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How to Let Go Using Spiritual Alchemy by Psychic Spring

Date 3/20/2023
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You are Spirit in physical form. At least this is what many spiritual and new-age philosophers believe. This belief stems from the concept that the Universe is a collection of infinite intelligence, in a constant dance of self-expression. Through transmutation, infinite consciousness attains self-expression, which is also known as spiritual alchemy. Spiritual alchemy allows us to be in sync with our Spirit and be able to create change in our lives. One of the most significant things that spiritual alchemy allows us to complete is releasing resentment, controlling habits, and relationships that do serve us. 

Ready to begin transforming your life using spiritual alchemy to help you to release and let go? If you are finally ready to release negative emotions like fear, regret, past mistakes, or betrayals, then keep reading. Walk away today also learning 4 simple magical “box” methods that will help you finally let go with the aid of spiritual alchemy.  

Five Natural Elements

What is Spiritual Alchemy?

Simply put, spiritual alchemy is the ancient philosophy that uses the art of transmutation of one element into another. This could be done in the form of turning metal into gold, fire into the mud, or spirit into physical form. To get gain a basic understanding of alchemy, it is good to start by identifying the five main elements that make up our planet. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether. Psychic Amber takes an even deeper dive into how using the practice known as Spiritual Alchemy you'll discover how to enjoy the process of transformation and elevate yourself to a higher level of consciousness. 

Earth becomes food, vegetation, and the flesh of man himself made for the clay and dirt. Air becomes the breath of all life. Fire is heat that sustains life through light. Water, the most abundant element on Earth, is the very essence of what creates the blood in our veins. And Ether, this is the conscious force and spark that drives it all. These primary elements are evident in Wiccan traditions and are identified as both the Earth Mother Gaia and Green Man. Who are both venerated for their life-giving, healing, and protection properties.  

To further understand how to begin working with spiritual alchemy is through looking at nature and the four primary seasons. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each season provides a different set of vegetation, weather, and wildlife. Indigenous tribes, especially those of North America, followed the patterns of nature and wildlife, hosting festivals to call in a bountiful harvest or rainfall to grow newly planted crops. For evidence of this, look up the names of the Full Moon each month and notice its ties to a set of native American peoples. For a reference, start by searching the Farmer’s Almanac which is a widely popular source for many agriculturists and weather meteorologists. 

Spiritual Alchemy Letting Go

How Can It Help Me to Let Go?

Releasing trauma, painful memories, and regret is never easy. Spiritual alchemy is such a powerful tool to aid in your ability to finally let go. When you apply spiritual alchemy to help you to release old (or new) pain, this is doing what is called shadow work. The shadow, regarding psychology, is the blind spot of the emotional Self. It is what we do not know that we do not yet know about ourselves. Carl Jung considered this the Shadow Self, the part of us that is unconscious consciousness. This aspect of us can conflict with the goal of the Soul’s journey. One of the best and oldest examples of this would be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  

By facing our shadows and doing the shadow work, we begin to wake up that part of our unconscious self, to challenge it to change. Shadow work can be achieved through a therapy session with a licensed mental healthcare professional, with the help of one of our dedicated psychic readers, or by trying one of the below suggested healing “box” methods.

Spiritual Alchemy Release

What Can I Release Using Spiritual Alchemy 

Spiritual alchemy can help you achieve any emotional goal you have in mind. If you are looking to transcend a negative period in your life, overcome a bad habit, or even improve your relationship with food and health, using spiritual alchemy can help.  

Letting Go of Expectations

Most importantly, spiritual alchemy can help you learn to let go of expectations. Letting go of expectations is achieved by letting go of the need to control. Our desire to control other people and situations can lead to our attachment to control outcomes. When we release our desire to control our environments, we release the attachment as well. Thus, avoiding things such as emotional setbacks or letdowns, and anxiety.  

Because our thoughts are things, which is spiritual alchemy in itself, releasing control, stops the predicted manifestation of an undesirable outcome. Letting go of expectations allows you to become more present at the moment. When you are focused on what something or someone will be like, you lose the opportunity to be present for the experience. This is called mindfulness. Becoming fully present and appreciating as much as you can at that moment is the baseline formula for spiritual alchemy and letting go. 

If you’re wondering how you can use spiritual alchemy to heal certain areas in your life, have a peek at the below shortlist.

Spiritual Alchemy Can Aid With:

  • Letting Go: Releasing relationships, trauma, painful memories, and experiences.
  • Love and Relationships: Letting go of someone you love, grudges, jealousy, past mistakes, bitterness, and what other’s thoughts are of you.
  • Emotional Intelligence and Development: Anger, resentment, control, guilt, fear, regret, perfectionism, insecurities, pride, worry, and obsessive thoughts. 

Rituals To Let Go and Trust the Universe More

God Box

The God Box

What it is: A small wooden box. It can display carvings of bible prayers and verses, images, or anything that represents God in your faith. Although this method is predominately found within the Christian faith, any religion or spiritual philosophy can be applied instead.  

