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How to Protect Your Energy by Psychic Delfina

Date 9/22/2019

We are constantly bombarded by the energies of those around us; at home, at work, at school, at the grocery store, and even when using the internet and social media. It is those negative energies that makes us empaths feel off balance, uncentered, and in general leaves us feeling yucky. Here are some tools to help Clear and Protect Yourself from Negative Energy:

Use Stones and Crystals as Jewelry to Protect from Negative Energy

  • Pick any stone or crystal that you are attracted to, as you know the best symbol for your protection from negative energy. 
  • Before wearing your jewelry, tell it what your intention is. Ex, "You are going to protect my energy." or "You are going to attract only positive energy to me".
  • Wear it as often as you want! I personally like to wear matching bracelets and necklace of the same stone or crystal. My favorites are the crystal Celestite and the stone Jade. 
  • For those who aren't into wearing jewelry, carrying your loose stones or crystals in a pouch that fits in your purse or pocket works just as well. 

Energy Protection Techniques

  • Get in touch with Nature, by connecting with the Earth's energy field. It helps to calm and center our own energies.
  • Take some time to walk or sit in your local park.
  • Try walking or sitting barefooted in a safe, grassy area. (Beaches and sand works the same for those who live in coastal or desert areas)
  • Hug a tree. Or just place your hand on it, and make that physical connection. 

Quick Tips for Empaths to Clear Negative Energy On-the-Go

  • Have a quick laugh by watching or listening to a funny video, clip, or sound bite
  • Mist yourself with saltwater spray when you start to feel negative energies
  • Create and repeat Positive Affirmations, ex. "I am always full of positive energy." or "I am calm, centered, and happy."

Tree of Life Meditation for Empath Energy Protection

  • You can do this anywhere, anytime. At home, at work, in your car, or at the gym. 
  • Find your center. What is the feeling or thought that makes you feel most connected to your Higher Power, Higher Self, or the Universe? Focus on your center and take deep, even breathes.
  • Next, You want to picture yourself and your energy as a "tree" with the roots extending out your feet, the branches extending out from your shoulders, and the crown of the tree reaching above your head.
  • Now, you start from the roots and start to examine if any negative energies are there. Then you prune it off. Keep going until you reach the crown. 
  • Finally, you start back at your roots, and picture bright happy light or energy rising up from your roots to your crown. You can also say your Positive Affirmations during this step. 

I know these tools will help you as much as they help me. I am sending you all Positive Energy! 

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