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I love working for Psychic Source. I feel like I'm part of a progressive, and caring team of professionals. They show they value and understand the metaphysical world and I was carefully screened before I came on board, as are all of their psychics. They also care about our customers a great deal. Unlike other lines, we're never told to "keep people on the line" for no reason. We are here to help, when a call is done, it's done. I am proud to be a part of Psychic Source and know that anyone who uses our service will get the best reading possible.

- Seanna x8165

I have been affiliated with Psychic Source in the capacity of an Intuitive Advisor for over 17 years. Psychic Source has always shown integrity, fairness, given direction or offered recommendations to me. I love having the flexibility of scheduling my hours and being able to access the website for information. Even though the Advisors do not "know" one another, we all respect and recommend each other (based on feedback we receive from our customers). Psychic Source is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, a large company with a "family" attitude where the workers affiliated with Psychic Source are concerned.

- Stella x7343

I am starting my 12th year with Psychic Source. I like working for Psychic Source because the managers and customer service team works very hard to make our job easier. I have worked for other lines and Psychic Source is by far the best.

- Joseph x7535

Until I discovered Psychic Source, it had not been easy for for me to find a company that shares my concern for people and who values communication like I do.

The 17 years I have worked with them have been amazing and if a company could be a soulmate, Psychic Source is mine!

The staff and the management genuinely care about the readers as well as the customers and are ready to assist in a moment's notice, no matter what the issue. They don't just SAY they will 'be there,' they actually do it!

They value our input and sincerely want their readers to have a supportive, fulfilling work environment. They offer a level of communication, honesty, empathy and professionalism rarely found in business today.

In addition, they are a very forward thinking, cutting-edge, intelligent and fun group of people. My association with them has always been a great experience, where I have forged lasting friendships and learned so much about people, technology and the world.

- Therese x7215