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Learning to Use My Abilities as an Empath by Psychic Serenity

Date 9/18/2020
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It's a great feeling being able to help others through their emotions.

It's a great feeling being able to help others through their emotions.

An empath is someone who has a highly developed sense of emotion and is able to recognize the emotions of others. For me, I not only recognize the feelings of others but I actually feel their feelings to the depths of my soul as if I’m experiencing them myself. 

I've always been extremely sensitive; I can feel the slightest touch travel through every nerve of my being. I feel everybody's feelings, the vibrations of every note of music, and as an artist I even feel the colors. I have extreme sensitivity to heat, cold and the ability to feel when someone or something is approaching my personal space. I even can feel how people feel about me. 

Sounds like a lot of feelings, right?! Well, it’s been a real challenge for me to manage. One of the most interesting experiences had was when my entire body started to involuntarily vibrate, pulsate and move to the music on the radio—I wasn't doing it intentionally. The energy of the sound was moving my body. 

As I became increasingly more and more sensitive it was hard to control this gift, especially in large crowds or negative places where there are so many emotions at one time in one space. 

This is how it works: Someone has a feeling, then I pick up the vibration and feel it to. It’s that simple. I can feel through the phone, computer, through towns or cities, strangers on the street, animals, even spirits. I feel their happiness, sadness, joy, madness, desire, passion, hope, fear, pain, and love. I pick up the best feelings at large gathering like concerts, churches, or charity events—anywhere people are together to celebrate, have fun or unite for something positive. 

With the help of many Angels, I learned how to manage my gift. Then my body stopped pulsating involuntarily to sound. I was soon able to stop mimicking everyone's emotions back to them and I learned to distinguish my feelings from the feelings of others. I learned to let go of how I felt about their feelings, block out the sensory overload of large crowds, and tune into the good feelings while tuning out the bad ones. 

Now, I realize this is a great gift to have because I can utilize it to help others. When I sense anger I can soothe it with love. When I feel someone's sadness I can bring them a smile. If I feel their fear I can help to calm the storm with hope. Sometimes just by acknowledging their pain I can simply help them smile again. 
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Honeheska85: Well said, I have known for a long time I am empathic, I find a peace in nature it is my grounding, I definitely need to meditate more and become more balanced with my gift Thank You for your insite.

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