How to Get a Psychic Reading

How to Get a Psychic Reading

At Psychic Source, we strive to make the experience of getting a professional psychic reading simple, straightforward and satisfying – every time. Our telephone, online chat and video reading systems are easy to use, with clear explanations every step of the way. Our Customer Care Specialists are available to help you in any way possible, 24/7.

Discreet and Confidential

When you choose to get a psychic reading by phone, by online chat, or by video, you don’t have to face the discomfort of walking into a stranger’s home or shop, or risk feeling exposed or recognized. You can get all the benefits of a real psychic connection, from the comfort and anonymity of your own home – or the place of your choosing.

Clear Pricing. No Hidden Charges.

You'll always know what you're spending at Psychic Source. Our flexible Advisor rates are clearly listed on each Advisor page. You determine the dollar amount you'd like to add to your account, whether you purchase online or through our Customer Care Center. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges. At the end of your reading, you're only charged for the length of your reading multiplied by the Advisor’s per-minute rate.

Your Account

When you get a reading, you also get your own “My Account” page where you can keep track of all your activities at Psychic Source. You also get a unique membership number & PIN (Personal Identification Number) and a toll-free number to access the service.

Choosing an Advisor

You can use this web site,, to learn about all the Advisors on our service, to see who’s available when you want a reading, and to keep track of your account. If an Advisor is unavailable, you can get in line and request a Return Call to tell you when it’s your turn to get a reading. You can also do this by calling Customer Care.

Phone, Chat and Video Readings

Our Call Me feature makes starting a phone reading from the web super easy. Simply choose the Advisor you’d wish to speak to, click “Call Me” and voila - you’ll get a call on your phone from your Advisor of choice! If you prefer to call the service for a psychic phone reading, our system will guide you with voice prompts through a few simple steps. You can listen to greeting messages from available Advisors or you can dial the extension of a specific Advisor you have chosen. If you’d prefer an online chat reading or video reading, you can go right to the web site and click on the Advisor’s Chat Reading button or the Advisor’s Video Reading button. The system will walk you through a few easy steps and connect you right to your Advisor.

Stay Connected

The experience of getting psychic readings doesn’t stop there. We regularly publish articles by our Advisors on psychic topics on and via our daily emails and newsletters, and interact with our members on social networking channels like Facebook and Twitter. So whether you prefer to keep your psychic experiences private, or interact with a community of like-minded individuals, we offer you ways to experience the benefits of psychic wisdom and guidance long after your reading has ended.