Yes Virginia, You are Psychic! by Psychic Arthur

Date 6/19/2023
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From the Psychic Source Archive

From the Psychic Source Archive

One of the most frequently asked questions I get (whether I’m on a radio show, speaking with a client, waiting in line to get my dry cleaning or just walking down the street) is: “Can I develop my psychic abilities?” And the answer is, “Yes!”

I usually explain it like this: 

"Everyone is psychic, but just like anyone can play the piano, not everyone can play the piano. We are all psychic, but not everyone uses their abilities to their full capabilities because they don’t know they have them or they don’t know how to use them."

However, when most people first attempt to hone their gifts, many struggle and get frustrated because they try to psychically “see,” when in reality their inherent psychic ability may actually be about “feeling,” “hearing” and/or “knowing” information and not “seeing.”

There are many ways for people to receive information, which are known as the various “clair” (from the 17th century French “clair” meaning “clear”) senses: 

Clairvoyance: the ability to see things that are not within normal vision. These would be images that appear in the mind’s eye, also known as the third eye.

Clairsentience: the ability that allows a person to feel what others are feeling. This would entail feeling a person’s emotions or feeling another’s physical pain. This can be very difficult ability to process. This type of ability is also known as empathy or being an empath.

Claircognizance: the ability to have knowledge of people, places, and events that an individual would not normally have knowledge about. An example of this would be a premonition. A premonition is a forewarning of something that will happen in the future. Not all premonitions are about “bad” things either; they can also be about “good news” as well. 

Clairaudience: the ability to hear things that the normal ear can’t hear. Usually, this would be in the form of hearing the voices of spirits. However, it can also be as simple as hearing the lyrics of a song that will give you an answer or message.

Clairalience: the ability to smell odors that don’t have any kind of physical source. Instances of this could include smelling the perfume or cologne once worn by a deceased relative or friend or the smell of a smoking pipe of a beloved father.

Clairgustance: the ability to taste something that isn’t actually there. (My Great Aunt Eva made the best gingerbread men in the whole world when she was alive. While going into the kitchen, suddenly my mouth at times will be filled with the delightful taste of her gingerbread men. This is Aunt Eva’s way of letting you know that she is there.)

So, like playing the piano, can we practice our psychic skills to enhance our abilities? Again, the answer is “Yes!” And while there are many books out there to help people sharpen their psychic abilities, the one book I always recommend, especially after seeing the positive results experienced by my students and clients, is You are Psychic: The Free Soul Method by Pete A. Sanders, Jr. (Published by Simon & Schuster) Using his extensive study of biomedical chemistry and brain science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.), Pete A. Sanders, Jr., has developed a method to tap into our psychic abilities on command. By sharing the techniques that he and his instructors have taught to more than half a million people, You Are Psychic: The Free Soul Method offers a program of simple exercises to teach you how to: Experience nine senses, instead of only five.


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