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Tarot Cards That Signal Problems in a Relationship Reading

Date 6/25/2024

Is your relationship headed for trouble? The answer may be in the cards.

Is your relationship headed for trouble? The answer may be in the cards.

Phone and chat relationship readings can really help you clarify what’s going on with you and your significant other. One type of tarot spread is to put you on one side, your lover on the other and what “is between you” down the middle. These are information placeholders for what the guides have to say about your relationship.

There are several cards that can represent potential problems in a relationship. Of course, it depends on how they fall in a reading and what cards come up together. Also, not all Tarot readers will give the same meanings for cards.  Here are some examples of cards and their meaning that are reason for concern when doing a Relationship Reading. 

III of Swords
The one Tarot card that says unfaithfulness more than any other is the III of Swords. In classic decks, it shows a heart pierced by three swords. It means a love triangle and betrayal. If it comes up on your lover’s side of the reading he or she is most likely cheating or thinking of it. If it comes up with a Face Card, such as a King or Queen then that is an indication of who the other love interest is. Very occasionally it can mean his or her heart is “divided” in some other way. 

If it is paired with a card representing a child (any Page Face Card) or children and family (often the X of Cups) then your love may feel competition for his heart in that way. If it is paired with a card representing the past and regrets, such as the V of Cups, then it may mean that your love has been betrayed in the past and may be afraid of it happening again with you. This might explain some lack of trust or jealous behaviors that have mystified you.

II of Pentacles
Another card that almost always says “cheater” in a relationship reading is the II of Pentacles. It shows an acrobat figure juggling two disks in an infinity sign. This means he or she is carrying on more than one relationship at time.

X of Swords
A card you want to avoid seeing during a relationship reading is the X of Swords. It shows a figure on the ground pierced with swords, not a pretty site. It almost always means a devastating betrayal. It is often seen as the withholding of information that will hurt you when you find out.  Think of it as you are being held in suspension because you don’t have all the facts. 

If paired with a face card we can sometimes figure out who it is doing the betrayal. This means the same thing with friendships and other kinds of relationships as well. The other meaning might be that you are being held back or down by this relationship or it is over all not good for you.

II of Wands
Sometimes a client will ask if their present or past lover is looking for someone new. If the II of Wands is pulled, then the answer is maybe yes. It shows a figure looking at a globe and also out onto a sea and landscape, as if contemplating what comes next. When the Magician comes up on your lover’s side it can mean that he seems perfect but may not be completely truthful and forthcoming with all information, or that he or she is a “player”.

Hanged Man Card
A sign that your lover may be pulling away, or wanting a break from you is the card the Hanged Man. It usually means a “time out to contemplate one’s life”. 

VII of Swords
A card that shows the person getting some things, but still yearning for more, in a relationship, is the VII of Swords. It shows a figure stealing away with a bundle of swords, but leaving a couple of additional swords behind. It may indicate one is thinking of leaving the situation because it isn’t completely fulfilling, or even that the person is “getting away with something”.

Judgment Card
The Judgment card may appear when the person is involved in a divorce or custody battle. That may mean with you or someone else. Depending on what other cards show up, it may mean a lawsuit in general. If it is in a Reversal (upside down) he or she may say that there was a divorce, when in actuality it hasn’t happened yet.

Devil and Strength Cards
The Devil card and the Strength card often show up when a person is struggling with addiction or other destructive behavior. This may signal you that the person may not have everything to give to your relationship because of these kind of problems. If one of these comes up with the Magician, it may mean that the person is addicted to playing the field and isn’t long term relationship material.

After reading this we don’t want you to think all Tarot cards are bad when it comes to Relationship Readings. There are plenty of cards with a positive meaning behind them that will spell happiness for you and your lover for ages to come.  But if you’ve been questioning your relationship, why not try a Tarot reading to see what the cards have to say for you and your partner! 

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