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The Dangers of Ouija Boards

Date 1/16/2023
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Be very careful about using a Ouija board if you're not familiar with the dangers of this tool.

Be very careful about using a Ouija board if you're not familiar with the dangers of this tool.

Ouija boards are a popular tool for communicating with spirits on the other side. Though these boards are often treated as innocent games, they can present many dangers. If you're not experienced with this type of communication, it's generally best to work with someone who is. Beware of these hazards of Ouija boards.

Opening the Door to Unwanted Spirits

Ouija boards act as an invitation to spirits on the other side, opening the door for them to cross over into our world. Unfortunately, this door isn't selective. The entities that are waiting for an opportunity to visit aren't necessarily the ones you want in your home. Once they've entered, you may find yourself dealing with a lingering haunting that you weren't anticipating.

Connecting With the Wrong Entities

You may get out the Ouija board to speak with a particular loved one, but this method of spirit communication is far from precise. If the individual you're trying to contact isn't waiting near the veil, they may miss the opportunity. Other beings on the lower levels of the spiritual plane are more likely to come through. If you don't have experience communicating with spirits, you may get duped by a mischievous entity that's pretending to be someone they're not. A psychic medium reading with an experienced professional is a safer and more reliable way to communicate.

Opening Yourself to Uncomfortable Communications

The spirits lingering on lower-level planes are often those that are angry, frightened, or confused. They may be recently deceased and struggling to understand what's happening. If you're not equipped to handle these types of entities, you may do more damage than good by trying to communicate with them.

Spreading Incorrect Information

Ouija boards don't always provide a connection to the other side. In some cases, the planchette is being subconsciously moved by those touching it. In these instances, you may receive false information. This type of experience could leave you confused, disappointed, or even hurt if you assume that the false communications are true representations of a loved one's feelings. Speaking with a phone psychic can help you unravel the truth if you're in this type of situation.

Spreading Psychogenic Illness

Your belief in Ouija boards can lead you to create uncomfortable situations based simply on what you think is true, regardless of the validity. At a girls-only Catholic boarding school in Mexico, 512 students experienced strange symptoms like headaches and trouble walking after a Ouija board was used. Psychiatrist Nashyiela Loa Zavala diagnosed this as mass psychogenic illness caused by the girls' belief that one of the users of the board subsequently cursed the school. Believing in the impact of a Ouija board could make you susceptible to similar symptoms.

Tread carefully if you're thinking about working with a Ouija board. Practice psychic self-defense by taking precautions to protect yourself and your home, and speak with a reliable medium beforehand about the best way to proceed.


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