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How Online Psychic Readings Work

Date 3/30/2021
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How Online Psychic Readings Work

There is still so much myth and mystery surrounding psychics. Old stereotypes still linger; we set the record straight. Psychics tune into you by asking your name, date of birth, and reading your energy. From there, the structure of the reading includes a “download” of psychic information, interpretation and validation, and guidance about navigating predicted outcomes.

How Online Psychic Readings Really Work

Getting a psychic reading can be exciting and sometimes life-changing. It can be affirming and confirming. It can bring you joy and it can bring you understanding. There are many, many, positive aspects to getting a psychic reading.

Most people call a psychic because they have concerns in life and need someone to either confirm their own inner-knowing about a situation or to give them some suggestive direction about what they need to do. Since the psychic isn't emotionally involved in your circumstance, they're able to discern what is actually going on. And they then deliver that insight to you.

What is Psychic Information?

Psychic information is interpreting energy that is coming from a soul level and beyond the physical realm. It is delivered through thoughts, feelings and ideas. We all receive psychic information in one way or another, and the Psychics at Psychic Source have honed and trained these senses for many years before doing readings for clients. 

Receiving information psychically isn’t like receiving a phone call. It comes from another dimension, which is discerned through layers of energy fields. It’s like trying to have a conversation underwater: you can sort of hear the information, but it’s not crystal clear. This is why psychics always check with their intuition and verify the information they are receiving. A psychic has to ask a lot of questions, like a detective, to connect the dots and pass on accurate information to their client.

When you are speaking with a psychic adviser, you are conversing with someone who has an expanded perspective. Whether gifted, studied, or both, a qualified psychic advisor has worked hard to provide a useful service and to being a clean, clear conduit in providing useful information for you.  Ultimately, a psychic is not here to tell you what to do, but instead to give you information that will empower you to make positive choices in your life. When you are open to information that may extend beyond a yes/no answer or a specific date for an event to occur, you benefit by gaining insight into yourself that will serve you for the rest of your life, and multiple lives, if you embrace the concept of reincarnation. From that perspective, the more insight you gain, the more built up karma you burn off or dismiss. You learn deeper lessons, which result in deeper enjoyment of life.

A true psychic lives life differently than the mainstream, prioritizing the connection with Divinity at the same time staying grounded to the earth. The honor of that path and the benefits it provides are accessible to you when your psychic advisor welcomes you into a reading. Psychics respect the experience as a sacred privilege, receiving you with joyous love. 

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The Persistence of Psychic Stereotypes

The Persistence of Psychic Stereotypes

Despite advances in how society know understands and accepts psychics, metaphysics, quantum physics, and the esoteric, when you hear the word psychic, you probably still picture a carnival fortune-teller seated in front of a crystal ball, fingers adorned with chunky rings, voice soft and mellifluous as she promises grave danger in your future. Or maybe you imagine a late-night infomercial guaranteeing wealth and prosperity for three easy payments of $59.95. In reality, though, psychics bear little resemblance to these caricatures. The media, however, still spins tales of psychics and their powers. Why?

The Media Spin on Psychics

Hollywood films require certain elements to succeed: over-the-top villains, catastrophic drama, and memorable heroes. It might be Whoopi Goldberg's character in "Ghost" or Professor X from the comics, or the memorable line "I hear dead people," but these all make for great storytelling.

Perhaps one of the most famous psychics from the silver screen is Tangina Barrons, who was portrayed masterfully in the movie "Poltergeist" by Zelda Rubenstein. Barrons is a powerful psychic who can sense the frequencies of spirits and read minds. When a main character challenges Barrons to read his thoughts, she surprises him by succeeding. However, most psychics can't read your mind. Instead, they read energy and feelings.

Another example of Hollywood’s obsession with mind-reading is the film "Serenity." River is an intellectually gifted young woman whose parents send her to a government learning facility known as "The Academy" for what they think is advanced education. However, the facility ends up experimenting on her mind and giving her the ability to read thoughts. She can also kill people with her mind.

