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What Is Clairolfaction? (Psychic Smelling)

Date 9/21/2023

Do you have the gift of clairolfaction?

Do you have the gift of clairolfaction?

While many psychics use their senses of sight and hearing to perceive paranormal information, mediums who rely on clairolfaction have a unique ability to smell things others simply can't recognize. Learn how to channel clairolfaction and discover what psychic mediums can sense using this unique gift of scent.

How Does Clairolfaction Work?

If you've ever experienced a flood of memories after smelling a certain fragrance or odor, you know how powerful the sense of smell can be and how quickly it can transport you to another place and time. Clairolfaction doesn't work exactly like the standard sense of smell does, however. As a type of extrasensory perception (ESP), clairolfaction relates to the ability to perceive scents that exist in the spiritual realm.

All beings that exist in both the physical and spiritual realms are composed of energy fields that vibrate at varying speeds and frequencies. Many mediums believe these vibrations have the power to trigger the sensory organs that perceive scent, allowing clairolfactory psychics to effectively smell the energy that different beings emit.

What Psychics Can Sense With Clairalience

Clairalience, or clear scent, is very common among psychics, and most use this ability to add new layers of meaning to their readings. In most cases, mediums perceive scents that closely relate to the subject of the reading. A clairolfactory psychic might notice scents unique to a specific person or activity or to a place that holds significant meaning, such as home or a workplace. These sensations can give psychics a new perspective on a person and help them better understand relationships, histories, and energies.

When using their clairolfactory abilities, psychics can perceive virtually any scent, from pleasant smells like food or floral fragrances to less pleasant odors like chemicals or stale spaces. Many mediums also use their sense of clairgustance, or clear taste, alongside clairalience, as taste and scent are so closely aligned.

How to Channel Clairessence

In many ways, tapping into clairolfaction is similar to the methods that clairvoyant mediums and clairaudients use to perceive visions and sounds in the spiritual realm. To channel clairscent abilities, or clairolfaction, try concentrating on specific scents. In a neutral-smelling room, do your best to manifest familiar scents, such as a blossoming rose, freshly brewed coffee, ripe fruit, or your favorite fragrance.

Once you've successfully perceived a scent, try holding it for several seconds to give yourself a chance to sense its many angles. Pay attention to how it makes you feel, the people it makes you think of, and any location-based memories it brings forth.

With practice, you may find that your clairolfaction abilities become more intuitive, allowing you to sense smells that others don't notice. When this happens, meditate on the scent to understand why you're perceiving it and what it may be trying to convey.

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