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How to Predict Timing with Tarot by Psychic Alise

Date 6/14/2024
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Predicting timing can be tricky, but it can be done!

Predicting timing can be tricky, but it can be done!

Timing is difficult in any reading because of many reasons, usually “free will” being the deciding factor. However, predicting time is not impossible with tarot cards.

Here are a few common cards and the length of time or season they typically indicate:

WANDS – weeks or spring
CUPS – days or summer
SWORDS – months or winter
PENTACLES – years or autumn

We can also have time indicators with the Major Arcana cards:

THE MOON – 28 days or four weeks
THE SUN – summer
THE STAR – Christmas
THE TOWER – immediate action, usually within a few days

As with every reading I give, I depend on my intuition and what Spirit is telling me. I’m always amazed when a spread leaves me without doubt. When a Four of Wands, an Ace of Swords and the Moon all show up together, it’s hard to question four weeks!

One point that I always reiterate in my readings is that an event will happen “within” the time frame given. In a recent reading I told a client she would hear from her loved one within five days. He called her five hours later. Needless to say she was a very happy camper!

Most importantly, when a client does not like a timeline, he/she needs to remember that if they make just one change in their life, it can completely change the outcome of the reading. This could be as small as a friendly text or driving a different route to work. Small actions can yield huge results.

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