Or take, Charles Francis Xavier, better known as Professor X from the long-running X-Men comic book series and movies, who can manipulate and read the memories and thoughts of others and control people with his mind. Once again, he can even kill another person just by thinking about it. As you can see, Hollywood just can't seem to leave this psychic trait alone even though it's clearly wrong.

Also along those lines, there’s George Clooney who stars as Lyn Cassady in "The Men Who Stare at Goats," which is a comedy about the U.S. military's secretive New Earth Army. In the movie, the military recruits and trains psychic soldiers. Cassady is thought to be the best psychic in the program, and he even uses his gift to kill a goat by stopping its heart. (Obviously, psychics would never use their power to harm an animal. However, pet psychics can help you communicate with a pet that has passed away.)

Finally, there’s the womanizer Nick Marshall, who is portrayed by Mel Gibson in "What Women Want," who has an accident that gives him sudden powers to read women’s minds. Interestingly, once Nick learns realizes he should respect women, he also loses his power.

Hollywood loves to stretch the truth, and its movies about psychics are no exception. While Hollywood portrays psychics as having superpowers, most are simply ordinary people with heightened intuition and clarity.

The Skeptics View of Psychics

Just as there are those who find a sense of comfort in conspiracy theories, psychic skeptics often feel a sense of rational superiority in ‘debunking’ psychic abilities. It’s a way to discount something which is otherwise hard to understand, and in doing so, perpetuates these myths.

  • Myth: Psychics only tell you what you want to hear.
  • Wouldn't that be nice? While yes, readers HATE giving negative readings--that's just life--they don't have any control over what answer you get; they just give you the information they're given. Your Advisor will be honest whether the outcome is good or bad.
  • Myth: Psychics Base Their Readings on Notes, the Internet or Databases
  • Psychics who work on a reputable service like Psychic Source talk to so many people on a daily basis, it’s extremely hard to remember everything said in each reading especially when channeling different energies during each shift. While your psychic may jot down a few notes to send you a quick follow up note, there’s simply no time for detailed narratives, internet searches or any other data tool.
  • Myth: “Real” Psychics Would Access their Abilities All the Time
  • The skeptic sees the psychic’s humanness as evidence that they’re not really psychic. In reality, psychics enter a different mental state when they are doing a reading. They need to tune in to communicate with your spirit guides, as well as their own, to give you information that you may need to help you on your journey. Psychics who have mastered their gifts don’t walk around in constant communication with these guides, seeing dead people and hearing voices in their heads. Instead, they’ve learned to turn it off and on so that they can live their lives.
  • Myth: Psychics are interchangeable
  • This misconception is related to the idea that if the focus is on a commodity – like advice or predictions, you can swap out one psychic for another. It ignores the human relationship which is the core of the trust bond that is created between you and your Advisor. Just like normal human interactions, you’ll mesh with some psychics and not with others. It has as much to do with personality and being human as it has to do with the guidance or predictions which are offered.

The Impact of Psychic Stereotypes

Given these stereotypes, is it any wonder many people are skeptics? It is in our human nature to question what we cannot see. However, just because you don’t believe in something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Spirit is always all around us, and no matter what, we are all connected. Psychics choose to embrace these energies, normally at a young age, and train for years to read these energies.

There are those who actually sabotage their own reading by being deceptive and trying to prove that they were right all along that there are no real psychics. They prove it to themselves by asking about someone who doesn't really exist to see if the psychic can pick it up or some other scheme to unmask the charlatan! But this very attitude causes the reading to self-destruct, as refined wisdom and subtle energies cannot operate when distrust or deception is present. Keep in mind that your psychic feels energy. So, if you have doubts or try to “trick” your reader by testing them through misleading questions, they are going to feel this negative energy and will have to battle that energy in order to try to focus on what it is you really want to know.

