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Mount Shasta: Where UFOs, Time Vortexes, and Mystical Transformations Collide By Psychic Arthur

Date 4/24/2024
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Nestled within the Cascade Range, Mount Shasta has long been a sacred place for Native Americans and a beacon of spiritual healing for visitors worldwide. For New Age enthusiasts, this majestic mountain is a wellspring of mystical power, while others claim it is an energy vortex teeming with UFO activity.

Over the years, I've had the privilege of giving readings in this enchanting locale, situated approximately 45 miles south of the Oregon border. During my visits, I've encountered what can only be termed "Mt. Shasta Events" – phenomena unlike anything experienced in other regions of California or its surroundings.

UFO over the ocean

One memorable night, a small group of us gathered on the porch of The McCloud River Mercantile Hotel. We delved into the fantastic legends of energy and time portals that shroud the quiet town of McCloud, nestled just 12 miles east of Mount Shasta.

As the clock struck 11:00 pm, five of us embarked on a journey up Main Street, whispering about St. Joseph's Catholic Church in hushed tones. Locals spoke of a time vortex near this log cabin church, a portal that whisked them back to the 1940s, complete with vintage cars lining the streets. However, we continued north on California Avenue until it dead-ended at Tucci Avenue, revealing a vast field framed by railroad tracks and a barn-like structure in the distance.

Beneath a sky adorned with countless stars and an unobstructed view of the mountain, we felt inspired and humbled in awe. But a peculiar sensation washed over us; it seemed like we were being observed. To our astonishment, we gazed eastward, and a triangular object materialized, silently hovering. Each point on the triangle emitted a different color of light, and its center was an enigmatic abyss with shifting colors akin to an old mood ring.

As we exchanged whispers, it became clear that we all saw it. The object playfully danced with us, mirroring our movements as we shifted left and right. At times, the lights expanded and retracted while remaining stationary in the sky. For a mesmerizing 20 minutes, we were both the observers and the observed.

During our celestial encounter, a car hurtled toward us down Tucci Avenue, its high beams ablaze. Panic briefly gripped us, but the object held its position. Thankfully, the car had a driver, and we breathed a sigh of relief.

Yet, the atmosphere around us shifted, and a palpable agitation crept in. A friend pointed towards the distant barn-like structure, its heavy wooden doors now ajar. From within, a presence watched us in the darkness. We didn't sense goodwill; it was more like a gatekeeper. Telepathically, it conveyed that our show was over, and it was time for us to depart.

We bid “farewell” to the enigmatic UFO, which remained motionless and retraced our steps down California Avenue. Midway, an invisible, gossamer curtain enveloped us, and the temperature surged by 5 degrees. Our shared experience left us in awe.

The following morning, campers reported seeing the triangular object, albeit briefly, before it streaked away like a shooting star. The Mount Shasta News later revealed that other residents witnessed the same UFO, affirming our extraordinary encounter.

UFO lights in the sky

The Bizarre Double Encounter

Continuing our exploration of the Mount Shasta area, we encountered another perplexing occurrence. On a late-night drive from Cafe Maddalena in the neighboring town of Dunsmuir to The McCloud River Mercantile Hotel, we faced an unusual twist of fate.

While driving along CA-89 and approaching the turnoff for Squaw Valley Road, my friend suggested taking the next turn onto Old Mill Road, claiming it would lead us closer to our hotel. However, after driving for what felt like 20 minutes, the Old Mill Road turnoff was nowhere in sight. Frustration set in, and my friend asked me to turn around, convinced I had missed the original Squaw Valley Road turnoff.

Before turning the car around, I noticed a sign up ahead and decided to investigate our location. As we drove up to the road sign, we both experienced a jolt of disbelief. The sign pointed to Squaw Valley Road, the very same sign and turnoff we had initially ignored. What was bewildering was that we hadn't turned back; we had continued driving straight. How had we ended up back here? My friend remarked, "I guess we know which turnoff they want us to take."

The Time Travel to the Restaurant

But there's more to this mystical mountain than UFOs and time warps. While driving to meet  friends after a last-minute invite to join them at a restaurant, I experienced an inexplicable time warp. After what seemed to be an uneventful thirty-minute drive, I was amazed to find a parking spot right in front of the restaurant. When I walked through the doors, my friends were all standing. I thought they had already eaten, I missed dessert, and they were getting ready to leave when one friend asked: "Do you have a time machine? Seriously, really? I just got off the phone with you five minutes ago. Five minutes! We haven't even sat down to eat yet – and here you are? How did you get here so fast?"

Speechless, I looked at my friends and said, "Welcome to Mount Shasta?"

Person with UFO

The Mystical Transformation with Blue Eyes

This mystical mountain holds even more secrets. On my first visit, I meditated on Mount Shasta's tranquil slopes and underwent a transformation. After an hour of deep meditation, I descended the mountain to rejoin my friends, who greeted me with wide eyes and astonishment. "Look at your eyes!" they exclaimed.

Upon returning to my room, I stood before the mirror and was utterly gobsmacked. My eyes, typically hazel green, now glowed with a brilliant blue reminiscent of two precious stones. It was as if the mountain's profound energy had nourished my very soul. This radiant transformation lasted about twenty minutes, leaving an indelible mark on my consciousness.

The radiant blue eyes became a recurring phenomenon on subsequent visits to Mount Shasta. Still, that first experience remains etched in my memory as a testament to the mountain's transformative power.

Mount Shasta: where the extraordinary becomes the everyday. Welcome to a world where the mystical and the mundane coexist in breathtaking harmony.

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Psychic Arthur has worked as a professional psychic for over 25 years, appearing on television and radio. In addition to his career as a psychic, he’s worked as a reporter/journalist, is an accomplished film and television composer, music producer, freelance writer, and author of the Psychic Source ebook: The Definitive Guide To Psychic Readings: 7 Steps To Get An Excellent Psychic Reading Every Time, exclusively available on Kindle. He holds a Bachelor of Music Education and is a certified Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Facilitator. Arthur is a resident of Los Angeles, CA.



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