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The Symbolic Meaning of Numerology by Psychic Anthony

Date 4/2/2021
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Each digit from 0-9 has special meaning and symbolism.

Each digit from 0-9 has special meaning and symbolism.

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Symbolic reality is the secret code behind the creation of the special level of consciousness humans perceive as a mortal life. The mystics of the past have created ways of interacting with this symbolic power that hints at a Cosmic Mind of the YOUniverse. 

Tarot, astrology, I-Ching, dream interpretation, gazing, and imaginative vision are all ways of accessing this symbolic power of our mind to see deeper than the surface of things and find meaning in them. Symbols speak in many layers of meaning depending on one’s own knowledge, wisdom, and cultural literacy. The stories passed down through the generations have deeper meaning to those who respond to their symbolic layers. A child hearing the story of Jonah and the Whale will relate to it as an adventure tale, but those who have ever been “in the belly of the beast” will know the true depths of despair poor Jonah went through running away from God. 

The Symbolism behind Numerology

Numerology is one of these systems that indicate that our experience in this realm of time, space and matter is symbolic. Like a dream that we are pretending is real because it hurts and is a challenge. Like we pinch ourselves in our dreams, if it doesn’t hurt it isn’t real. But in the midst of this dark and painful passage between birth and death there is and always was a sense in us of deeper things below the surface hinted at in our dreams. But with numbers there is another symbolic concept that applies to the perception of repeating numbers that we “feel” may be a sign of something. 

That “feeling” is the mystical perception that is the answer of the riddle of the YOUniverse itself: synchronicity. Meaningful coincidence is the language of souls that transcends all levels of reality like a Cosmic Glue of the great soul: THE ONE SOUL, of which we are all a part. The greatest symbol of all is the Big Bang itself. We are one singular totality of being exploding out into the billions of galaxies into a vast and infinite void. If you apply this same symbol to consciousness itself, we are a Cosmic Mind of the YOUniverse! Our original consciousness was a singularity! But we have expanded outward into the void from that totality and are now at this expanded point where the YOUniverse wants to experience itself as a creature evolved from that singularity!

The expansion of the Youniverse since the “Big Bang” has been a continual mathematical geometric expansion and so the precision of mathematics and numbers becomes the symbolic expression of the creation of the YOUniverse itself.  The nine original numbers (plus the mystic “zero”) are the perfect expression of the elemental building blocks of the YOUniverse itself and they each represent the foundations of the powers that created the YOUniverse and human life out of the void of non-being. 

A Deeper Dive from 0 to 9.

0 - Of course, creation began before the beginning with the void: “Zero” (0). 

- The singularity that caused the Big Bang is the One (1) the primal Unity and singular totality of perfect consciousness: the egoless, timeless, changeless and pure being at the center of all creation (the “I am that I am” presence.) This is eternal perfected consciousness that is all creative and loving and all powerful: The Great Master Dreamer of the Cosmos. The Living, Loving Light of the Silent One. As it is the totality of the YOUniverse itself it only lacks separateness and the ability to love and be loved by another.

– Two (2) creates a duality to express itself through contrast of apparent “good” and “evil.” We should appreciate its oneness and perfection by not being in that perfect state of complete Cosmic Mind. This human experience is so awe inspiringly beautiful that the third vibration arises… 

– Three (3) represents the love of the creature for the creation! The devotion of the mystic for the divinity of the Youniverse itself as proof of the Cosmic Mind. This is the inspiration from dreams that lead to all the human arts, spirituality, religious worship and devotion. 

- Out of this love comes the creative force to build a world to live in. This is the fourth (4) vibration… the building of a physical world through creating a way to survive in the three-dimensional world through time. Four represents civilizations, technologies, exploration, science, and the measuring and defining of the world itself. 

- The fifth (5) vibration is the desire to serve the creation through deeds that manifest the gratitude and serviceability of the devoted for those who suffer in this world and to do whatever can be done to ease the suffering and bring a better life for the future. This includes having a family, a productive vocation, and creating structures, institutions and art to serve those needs.  

- The sixth (6) the vibration is one of pleasure and enjoyment of life and the great desire for the human experience over and over and over again because it is awe inspiring and fresh every time. Six is intricate, challenging, meaningful, and perfect: good or bad, blissful or painful: it is an honor and a pleasure that even the angels and the great oversouls cannot deny. 

- The seventh (7) vibration is the spirit warrior who takes on the greater challenges and tasks that call for a higher and more active service in the forces of goodness, justice, fairness, and wisdom. It is the eternal fight for the powerless over the powerful, and the need to reform and restrain our darkness and selfishness. The spirit warrior fights for those ideals that are timeless and reflect the wisdom and deeper devotion to the hope of a better humanity and a better world. 

- The eighth (8) vibration is eternity itself, and the cyclic nature of consciousness to be both a pure spiritual ball of ever living plasma living in a self-generated psychic dimension, and an ever recurring, ever evolving, ever changing human being. We relive the human experience in infinite variations throughout all history and throughout all possibilities on the Multiverse of all possibilities! Our infinite consciousness loses itself in an eternal wonderland that never gets old, and never lets you down and always wakes you up at the end to remind you: you are a cosmic dreamer, an immortal and perfect spark of God! 

- The (9) ninth vibration is the culmination and completion of the whole experience and it is the most mystical and most magical number! It is the pure psychic dimensions of spirit beyond the fourth dimensions of our human perception of Time and Space. It is the psychic inner infinity of being; of consciousness itself that stretches on forever into The Realms Within: the rarified eternities within eternities of the Cosmic Mind. In the Tarot the number nine is the HERMIT, the wise old sage on the mountaintop with his lantern looking for an honest person. 

By the way, the number nine is so mystical, it shows the secrets of the YOUniverse in the way it reacts when multiplied. Let me play a game with you. Did you know that the number nine is a mirror of itself? Multiply any number by nine. 9 x 1 = 09 (9 x 10 = 90). 9 x 2 = 18 (9 x 9=81).  This works for the rest of the combinations too; they are all mirrors of each other! 

Is It Really All Just a Coincidence?

Synchronicity is the power of the Cosmic Mind to subtly communicate through coincidence with those who can perceive and relate to the totality of the Cosmic Mind through mystical devotion and faith in that presence. Those who do not notice the “private jokes” that happen to them through these symbolic experiences are not affected by them. Only those who know that coincidence is a symbolic language and have the faith to believe in higher beings and higher dimensions, will notice these hints from the Cosmic Mind. Once this is seen they will continue to happen over and over, and these synchronistic connections often come in the perfect and precise vibration of numbers. 

It will happen so many times and under such astronomical chances, that there will be no denying the fact that show the numbers 111, 444, 777, and strange coincidental repetitions of the numbers in key moments and situations, keep repeating over time.  These coincidental connections come in a variety of forms that will appeal to the person who perceives it. They often come through music and things we loved and shared with others.  Synchronicities are profound and magical and personal, and the person who sees it will be the only one to see that personal connection with the coincidence in the outside world. 

Numbers are universal to everyone’s experience and reflect the perfect nature of the Youniverse beyond our human dualistic perception. 


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