Welcome HOME - Part 1: There's No Place Like OM by Psychic Evangeline

Date 1/18/2023
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OM is the cosmic sound symbol of the universe.

OM is the cosmic sound symbol of the universe.

Welcome hOMe,

Together we will explore sacred teachings for enlightenment and practices for liberation, that woven together create a tapestry of Truth. The timeless knowledge and techniques explored in each article feature prehistoric pearls of wisdom that have always been available in the natural world and revealed to us over thousands of years by many different spiritual traditions. In essence, there is nothing new under the sun, but if you have a burning desire to follow the golden path toward the light of true essence, consciousness, and bliss, then these articles should help you get there!

There’s no place like OM…

OM is the cosmic sound symbol of the universe. It is the word that is God’s name. It is the primal vibration that is the source of all creation and the ultimate destination. Just like Dorothy in Kansas or The Fool of the Tarot deck, all spiritual seekers want to find their way home.

Our waking lives are outward-focused and experienced as a linear series of events in either the past, present or speculative future. It is only once we get to sleep, that we can allow our consciousness and our experience of time to expand. In the dream state, we are inward-focused and freed from the gross constraints of 3D form and able to engage the subtle objects of our subconscious mental realm. The flow of events becomes multidimensional allowing us to extend our awareness beyond the boundaries of our physical body and transcend into the astral plane. Time becomes subjective. Yet it is only when we slip into a deep sleep and the causal plane that time becomes undivided. Finally, beyond the beyond, in absolute silence is when we merge back with Source. The Divine does not operate within time but instead is boundless and limitless. This is the soul’s destination because it was never born and never dies, but rather has always been. Just like OM, we too are eternal.

So why do we wake up? The answer is that we are bound by our unresolved karmas. The law of karma is complex, but in essence, who you are today is the result of your actions over countless lifetimes. To embark on this spiritual journey towards enlightenment, the soul incarnated must experience and work out the milestones of each life cycle. Only when the seeker has attained the realization of Oneness are all karmas dissolved and true liberation attained. So getting back to The Fool of the Tarot deck most often depicted with his dog, just like Dorothy with Toto, he too takes that gigantic leap of faith. From the very depths of his soul, he consciously chooses to venture from the known to the unknown, because there truly is no place like OM.


Chanting OM allows us to vibrate on the Divine’s frequency and is made up of the three sounds “A”, “U” and “M.” + silence.

*Chant OM in spaces you want to zone as “sacred.”

*Chant OM when you feel fearful, anxious, restless, angry, jealous or just want to drown out the “mental chatter”; chant when you find yourself in crisis.

*Chant OM when you’re “dragging”; chant to initiate your meditation and yoga practice; chant to launch into a higher dimension.

*Chant OM before and after a Tarot reading to set and seal your elevated intention for personal growth and spiritual wisdom.

*Play soundtracks of OM to reconnect to the Divine, recharge your batteries, for protection from negative energies, and upon waking and going to bed.

Allow the vibrations of Om to settle deep within and then listen for the silent OM that is most potent.



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Evangeline is a certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and holds a BA in Psychology and MA in Communications. She is an empath and intuitive spiritual healer and coach helping people achieve true wealth as health, prosperity, vitality, and longevity. An enlightened diet and compassionate lifestyle are the foundation of her teachings, healings and for developing intuitive psychic abilities. She is available for a variety of readings (career, love, relationships), however she specializes in one-on-one virtual appointments with clients using not only tarot, but also other intuitive methods to get to the source of their questions, blockages, issues and goals.


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