Communicating with Angels by Psychic Angela

Published Date 12/17/2019
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This meditation with Angels and Sacred Sounds is a combination of divine aspects of voice, resonance and sounds. On a physical level, this meditation technique can be used to alleviate aches and pains, dissipate fear and restore balance.  On a metaphysical level, it can help to induce altered states of consciousness by opening new levels of awareness, stimulate intuition, increase our creativity and open our sacred centers (chakras) to balance all aspects of our life. 

Sacred Sounds
Divine Sounds such as Tibetan bowls, bells or crystal sounds can heal through their vibratory energy. These Sacred Sounds accompanied by invoking the presence of Angels helps you to unblock stagnant energy, creating a divine powerful space to receive healing in our life...

When we practice this meditation, we connect with the Source Energy and open Our Soul to the Angelic Kingdom. We stimulate the Archangels' frequency and we can become one with their vibration. When we invoke the purity of the Angels and combine it with the Sacred Sounds, we will harvest the attributes of compassion, and self-love will come into our life.

The Frequency of Love
Everything in the cosmos is energy and energy vibrates. The beauty of connecting the invocation of the Angels to the Sacred Vibrational Sounds is in the heart of everything. It is a love frequency. It connects your heart to other hearts; your spiritual essence is elevated to a higher power and to all the divine cosmic forces that move the universe.

With this meditation we are able to activate the love frequency so strongly that you will be able to heal any wounds from your past. It is literally the invocation of good vibrations to your life. I will accompany you on your divine journey in invoking the Angels and Archangels through the Sacred Sounds that will reconnect you to the highest energy and the light of the universe.

You will truly find the solution to any given situation. This meditation is a powerful cleanser. It can help in self-expression and self-solving; it attracts love and has the potential to bring miracles to your life!

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