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So You Think Your House Is Haunted? 5 Ways You Can Tell

Date 1/23/2023
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Have you noticed strange activities in your house that may be connected to a haunting?

Have you noticed strange activities in your house that may be connected to a haunting?

Many people envision a haunted house as a decrepit building draped in cobwebs, but paranormal activity can occur in any area. In fact, new buildings are often more prone to hauntings than old ones, as spirits may become agitated by excavation or construction activities. If you suspect that your home is haunted, there are several ways that you can tell. Try these tips for determining whether you have a real haunted house.

Capture Audio in Your Home

Use a ghost radar app or a digital voice recorder to listen for electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) in your home. Ask questions aloud and pause to wait for a response. If you have a spirit in your home, you may hear a voice or other sounds when you listen back to the recording. Not all spirits will speak up, but this is a strong form of evidence if you can capture it. Speaking with a psychic medium may also help you encourage communication in these sessions.

Test the Temperature

Move about your home feeling for cold spots. These often indicate the presence of a spirit. If you have an infrared thermometer, you can use this to take precise temperature readings in different areas. This can clue you into places where there's paranormal activity.

Pay Attention to Pets

Animals will often react to spiritual entities that humans don't notice. It's possible that your pet is psychic; the heightened senses of your dog or cat may allow them to detect beings that are otherwise invisible. Pay attention to times when your pets seem to stare at or react to something you can't see or hear. A pet psychic can give you more insights into what your animal is experiencing.

Check Out Electrical Phenomena

Spirits often interact with electrical appliances. You might see flickering lights or notice that the television or computer turns on and off by itself. Investigate these occurrences carefully, looking for a logical explanation first. Tighten your light bulbs or try a different power strip. If you can't find another cause, consider whether you might have a haunting in your home.

Watch for Movement

Particularly active spirits will move items around the house. Slamming doors is one common indicator of spirit activity. Make sure your doors are hung correctly and that there are no drafts. If the doors keep moving forcefully, it may indicate a ghost.

Ghosts might move other items as well, particularly those that you use often. If you're having trouble finding something, ask aloud for the spirit to return it to a specific place. If it shows up, you'll know that not only do you have an active ghost, but you're also capable of communicating with it. Here are some tips for communicating with ghosts and spirits.

If your investigations turn up signs of spiritual activity, you may have an active haunting. Working with a medium or psychic can help you decide how to best handle the issue. Keep in mind that many spirits are perfectly friendly and not something you need to fear.


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