The best psychic reading is a dialogue between two equally aware souls. This interaction between the two of you creates a strong energetic bond that is a form of mutual respect. Spiritual energies are subtle and the interaction between the wise reader and the sincere seeker are as important to the process as the cards or any other psychic divination tools themselves.” explains Psychic Anthony. “After all, tools still require wisdom behind them, and a person who can describe that wisdom and eloquently interpret the powerful symbolic portraits they can conjure if the energy is right.”

There will always be old-school images that form in our minds, but what really matters the most is that our neighbors and friends can see beyond this stereotypical image and embrace the fact that there are psychics from all walks of life, cultures, races, ages, and with many varying extra-ordinary abilities. At the same time, we know that every profession has its share of bad actors, and when placed in a position of offering guidance to vulnerable people, the results can be devastating. This is why Psychic Source takes such a rigorous, ethical stance on whom we accept for work on our platform, how we monitor service quality, and our expectations of professionalism and integrity.

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How to Spot a Fake Psychic

At Psychic Source, we know from the thousands of applications we receive each year that there’s no shortage of scammers who try to pass off as real psychics. Aside from the most obvious psychic fraud of claims of a curse or entity only they can remove, there are other ways to determine if a psychic is legitimate or fake. How do we make these assessments? Through hundreds of readings, we see two major patterns emerge:

  • 1. Fake Psychics Keep it General and Have More "Misses" than "Hits"
    Real psychics give you details about your life that you haven’t shared yet; however, fake psychics cannot. For instance, a real psychic can pick up fragments or emotions from your childhood such as a treehouse, a feeling on loneliness in school, or a specific friend. A fake psychic might start with a broad prediction, like “I sense disappointment in your past.” This works because pretty much everyone can relate but there’s no other detail to tie it to a time in your past. Another broad statement is, “I sense there is someone important in your life starting with the letter S (or some other letter).” Pretty much everyone has a close friend or relative that starts with the letter S, J, or M, so it’s a safe statement. If a psychic avoids giving you specific information, seems to be guessing about your past of present situation, or jumps right into future predictions without any anchor back to something in your past or present, you may be dealing with a fake.
  • 2. Fake Psychics are Overconfident About Their Predictions
    There’s nothing wrong with a confident psychic, and many top psychics pride themselves on their accuracy. However, no psychic, no matter how gifted or reputable, has a monopoly on the Universal Truth. Any vision or intuitive insight into any situation, person or thing, goes through the filters of that advisor's life experiences. Therefore, there is always a margin of error in every reading. A well-trained psychic works hard to be a clean, clear channel for divine information and can articulate how and why they do this. He or she consciously works at this so that their reading is as free of their own implicit bias as possible. As one of our Psychic Source Advsisors states: “As Advisors, we are all still learning every day. We're going to make mistakes, we're going to misread certain situations, and sometimes we'll be way off. This is in no way an indication for the power of our psychic abilities, rather, a sign that we're actually human.”

    When asked about timelines, descriptions of future events, and other visionary questions, an authentic psychic will explain that the future is fluid and ever-changing. It’s impossible for even the best psychic to accurately predict what will happen without the caveat of free will. What a psychic can do is read your current situation and use information from your guides, and their own, to present some likely possibilities to you. What you do with the information will determine how your future ultimately plays out. This means that at any point, each person's future reality can change when their decisions change in the present moment. An honest psychic will not represent the future as written in stone.

A legitimate psychic will never give you their personal opinion; it is not their place to advise a client, as advice is based on human experience. An ethical psychic will only tell you the spiritual information they are receiving by looking at the energy surrounding a client’s situation and interpreting messages from their tools and gifts. Nothing is “good” or “bad” in the spiritual realm; everything simply is, and no judgment is involved. 