How it works: Go into a calm, meditative state and find within yourself what you are ready to let go of. Ask your Creator to help you release these memories by writing them down on paper. After you’ve written down what you’re ready to release, ask for it to be taken away. Add it into you’re your wooden box, ultimately handing it over to God. Close and store. You can repeat this by adding future prayers into the box. 

Best to use for: Traumatic memories, regrets, painful relationships, and releasing sad memories of loved ones. Also, helpful when grieving over the loss of a loved one.  

A helpful tip - Instead of asking your Creator to take away the memory, ask also to take away the pain that is attached to this memory.  

The Bury Box

The Bury Box

What it is: A black or dark-colored shoebox. It can also be a small paper box. Decorate on the outside as desired. Along the inside, a prayer or inscription is written to show your declaration of burying the pain into the ground for Mother Earth to heal. 

How it works: Allow for privacy. Enter a calm and meditative state. Reflect on painful memories, regrets, grudges, and experiences that you are ready to release. On a piece of paper, use a sharpie (any color) to write down any situations in the form of stories. For example, if your ex said some harsh things that you’d like to forget, record this. Write each memory on a sheet of paper.  

Using a black or dark-colored shoe or paper box, collect all the memories you are releasing. Decorate the outside of your box to your liking. Along the inside, write a prayer or personal affirmation that will help you to bury these memories once and for all. Such as, “I bury these memories once and for all” or writing out the Bible verse Jeremiah 29:11. Bury the box into the Earth and give thanks. If you cannot bury it, take it to a garbage that is far from your home, dump it, walk away, and do not look back!

Best to use for: Letting go of someone you love, exes, getting through a divorce or separation. Releasing grudges, regrets, arguments, anxieties, and others' opinions of you.

Reiki Box

The Reiki Box

What it is: A beautifully decorated box. Can be purchased or handcrafted. Should contain personal healing crystals such as rose quartz, amethyst, lemon chrysoprase, jet, Apache tears, or golden quartz healer as are some of my favorites. 

How it works: Using an index card write your full name down on one side. On the other side, write down a list of things that you would like to heal within yourself. With additional index cards, write down the names of individuals or circumstances that you want to send healing towards. Such as sending love to an emotionally troubled child or reconciling a difficult situation. On the other side of the index card, write down the type of healing you are asking for. 

Once complete, add all your completed index cards, along with your desired crystals into the Reiki box. Next, draw symbols that represent healing along the inside of your box using paint, or you can draw on index cards. Add into the Reiki box. 

Using your hands, with your palms facing down towards the opened box, imagine that you are projecting loving light into the box. Envision an infinitely flowing beautiful blue, white, silver, or gold light coming down from above and through the crown of your head, into your palms. Do this for a few moments. When complete give thanks, visualize yourself closing off the stream, and close your Reiki box. Every so often, return to your box to recharge it with loving energy. 

Tip - Place it in the full moonlight or sunlight for an hour for added healing!

Best to use for: Developing your emotional intelligence and working past the emotions of resentment. Gaining better personal control and anger management. Working through perfectionism, insecurities, and obsessive thoughts.

The YOU Box

The Y.O.U. Box

What it is: A small box of any size or type. Can also use a mason jar. The acronym represents Y = Your, O = Own, U = Universe. This box represents you creating a world of joy and happiness by writing down your wishes and desired manifestations.

How it works: On pieces of paper, record all the things in life you wish to experience that would bring you great joy. These things should be all-around positive and can also include others. As you write out each desire, add it to your box or jar. You can add clear quartz crystal as an amplifier to the creation of your wishes. 

After you’ve recorded all your desires, close and seal your box or jar. Once closed, do not reopen. Place in a safe place such as under your bed or on a personal altar and patiently wait as your dreams are created. You can repeat this as many times as you’d like. Remember to be careful with what you wish for and to go into this activity with a loving state of mind. 

Important – this method is best done after you’ve healed by using one of the other "box" methods which help more with the releasing process. Always approach with a clear head and heart, and only record wishes that you truly desire to come true. 

Best to use for: Creating new relationships. Finding new passions. Following your dreams and creative endeavors. Creating joyful, blissful life experiences.


The benefits of using spiritual alchemy to elevate your life through letting go only starts here. Applying the above methods to help heal old wounds, along with getting professional help and working with our dedicated psychic advisors; you can more easily let go and allow forth your alchemical transformation. Just like the caterpillar who enters its cocoon, not to come out another caterpillar, but a beautiful butterfly. 



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Spring is a Shadow-Work Shaman, Intuitive-empath, and Certified Reiki Master. She has been a practitioner of the ancient art of Divination and Reiki since 2018.  She loves traveling to historical sites where she likes to aimlessly wander, indulge in a delicious meal paired with the best glass of malbec. For fun, Spring loves reading, daydreaming, and watching fantasy movies. 


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