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Psychic Ricky Gets a Reading With Psychic Joseph

Date 5/8/2013

Experience Joseph's confident demeanor for yourself.

Experience Joseph's confident demeanor for yourself.

Top Advisor Ricky had the opportunity to have a reading with Psychic Joseph. Ricky shares his experience with you. Don't miss other psychics getting readings from their peers!

I couldn't get enough of him! There are two "zones" with Joseph: the wise sage and the trusted friend, and throughout the reading they merge. He’s warm and caring, but not to the extent where I had to wonder if this is what he truly sees.

I've met this Psychic (along with many at Source) so I was concerned that he would have too much personal knowledge about my personal life that his insights would not impress me. I'm grateful to write that my worries were not validated.

He mentioned things that he has ZERO knowledge of, things that even my spouse doesn't know. And when I was going into my analytic mental mode, comparing what I know of the details, he expressed a differing opinion regarding future predictions; he was confident in what he saw and stood by it (much like I've done when giving readings). 

There is integrity in the deliverance of his message. His reading style is without any form of pretense and he has an unwavering confidence to his energy. I didn't ask about issues with 'timing," because they can be a challenge for any psychic. But Joseph did mention one date in particular that should be very interesting to see what comes to pass. 

I knew that I would enjoy his reading, but I was surprised by how much. There's no fluff or filler with Joseph… no "castles in the sky" or cosmic carrot being dangled on a stick in front of you. He is direct and concerned. I've often said that a person can't fake being psychic and caring, and Joseph is both. It was more than just a reading; I felt it was also a blessing.
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DieLiebeIstSeltsam: I began reading with Joseph because I read this article about how much Ricky enjoyed reading with Joseph, and I have not wavered since with how much I enjoy reading with Joseph. Each time I'm waiting to connect with Joseph, I feel an immense excitement that I find hard to contain, because I know I get accuracy and truth from him. I feel safe with him because I am not judged. He has not changed his mind with what he sees happening in my future, and sometimes when I call him up several times after he had told me what he sees to confirm yet again what is to come, he does not seem impatient at all. He speaks slowly, which extends a soothing calmness to my spirit, and even sometimes I detect a smile in his voice, which does nothing but make me feel brighter than I felt before I called him. He has never sugar coated anything. Once when he gave me a reading last year and the news were awful, he apologized and told me that he is just a messenger. No other reader saw this coming, not even the known top advisors. But Joseph was right, and I was in shock, along with several other top advisors whom I had informed of the event, and what Joseph had seen. Since then, my respect for Joseph had multiplied exponentially, and when I want to know the truth when all other predictions are all over the place with other advisors, I turn to Joseph and know that what he sees is what I believe will come to pass. He does not help me make up my mind when I'm at a crossroads. Instead, he encourages me to see all my options with clarity, and with it, I know where I stand and how to proceed with what I need to do. He's in a league of his own.

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