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Astral Projection and Astral Travel Instructions

Date 8/15/2023
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When you astral travel, you can separate your spirit from your physical form.

When you astral travel, you can separate your spirit from your physical form.

Many people think of astral projection, also known as astral travel, as a way of flying or traveling outside of your body. While it offers that out-of-body sensation, the benefits are mind-expanding, and go well beyond being able to see what's occurring from a removed perspective. Exploring the profound abilities of astral projection gives you insight, confidence, peace of mind, and an incredible sense of potential. It can provide you with the realization that you can do anything without fear of failure. Imagine the possibilities!

What is Astral Travel or Astral Projection?

Astral projection is an out-of-body experience where your consciousness leaves your body to connect with your astral body. Essentially, you are traveling to a different dimension that is known in quantum physics as a parallel universe. Another way of thinking of it is as an out-of-body experience where the soul and physical form separate. During astral projection, you are completely aware of this separation and intentionally direct your spirit to move beyond your body. Some people have the natural ability to remove their consciousness while it takes others a lot of practice. Astral projection typically takes place as a lucid dream, but you can also be in a state of deep meditation. The hard part is trying to remember what happened after your astral projection is over. It’s kind of like a dream where you can sometimes remember what happened, but the thoughts fade quickly.

How Does Astral Projection Occur?

Astral projection can take place intentionally or accidentally. Many people have their first out-of-body experience unintentionally. This often happens to people who have suffered trauma, such as a Near Death Experience (NDE), and astrally project themselves beyond their physical form to watch those who are reviving them or caring for them. Food or water deprivation may also trigger this type of experience.

You might experience astral projection as you're falling asleep. This happens when the mind persists in wakefulness longer than the body. If you find yourself floating in the room above your physical body, you've achieved astral projection.

How Do You Prepare for Astral Projection?

If you're interested in intentionally triggering astral projection, you must practice the art of allowing your body to fall into a completely relaxed trance-like state, then "rolling" out of it. This is an act that's performed entirely by the mind. Meditation practices may help you strengthen your focus and awareness so you can accomplish astral projection. 

To prepare yourself for astral travel, you must be completely relaxed. It helps to wear comfortable clothing and to lie down or recline. Also, your physical body may become cold when your consciousness travels out of it, so put a comforter over your body and make sure the heat in your room is turned up. Also, make sure to keep a pen and a piece of paper nearby so that you can write down everything you remember as soon as you regain consciousness. If you wait even 10 minutes, you could forget the most important parts of your experience.

Astral Travel

What Can You Expect During Astral Projection?

The best way to describe what you’ll experience during astral projection is a dream. You’ll appear to be in a real domain that is analogous to other worlds. There will be people and objects that you are familiar with and that even parallel your physical setting on earth. However, the difference is that the physical laws found on earth are not the same as in the astral plane. That means you may see or experience things that could never happen on earth. Everything will seem very real, including your movements. You may feel like you’re falling, walking, gesturing, and more. Afterward, you may want to consult with an authentic psychic to see if there was anything you were meant to learn from the experience.

What to Do During Astral Projection

You can travel anywhere with a simple thought during astral projection. You might travel to other parts of the world in an instant. You can visit other planets or galaxies. You can even travel to other planes of existence or revisit past lifetimes. The opportunities are endless and limited only by your desire and imagination.

You cannot typically influence other physical objects during astral projection. While you might be able to visualize certain changes taking place, it's unlikely that these will persist when you return to your physical body.

Myths About Astral Projection

There are many misunderstandings about astral projection. It's important to dispel these and understand the facts instead.

  • Your body cannot become possessed during astral projection.
  • A simple thought of returning to your body will bring you back in an instant.
  • A silver cord permanently tethers your spirit to your body at all times so you can't get lost while projecting.
  • You cannot be harmed on the astral plane, though you may encounter dark entities and unfriendly forces.
  • Your body will not tire during astral projection, so you can return from this state feeling well-rested.

Can You Die While Astral Projecting?

Your physical body is still susceptible to physical death during astral projection, but it does not put you at greater risk. However, during astral projection, your consciousness leaves your body and becomes vulnerable. You're only attached to your physical body with a "silver umbilical cord." This cord is very strong and can travel a very long distance. Therefore, you don’t have to be too concerned about it breaking. Yes, technically this could happen, resulting in your physical death, but it is extremely rare.

