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Connecting The Tarot and Numerology with Your Tarot Birth Card by Psychic Marlo

Date 1/12/2023
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Each and every one of us has a unique Tarot Birth Card that’s meaning can support us in learning more about ourselves and how we make decisions. Birth Cards in Tarot comes from the use of Numerology, (a self-realizing number system created by the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras) that has been widely applied to the use of Tarot. Calculating this number only requires knowing your birth date and breaking down any numbers to get down to a single primary number. Let’s start by calculating your Birth Card Number.

Tarot Major Arcana

How to Calculate Your Birth Card Number

Here is an example you can use to determine how to calculate your birth number.

1. Write out your full birth date including the full year like this: 10/25/1980

2. Add all the numbers up: 1 + 0 + 2 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 26

3. Take this number and reduce it to a single digit by adding it up again:  2 + 6 = 8

4. Your Birth Number is 8!

Tarot Birth Card Numbers

Now that you have your Birth Number, you may be asking how do you find your birth card in a Tarot Deck?  It's simple to find the corresponding Major Arcana Tarot Card. Look down the list below to find your number and its corresponding Tarot card and meaning. If your initial result above was between 10-21 before reducing it to a single digit, stay tuned for even more about your additional Tarot Birth Card Numbers!

1 - Magician

Tarot Birth Card Number 1: Magician

The Magician is all about using their innate skills and talents to influence change in the world around them. If this is your card know you have an affinity to be a self-starter and often create and make decisions based on your vast knowledge. You work well when all of you is present so make sure not to shy away from bringing all of your talent forward in anything you do!

2 - The High Priestess

Tarot Birth Card Number 2: The High Priestess

The High Priestess thrives off of their natural ability to intuit their needs and the needs of others. These folks will often have a deep “knowing” of what to do next even if it doesn’t seem to make logical sense. They have vivid dreams and will do the best in their life if they follow those initial “hunches” they may have about a person, project, or idea.

3 - The Empress

Tarot Birth Card Number 3: The Empress

The Empress has an amazing and diligent connection to all earthly things. This energy is Earth Mother energy and folks with this card will want to look to nature when it comes to decision making or to find peace. You connect seamlessly to animals, plants and will become energized by learning more about teaching about Earth and eco related topics. Empress energy is also great for children.

4 - The Emperor

Tarot Birth Card Number 4: The Emperor

The Emperor is a natural and sophisticated ruler. You may have found the desire in your life to be the Leader of the Pack and feel it is easy to find solutions to complicated situations. Even if you haven’t had many opportunities to be the leader that desire within you is enough as you flawlessly stand up to the job. Emperors are also great organizers and do well in jobs and making decisions that require logical systems.

5 - The Hierophant

Tarot Birth Card Number 5: The Hierophant

The Hierophant speaks to Tradition and Innovation! They will be the ones who take the lessons of the past and innovate them to work well in the current era and future! These folks are forward thinkers and may be misunderstood if others are not prepared to hear their new age ideas. Hold the confidence to know that even if your ideas aren’t understood now, they will in the future once everyone else catches on!

6 - The Lovers

Tarot Birth Card Number 6: The Lovers

The Lovers Card is all about Connection with yourself, others, and your spiritual energy! Folks who have this number and card will often work in their lives to better understand themselves, other people, and how we all can connect to our own spiritual selves. They are witty and will often use language to facilitate their deep knowledge and research of connection and community. They will be successful the more they nurture their self-development and share their findings with others.

7 - The Chariot

Tarot Birth Card Number 7: The Chariot

The Chariot is the card of action! Folks with this card often work best when they are physically engaged in their goals and decision making. You will work better when you run on instinct rather than logic. You work best in motion so you may be better to make a gut decision than to wait for the “appropriate” time. The right time is now, and Chariot people will be more successful if they trust this part of themselves.

8 - Strength

Tarot Birth Card Number 8: Strength

The Strength card is all about finding diverse ways to make an impact. Often Strength people will need to learn that strength does not always come from pushing but from receiving love and compassion as well. Folks with this card will do best to be open to support from those around them because they work best as leaders of communities. When they have a team they are unstoppable! And they will learn to know that a little love goes a long way for them!

9 - The Hermit

Tarot Birth Card Number 9: The Hermit

The Hermit is all about introspection and looking inward for the answers. These folks will do best to go on long walks, step away from the crowd or turn away from social media when making decisions. Much of your brilliance shines through when the voice in your head is the loudest. When you are feeling overwhelmed rely on solo adventures or time to tune out and do things you enjoy like reading or listening to music. Reflective writing is also useful for Hermit Folks!

Extra Tarot Birth Card Numbers

As I mentioned above, there are actually 22 Cards in the Major Arcana. The numbering system starts with a Card 0 – The Fool, so that one is impossible to achieve when adding and reducing your digits. But it is possible that your original number corresponds with another Major Arcana Card that is not a primary number between 1 - 9. For example, someone born on 12/22/2003, when you do the math of (1 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 3 = 12), you discover your extra card. In Tarot, there is a Major Arcana card that aligns with 12, The Hanged Man.