An ethical psychic also won’t delve into any areas of your life without your permission. They won’t look at a third party unless they play a role in your story. Like childcare workers, nurses, therapists, and other professions that aim to help others, professional psychics aim to help you. They wish to bring you clarity and light your path towards greater joy with spiritual messages.

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Moving Towards a Realistic View of Psychic Readings

A psychic reading offers a judgment-free zone. Just as your psychic will not judge you or any aspect of your life, it’s also important that you go into your reading without any bias, prejudice, or misconceptions about your psychic.

Psychics are NOT mind readers, explains Psychic Carmaleena. This misunderstanding has been extremely prevalent in movies, books, and other forms of media entertainment. Psychics are not picking through your brain to figure out what you’re thinking, and they’re not going to tell you how many fingers you’re holding up. A psychic reads your energy and communicates with various spirit guides to learn more about you, but he or she doesn’t actually sift through your personal thoughts.

I had a reading with a client once where she said, ‘I want to know about love’ and that was it,” shares Psychic Isabella. “Ok, but are you looking to see when love is coming? Are you looking to know what challenges you face? Are you interested in looking into a particular person?  When you expect us to just pull every little detail out of your head it can be frustrating. Do yourself (and your reader) a favor and give them at least a general idea of what you want to know. It'll make the whole process more enjoyable and cost effective.

Bottom line: Be open with your reader by asking her or him exactly what it is you want to know. Giving information is not leading your psychic. Being open and honest actually sets the theme of your reading by allowing positive and respectful energy to flow between the two of you.

Second, your psychic only delivers the message as he or she sees it. Therefore, the energy that's projected is what's in place at the time. And this message is delivered to you so you can work with the circumstances and not just lay back and let things happen without you being a participant in your own future and destiny. The psychic doesn’t define your future; you do. The psychic only delivers the message, which in turn gives you information and helps you make choices about what you need to do.

Our trusted psychics will be the first to tell you they don’t know everything and are not completely right 100% of the time. They will tell you they are only given what their spirit guides show them or tell them, and normally it’s exactly what you need to hear now. “We give you only that which we know to be true,” explains Psychic Carmaleena. “We can blow your mind by picking up on your life and those around you and give you guidance on how to heal or deal with present situations. But we don’t always have all the answers, and we definitely cannot tell you how to live your life.”

What Real Psychics Want You to Know

If you take away the mysticism and talk of spirits, auras, and energies, at the end of the day, psychics are people who here to help you. Psychics who work for Psychic Source have day jobs, relationships, and troubles of their own. They log on because they feel responsible to share whatever gifts they have with those who need them. They honestly want you to have the best life possible. They want that missed romantic connection to spring back up from being seemingly lost in the past. They want you to be offered the job of your dreams, have a beautiful home, healthy love life, and to travel your life's journeys trouble free.

Unfortunately, many of those desires aren't possible, but, two heads are almost always better than one. Better than just the opportunity to be provide guidance, they do so in a completely anonymous way. When you contact one of our advisors for an online psychic reading, they aren't given your account information to look at; they don't know where you live, who you are, or what your story is unless you share it You can openly talk about your feelings and desires and never feel judged or neglected the way you might talking to somebody in real life about the same concerns. They don't gossip amongst each other about readings or use any tactics to make a conversation last longer than it should. Strip away their psychic abilities, and they’re still people who want one thing, and that's whatever you want for yourself.

When we asked our psychics for the things they wish more people understood, three more points stood out.

  • 1. Our Psychics Apply a Skillset That Everybody Has
    You've had plenty of experiences before where you've known what was about to happen before it happened. You can sense when people are upset, in pain, or feeling good; our psychics just take that a tiny bit further. Their gifts are simply an attunement to the world around us that most people never bother to practice. Sure, you may be unable to pinpoint exactly what's going to happen, or specific events in a person's past, but with practice and dedication, anybody can hone their natural intuition.
  • 2. General Psychic Readings Usually Aren't the Best Option
    Not all psychics do general readings, and many will say that structured readings are usually better. For example, a tarot reading might have a card for the situation as it is, what challenges it faces, outcome, etc. Each card is laid in a defined place and has a specific aspect that it looks at. If you have an issue, it is usually better to get a reading that will give you the level of detail that you really want.  One Advsisor puts it this way, “I can pretty much guarantee that if you are sitting down and spending money on a tarot reading that you already know what you are hoping to hear about. Why not save you and your reader the aggravation and just say what you are thinking?”

