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What Does Your House or Office Number Mean According to Numerology? by Psychic Sonata

Date 6/10/2020
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What do house numbers mean in numerology?

What do house numbers mean in numerology?

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If you take a moment to look around and become aware of the influence of names and numbers in business and personal activity you will find that looking at this energy is like learning to read a secret code. Recognizing the energy of important numbers including your house, office number, age, and even your Social Security number, will help you live your life to the fullest and become who you are aspiring to be as we try to answer the question, what do house numbers mean in numerology?

Your address numerology is readily available to those who look. You have in your hands the ability to unlock the code of energy available to you in many areas of your life. Even a number that could be considered negative will help you gain an idea or a course of action to put it to the best possible use. 

Energy Where You Work and Live

When you are looking at a home to purchase or even an office to lease it is important to look at the energy that will be around this property. First you must decide what you want to happen, or achieve while you reside in a house or an office. What is your desire? All numbers have a good friendly cooperative energy; however, some may be more challenging to you. It would certainly depend upon your desire and what you hope to manifest. 

Numbers do not set up your conditions, but they describe the energy that is taking place at a particular time and place. For instance, the energy in a church calls for reverence and spirituality. This would be a different number than say a theater or a restaurant. A great deal of expense, unhappiness and even unrest can be avoided if you know the energy that you were going into ahead of time. Usually the most important number is a house number. That has the strongest vibration.

How to Calculate Your House Number for Address Numerology

To calculate your house number, you simply add all numbers that are contained in the address together and reduce them to a single digit. For instance, if you live in a house that has 1510 in the numeric part you would add 1 + 5 + 1 which is 7.  If the result is more than a single digit, continue adding the numbers again until you are reduced to a number from 1-9.  If your address contains a fraction, read the special note below.  Now you are ready to begin your address numerology!

House Number 1 Numerology

A number one house is a place that encourages independence, creativity, and self-confidence. You could also become involved in some significant way in your community. This is not an ideal house to live in if you are seeking love.

House Number 2 Numerology

A number two house is for people who want to socialize, fall in love and meet new friends. It is also a spiritual number and relates to partnerships in love and business. Be careful with any leases or rental contracts as they could be very quickly terminated or rocky.

House Number 3 Numerology

A number 3 house is a cheerful happy number which attracts friendships, creativity, romance and entertaining. However, in this energy you may overspend and make impulsive decisions.

House Number 4 Numerology

A number four house is an energy of planning, family matters, relatives and getting your life in order economically and emotionally. It is a more serious number and a more down to business number.

House Number 5 Numerology

A number five house is an energy that is active, social, and constantly changing conditions. This is a house where there will be many interests outside of the home life and many irons in the fire. Life will not be dull. Conditions can be a little restless and the energy to remain in a five house is very low. 

House Number 6 Numerology

A number six house is all about domesticity. Family interests, children, relatives, traditions, comfort, responsibility, and even entrepreneurial work or work from the home. Possessions, property and things of luxury are emphasized.

House Number 7 Numerology

A number seven home is a quiet, spiritual number. People are engaged in finding their life purpose and they're trying to obtain more knowledge or skills, even education. It is a lonely number. The people in the home are seeking refuge or quiet. 

House Number 8 Numerology

A number eight home is for people who are at the top of life’s physical attainment. They are interested in money, power and their home is likely to be a showcase. It is not likely to be a domestic place and there is much business activity around the home and travel.

House Number 9 Numerology

Nine being the highest vibration in Pythagorean numerology, a number nine home is all about compassion, charity, happiness and good emotional experiences. Persons living there will be interested in giving back to the world, works of art, theater and beauty. They will be more interested in their spirituality and compassion for others.

House Number ½, ¼ or any other fraction Numerology

If you live or work in a house that has a half, a third, or a fourth, in the numeric part of the address you would need to be cooperative, diplomatic and responsible. If you are a loner and quiet this would not be the correct place to reside or work.

Now that you know all about what do house numbers mean in numerology, do you feel that live or work in a location that best suits your personality?  If the answer is no, keep this list handy when it may be time to move to a new location, just be sure to consult this address numerology guide first. 

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