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The Connection Between Energy Vibrations and Psychic Medium Ability by Psychic Bethany

Date 4/2/2021
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A Psychic Medium can tune into energy vibrations.

A Psychic Medium can tune into energy vibrations.

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Nikola Tesla once said: “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, you must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 

Energy itself is manifested through a vibration that creates a pattern, a frequency. The rate of this frequency can determine the sound, speed, light and color of all existence. This applies to our personal existence as well.

Creating Vibrations

Our thoughts and emotions create vibrations and frequencies. They are introduced to our consciousness through external stimulus. Our energetic response to the stimulus manifests our reality. These are the building blocks of our hopes, fears, successes and failures. They are the perspectives and ideals from which we make the decisions that shape our destiny. 

These vibrations and frequencies are sent out through our Chakras and Meridians, the body’s energy centers and highways of transmission. This follows the central nervous system. These transmissions travel out into the liquid energy all around us. How slow or fast they travel depends on the intensity of the intention. Our words and actions also effect this intensity. Once they reach the same force of energy traveling through this liquid energy, the forces converge, and a manifestation of the intention is then brought into physical existence.

Like Tuning Into a Radio Station

Understanding these theories allows one to “tap in” or communicate with the frequencies and vibrations that emanate around us. Like tuning into a radio station. 

A Psychic Medium does just that when they are giving you guidance and messages from beyond the physical realm. They have taken the time to learn how to recognize and understand these vibrations and frequencies and translate them into consciousness. This takes much discernment on the part of the Medium. Most are also empathic as well. They must learn to step outside of their own ego and reality so as not to confuse what they are experiencing while communicating for others. 

It has very little to do with “predicting the future” or card tricks and symbols. It is a way of communicating. The frequencies and vibrations that are in your life path were created by you. By your thoughts and emotions. They were sent out and transmitted. They have been received and returned or they are still emanating in the inter-dimensions. A Psychic Medium feels, hears and sees these vibrations and frequencies and translates them into a relatable realty for you to use as guidance. 

Knowledge is power. How you choose to use it is your own free will. You can manifest both the energy that can bring your highest good or that can bring self-sabotage and stress.

It’s like having a GPS of your life path. When you can foresee heavy traffic areas or closed roads, you can choose an alternative route making the journey more relaxed and fulfilling. 

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