    "I can't count the number of times that I have had a client start off our conversation and say, ‘whatever you see in the cards is fine’ recounts Psychic Isabella. “Here's the problem. Asking for a general reading is a bit like going to the doctor if you were sick with a sore throat and runny nose.  When asked what’s wrong, you just say “I’m sick, see if you can figure out what’s bothering me,” instead of just narrowing the focus for the doctor from the start and actually describing your symptoms. It would save you both time and unnecessary questions."
  • 3. Give Yourself Enough Time for an In-Depth Psychic Reading
    Be reasonable in your expectations given the time you have. If you ask a question in the last minute of a reading, there may not be time to get an answer. It can be frustrating if answers aren’t exactly clear to you. Why would this happen? It may take a minute for your reader to understand what they're being told by the cards or their guides. They may also need to ask you something or ask their cards or guides for clarification. Unless all you want is yes/no and nothing more detailed, then maybe you’ll get multiple questions answered, but the most impactful readings will be a more detailed conversation that includes planning your next steps.
  • 4. Be Prepared for What You May Hear in Your Online Reading
    The average psychic uses a combination of learnt skills (tarot, astrology, runes) with our intuition and guidance from spirit. “More often than not, we can see the long-term picture in someone’s life, and we try to convey that to the client. Please understand that if you decide to get a psychic reading you should be prepared to hear something that may not mesh with your hopes and wishes,” counsels Psychic Indigo. “Most people asking relationship questions already know the answers – they just don’t want to accept them. And, if you’re unwilling to accept what you already know, don’t be angry when your psychic confirms it!”

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Why do Online Psychics Ask for Name and Date of Birth?

While it's true that chat and phone readings can be just as accurate as face-to-face readings, your advisor needs a quick means to connect with you and the energy around you via long distance. This is especially important when you're seeking a quick answer to a specific question or basic insight into a particular situation. By providing your name and birth date upfront, an advisor can use it to help tune into you faster and provide the information you seek.

On a deeper level, your name and date of birth can provide some advisors with additional insight based on disciplines they may specialize in such as astrology and numerology. Our advisors are each endowed with one or more spiritual gifts which define them as clairvoyants, mediums, clairaudients, intuitive empaths, animal communicators, etc. Many are called to study specific disciplines or use certain to tools to help refine or amplify those gifts. If your advisor asks you for your complete name or birth information, it's often because they will use it to glean additional insight from their initial psychic impressions.

For example, a psychic specializing in numerology may use it to calculate your life path number which adds an additional layer of insight into the patterns that frequently emerge in your life or the lessons you are intended to learn. Similarly, an advisor experienced with astrology might use it to reveal planetary influences at work in a particular aspect of life or the ongoing influence of your sun, moon and rising sign. The bottom line is that depending upon the unique background of the advisor you've selected, your name and date of birth can go far beyond just providing a means to connect.

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Why Does an Online Psychic Ask Questions?

Each advisor is as individual as their spirit. Some psychics ask a few questions to get a connection, while others need little or no information.

How is it that psychics need to know any information at all if they are psychic? To receive a powerful reading, something that leaves you empowered with information and joyous energy, there are things you need to understand.

A Clear Connection Must be Made

Did you know that sometimes a psychic's mind will go blank when asked a question? One reason is because energy is blocking the reading. Asking a question can remove the block, and because you know the person or situation better, they may request additional information.

