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An Introduction to Lightworkers by Psychic Orion

Date 11/22/2022
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Lightworkers offer gifts of awakening one's consciousness and healing.

Lightworkers offer gifts of awakening one's consciousness and healing.

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Since the beginning of time, the sun has been recognized as the life force energy that provides pure illumination to our earth. Sacred books, tarot and ancient history see this pure light as the guidance towards cosmic truth. Avid yogi practitioners, spiritual leaders and beings have used the sunlight to strengthen and activate the powers of pineal gland or third eye. 

In the traditional Tarot, the sun is one of the cards in the major arcana that represents that light in the sky. Spiritual groups of all kinds believe that the suns light holds the greatest connection to heaven, gods, other worldly realms and cosmic beings. It is the spiritual guide of the enlightened masters and is the source of the light that gives lightworkers their name. In this world, there are those who have obtained the power of the light to provide spiritual guidance to others. These enlightened masters and teachers are known as Lightworkers and their job is to assist in the spiritual evolution of humanity.

Origins of Lightworkers
Lightworkers are believed to be reincarnated back into the human world to teach, help and provide guidance to those in need. Lightworkers souls originate in the stars and cosmos and are sent to earth with the intent to help human beings in their process of awakening to a deeper understanding of the universe.  Their connection to others holds great strength because they too have experienced the suffering, hardships and lessons of life. Lightworkers offer gifts of awakening one’s consciousness and healing.

You probably have read or seen stories of when advisors recall their first experience of spiritual discovery. For some this may have occurred at a very young age and for others it may not have happened until later in life. Psychics, Lightworkers and other gifted individuals often walk the earth and don’t realize they have a gift until it has been made apparent. In other words, they are spiritual beings who forgot they were spiritual born and living a life as humans until at some point they are destined to discover their true cosmic origin and go through a process called the awakening of consciousness.  It is at this point they realize their true spiritual nature.  

Raising Your Vibration to Attract Love  
Lightworkers can develop various talents such as telepathy and altered extrasensory perception (ESP.) These gifts give lightworkers a deeper understanding of humanity and universal love, which allows them to help others raise their own frequency. Light workers are actually in charge of helping you in the process of your spiritual evolution, teaching you how to use your vital and mental energy to attract love and tranquility.

Connecting with a Lightworker
Those who need healing and are seeking to achieve a greater sense of universal consciousness would benefit greatly with connecting with a Lightworker. If you are seeking love or improvement in personal relationships, a Lightworker can assist in raising your vibrational energy to help you move forward in the right direction. Given the nature of the Lightworkers soul origin, you will feel great ease and comfort when communicating with this kind of advisor.

Lightworkers have an incredible ability to heal those who are suffering from the loss of a loved one and other human grievances. With their deeper understanding of human pain and distress, they have the tool of pure light to shine brightness back into the mind, body and soul. 

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