What does this mean?

It means that you will take your birth card number of The Empress (1 + 2 = 3) but also look to 12 The Hanged Man as advice on how to work better with The Empress.

You may even have a third card if you come out with either of the numbers 19, 20 or 21! So like above, take your birth card number along with the extra card (or cards) to help paint a larger picture.

Breakdown of the remaining extra Major Arcana results and their meanings:

1 - Magician 10 - Wheel of Fortune 19 - The Sun

Tarot Birth Card Number 10 or 19: Magician, Wheel of Fortune, The Sun

In addition to the meaning of 1 - The Magician, the following cards offer further advice:

10 - Wheel of Fortune  - It takes time to start up your life.

19 - The Sun - Make sure to find joy in your talents and pursuits.

2 - High Priestess 11 - Justice 20 - Judgement

Tarot Birth Card Number 11 or 20: The High Priestess, Justice, Judgment

In addition to the meaning of 2 - The High Priestess, the following cards offer further advice:

11 - Justice - Look at all sides of an issue for greater perspective.

20 - Judgment - Make sure you commit to the choices you make.

2 - The High Priestess 12 - The Hanged Man 21 - The World

Tarot Birth Card Number 12 or 21: The Empress, The Hanged Man, The World

In addition to the meaning of 3 - The Empress, the following cards offer further advice:

12 - The Hanged Man - When feeling overwhelmed pause and look around.

21 - The World - If you can embrace the earth and pause when needed you will feel unstoppable.

4 - Emperor 13 - Death

Tarot Birth Card Number 13: The Emperor, Death

In addition to the meaning of 4 - The Emperor, the following cards offer further advice:

13 - Death - To find a better way to lead you may need to Let go of parts of your Ego so there can be more balance where you are of influence.

5 - The Hierophant 14 - Temperance

Tarot Birth Card Number 14: The Hierophant, Temperance

In addition to the meaning of 5 - The Hierophant, the following cards offer further advice:

14 - Temperance - Make sure that you balance your energy in trying to convince others of your worth and instead turn seeing your worth in yourself.

6 - The Lovers 15 - The Devil

Tarot Birth Card Number 15: The Lovers, The Devil

In addition to the meaning of 6 - The Lovers, the following cards offer further advice:

15 - The Devil - The best way to nurture connection is to see where there are places of unhappiness. Is that in yourself? Make sure you focus on the connection to self, first.

7 - The Chariot 16 - The Tower

Tarot Birth Card Number 16: The Chariot, The Tower

In addition to the meaning of 7 - The Chariot, the following cards offer further advice:

16 - The Tower - You will know when it’s time to slow down when your big aha moment comes. When you are stopped dead in your tracks and forced to slow down. Take advantage of that moment!

8 - Strength 17 - The Star

Tarot Birth Card Number 17: Strength, The Star

In addition to the meaning of 8 - Strength, the following cards offer further advice:

17 - The Star - Make sure as you listen to others’ ideas that their ideas do not become your own. Use discernment as you take others advice.

9 - The Hermit 18 - The Moon

Tarot Birth Card Number 18: The Hermit, The Moon

In addition to the meaning of 9 - The Hermit, the following cards offer further advice:

18 - The Moon - As you step away from others to connect with yourself do not shy away from emotions that come up in the process. Emotions can be your teacher

Even if you do not have a birth number that corresponds to the larger numbered Arcana cards don’t worry, that message is still aligned for you as these are cards that directly support each other.

How Can You Work with Your Tarot Birth Card?

As you read the description above for your Tarot Birth Card(s) how does it make you feel? Do you see yourself in this card? In the description for each card, do you feel you align with habits, viewpoints, or interests that you currently have or have struggled with?

This can be a beautiful lifelong investigation to further understand the complexity and depth of these cards. If you need support, seek out more knowledge about these cards and you will begin to see this may have been a place of interest for you for some time, but it may have been difficult to understand until now.

You can learn more by researching the card online, in tarot books or even reaching out to a Psychic Source Advisor to help you evaluate and understand the card more. Each reader will have an insightful interpretation of the card which can help you further understand its messages and in turn, yourself. The more you investigate, the more you will be able to play to your strengths and release any ways people have expected you to be. This will ultimately allow you to be more in tune with your authentic way of being.

Lastly, in addition to a Tarot Birth Card, you can learn more about how to discover your Tarot Card for the Year using a similar calculation. I explore that in my article How to Calculate Your Tarot Card for the Year and Other Important Dates



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Marlo is a Psychic with a passion for Tarot Reading and Astrology. She holds a Masters Degree in Art from an Ivy League school and is a certified Spiritual Coach with 13 years of professional psychic reading experience—she even has read for several celebrities! She is a poet, author, and performer and in her spare time runs covens and community circles for women to heal and overcome their difficulties.


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