According to Psychic Neil, many Advisors find it helpful to have callers explain their situation as a reading begins. This helps them intuitively ‘locate’ the circumstance under consideration. “Once located, we let our awareness sink into and explore what’s going on. Here we begin to see, hear and/or feel the information needed to help our client.”

This dynamic has a couple of implications that are important to understand. First, advisors will very often ask questions, especially at the beginning of a call. This is because psychic readings can require much more collaboration than ‘just telling.’ Readings involve a back and forth, a give and take that draws both parties deeper into the situation under consideration. Put another way, readings require a relationship.

Therapist or Psychic - What’s the Difference?

If you’re feeling lousy, have a muddled mind, don’t know which way to turn or just really want to know whether to take that big risk, you can talk to either a therapist or a psychic. The key difference for you? Your psychic answers questions. Your therapist wants you to answer your own questions.

Psychics are here to answer questions – even ones you don’t know to ask. They’re here to let you know about that job offer, that family member who’s pushing all your buttons, and of course to help you decipher that relationship.

And the best part? It’s entirely anonymous/confidential. Our psychics will never share your information – they’re not even allowed to contact you outside Psychic Source. Why? Because this way you don’t have to worry about telling them anything. They’re not here to diagnose you – they’re here to listen, to help, and to guide you in your life.

And please remember – psychics are not medical or psychological experts. They’re professional psychics. They divine for you – they find spiritual paths with you, and they interpret for you. Most of all – they answer your questions...which beats the heck sometimes out of “ do YOU feel about that?”

Our psychics are here to talk to you day or night, 24/7, 365. But sometimes you might need more than they can please, if they recommend you speak to a therapist, doctor or professional counselor, it’s because they see how those options can benefit you.

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Deconstructing a Psychic Reading

Deconstructing a Psychic Reading

Psychics Read Energy

Everything in the Universe is energy. The solid item upon which you are reading from known as your smartphone, tablet, or computer is a whole mess of molecules bound together, all of which are vibrating, which in turn emits a frequency. Everything is made of vibrating molecules, including us. The basis of “reading” someone is picking up their energy, by either tapping into their energy field, blending your auric field with our own, connecting, etc.

Psychics Access the Spiritual Realm. Our everyday reality exists on the realm of space and time. A psychic, however, makes a connection on the spiritual realm. There are countless dimensions or planes that people cannot experience using the normal five human senses.

All life exists in the three-dimensional, physical reality and simultaneously in a universal space or alternate spiritual realm. A trained psychic can place their consciousness in this 5th dimension to view their client from this spiritual perspective. From there, psychics can read the vibrations of energy or receive messages coming from the spirit.

Psychics Receive an Information "Download"

Psychic Alma describes it this way. “No matter how many readings or clients I’ve spoken with over the years, I am still continuously amazed at how the information can come to us. I personally call this part ‘the download’, but as mentioned before, there are multiple ways to grasp or understand what is taking place. Once we’ve “tapped into your energy,” for some, like myself, it may take a few more seconds or even a minute to acquire the actual information. This is where our Clairs come into play.

Some of us hear messages, see things unfolding, feel emotions/energy, pick up different scents, or just KNOW. I get a combination of all of them, and its different every time. The “just knowing” is by far the hardest to explain, because it’s just that, we just KNOW. It’s never the same for me, bits and pieces will come in, or suddenly it feels like just that, a massive download of information comes in all at once.”

Some psychics will say that the information download is purest when it flows freely without interruption. According to Psychic Serenity, “Most of the time your questions will have been answered when this information is flowing. I find that when there are many interruptions the spirit side becomes full of static. It's like putting the Guides on hold to talk with you, then switching back and forth. Rushed or forced readings leave out precious details and may come through as jumbled miss-information. It's like reading a book, skipping all over the place; then right to the end. You know how it ended, but not why it ended that way. You miss the opportunity to see what the turning points could have been or what changes could have been made.”