Benefits of Astral Projection

  • The vibrancy of Inner Spirituality. One of the least known, but most significant benefits of astral travel is an inner awakening, a transformation of a person's self-concept. After this process, you can experience better self-awareness and a sense of being more alive. Some people also report a profound inner wisdom or a feeling of being connected with something that's greater than themselves.
  • The Ability to Get Answers. Some people report that the biggest change that they experience from astral projection is the understanding that they can find their own answers on their own. You don't have to trust that what another is telling you is the absolute truth. You get to see for yourself if your beliefs are valid.
  • A Better Understanding of Death. Most people fear death or the unknown, but astral projection can release this fear. When you astral travel, you fully understand that your consciousness moves on without the need to breathe or eat. This is powerful and life-changing. It has been reported that you can completely lose your fear of death since you understand that death, in the sense that most people have of it, doesn't exist.
  • The Chance to Explore Past Lives. Some people who have experienced astral projection report recollections of their past lives. By exploring your previous lives, it's possible to learn more about yourself and the tools that you need to achieve your goals or overcome trauma. 
  • Finding Peace. One of the biggest benefits of astral projection is a feeling of peace that accompanies the final stage of a spiritual awakening.
  • Accelerated Personal Development. You may be able to accelerate your personal development because of improved recognition of past life experiences and insight into your past and current abilities. 

How to Astral Travel

How to Astral Travel

To perform astral travel, you must induce an out-of-body experience. This takes practice, but in time anyone can master the art of astral projection and experience the realms beyond. Once you’ve opened your mind to the possibility of astral travel, take it one step further and approach a hypnotic state in which you’re just at the edge of sleep. One way to do this is by listening to this guided meditation on astral travel. You’ll know you’ve achieved this trancelike state when you can envision a particular object with your eyes open and closed. Let's break it down into steps.

1. Relax Your Body

Lay down in a safe, comfortable place and relax your body slowly, one part at a time. Begin by flexing your toes as hard as you can and releasing them. Next, move to your calves. Continue upwards until you finish with your head, leaving the whole body relaxed.

2. Breathe Deeply

Take slow, deep breaths. Feel the air filling your chest and moving your diaphragm with each breath. Focus on your breath as you slip into a state of meditation. If you're new to meditation, you may need to master these first two steps over several sessions before moving on. 

3. Sense Your Body's Vibrations

Continue with your deep breathing exercise until you begin to feel vibrations. These vibrations reflect the dissonance between your spirit and body. While you might be accustomed to achieving deep relaxation, transitioning into the vibration stage can be challenging for beginners. Instead of expecting a particular revelation or vision, simply allow yourself to experience the feeling of the vibrations and understand that your astral body has begun to lead the way. 

4. Control the Vibrations

The separation between the spirit and body typically occurs when you master the art of separating your spirit's vibrations from those of your body. The two typically happen in tandem but adjusting them so they offset one another will help your spirit project beyond your body. After acknowledging the power of the vibrations, try to control them. Change the speed to vibrate faster or slower. Start and stop the vibrations. It’s important to learn how to regulate vibrations before pursuing astral projection. When you can control the vibrations at will, you're ready to move on to the next step.

5. Pull Yourself Out of Your Body with an Astral Rope

Use the vibrations to shake your spirit free from your body, as though you're wiggling out of a cocoon. It may help to visualize a cord or rope rising from your body into the sky. Picture your astral hand lifting out of your physical body and grasping the cord. When you have a firm grip with one hand, lift the other and pull yourself hand-over-hand from your body. Using this rope to ascend to the next plane is the key to astral projection. If you’ve mastered this step, visualize yourself climbing the rope and giving your astral body full reign. If you’re not there yet, take a step back and gradually stop the vibrations.

When you've successfully elevated yourself from your body, you can turn and look back down on your physical form.

6. Identify the Silver Cord

Find the silver cord that tethers your spirit to your body. Grasp this and get to know how it feels. You'll follow this cord back to your body when you're finished with your astral projection.

7. Create a Protective Shield

Visualize a bright silver light surrounding your astral form. This is your protective shield for astral travel. Keep this light around you at all times.

8. Explore Your Out-Of-Body Experience

Begin by traveling through your home in astral form. Then, move on and visit your neighborhood or a few places you're familiar with. As you become more experienced with astral projection, you can explore other parts of the world or universe. You can even slip into past lives or travel to other realms. 

Astral projection is an exciting experience. Keep in mind that it can take time. Make sure that your consciousness is vibrating at a high frequency before you begin in order to protect yourself from demons and other evil beings. Ask your spirit guides to protect you and practice psychic self-protection. Give this method several tries until you can slip out-of-body comfortably.

Remember, our spiritual advisors are available to support you before, during, and after your astral projection experience.




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