared for the New Year.  Blessed Be.
Author's Photo by Dominique x7390

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