Psychics Interpret Their Psychic Impressions

Once the download is complete, your psychic needs to verbalize this information in a way you can relate to. Spirit is never wrong- however the interpretation could be a little off. Remember that psychics are dealing with events, feelings, glimpses, words and emotions that have no personal tie to them, and quite often makes no sense!

Some psychic advisors may actually get full sentences, while others just get words. By tuning into how the words feel, a psychic may try to communicate this sense to you. Some psychics may see the whole story play out, or just get glimpses of certain things happening or what someone is doing or may do soon. The point here is this is where the psychic may ask questions for validation, as they attempt to convey what they picked up in a way that makes sense to you.

One psychic explains, “If I tell you that I hit my funny bone off of a table yesterday, you'll likely know what I meant because you've had a similar experience, but if I tell you that I sensed danger in a woman's life in front of me at a supermarket, you'd probably have no idea what I meant. This is why we seem so weird when you listen to our messages. We're trying our best to explain a sensation that most people won't ever experience, and that's the source for nearly all the skepticism surrounding psychics.”

You may have heard some advisors say, “I feel like everything is going to be ok” or “I see there has been some distance between the two of you.” The simple use of the terms “feel” or “see” could probably be an indication of which Clair is likely the strongest in that moment. In this stage, they are not only seeking to answer your questions, but also give you some validity, meaning they are telling you things that are tied to the situation which may have recently led up to, or recently taken place to get you where you are now questioning the outcome.

Psychics Validate Meaning Through Conversation with You

In this stage, the psychic will start answering your questions, and you can usually ask more questions for clarification or provide some validation to the advisor, so they can gather more information based off what they are picking up. What matters most is what the messages mean to you, how you feel about it, and what actions you take.

The heart of the psychic reading is the connection that's made between you and the psychic. When that connection makes you feel as if the person on the other end of the line has really tapped into who you are and your personal concerns, the conversation is sure to bring insight and hope. “My deepest purpose as a psychic Advisor is to help you find clarity, wholeness and inner peace.” explains Psychic Clare. “Part of that process involves our sessions, where I give you a safe place to share your concerns, ask questions that will shed light on the situation, help you gain insight, offer useful feedback, encouragement, and so forth. But an equally important (if not more important) part of the process is what you do on your own, because ultimately you must find wholeness within yourself."

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The Outcome of Psychic Predictions

The Outcome of Psychic Predictions

When being questioned on when something may happen, some advisors have a stronger sense of being able to sense the “time” so to speak, while others may not. Also, we all have free will. In the moment of your reading, the psychic is reading the energy that is being put out in that moment by either yourself or others in question. They can give some “future” information because that’s how things are supposed to play out; however, the power of free will can change all of it. Think of it this way: you are being faced with a decision and going with or against your intuition is a decision. You have free will to choose your actions, so if you go against what was “supposed” to take place, naturally things will unfold at a different rate and quite possibly have an entirely different outcome than what you were told.

Needless to say, some advisors are highly experienced, and this process may take seconds for them. Like anything, psychic abilities get stronger the more they are used. Each psychic advisor works at their own pace and by trying a few, you’ll find the one that you connect with. We’ve all seen reviews where clients say, “we just didn’t connect” and that’s perfectly OK! You are essentially seeking to build a relationship with your advisor, so just like dating, you may get a few you don’t feel it with. Swipe left and try again!

An online psychic reading can be a wonderful and revelatory experience that can “unstick” you and free you up to the possibilities of your life. It can help you towards acceptance of things that you probably already know on a subconscious level. Your psychic can remind you that your best answers always come from within your own deeper inner knowing. It's your divine right and a place forgotten that you can be guided back to.

But, to get the most out of it, you have to be ready for it. It will not be like any scenario you have seen on the screen, small or large. If you can forget the stereotypes and open yourself up to the reality of what a psychic reading actually is, you may experience an eye-opening moment that can help move you along your life’s path.

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