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Why the Tarot? by Psychic Therese

Date 5/29/2020
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Her Rider-Waite Deck, in a Celtic Cross spread is Therese's preferred way to give a reading.

Her Rider-Waite Deck, in a Celtic Cross spread is Therese's preferred way to give a reading.

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In the final part of her 3-week article series, Customer Favorite Psychic Advisor Therese provides a peek behind the curtain into why she chose the Tarot as her preferred reading style along with the origins of her favorite Tarot Deck and Spread.  If you missed either of the first two parts, links are provided at the end of the article.

I feel that the particular psychic medium and method a reader is drawn to, is ultimately that which resonates with his or her style, soul, temperament and personality.  From images surfacing in the crystal ball, to receiving messages from spirit guides, to reading the Tarot, I believe, we’re all spiritually guided to the tools that we are meant to use for the greatest and most effective, good.     

Personally, I am drawn to the mystery of visual symbols and how they connect to one another.  And I love to delve into the visions and insights just beneath the surface of all these meaningful emblems, always digging for that pearl of truth. I guess you could think of me as a Psychic CSI!

Once I lay the cards out, the symbols become like a kaleidoscope. They swirl, move and speak to me with a unique language, almost jumping off the table, synching up with what I receive from my psychic vision.  

My Preferred Deck: The Rider-Waite Deck
When I am reading for Psychic Source customers, I usually use the Rider Waite Deck in the form of the Celtic Cross, because in all my years doing this work, the Rider Deck/Celtic Cross, for me, are the best of the Tarot tools, giving all the dimensions of the issue at hand, very fast, and in richly layered detail. 

The pictures on the Rider cards are primitive, and honestly not the prettiest out there, but they speak to me in a deep and compelling way.  When I was a very young reader, I would buy the loveliest and most exotic cards, but always ended up back with Rider and its particular brand of ancient wisdom.   

My Preferred Spread: The Celtic Cross
In the Celtic Cross Spread, the placement of each card indicates a particular dimension of the issue for the question, e.g. one card for the Present, another for the Future, the Past, Challenges, Hopes, Fears, Advice, External Influences and so on.   

And of course, the particular card that falls in a specific position would tell the story of what was going on around that subject (i.e. the Ace of Cups means Love in the Hope position). The Celtic Cross gives us ten cards but for me, sometimes I will end up with 20 cards on my table, in just one lay-out.  

Always Looking for More!
I see my readings as a multi-layered excavation, where I keep delving deeper and deeper.  Because I am that relentless seeker of truth, I am never satisfied with the single dimensional, the one card, the one answer.   

For this reason, if, after I do the initial 10 card lay out, I often feel the need to AMPLIFY the meaning, fanning out sometimes one, two, even three cards over that particular location, to gain more meaning.  

So… how do I know when to stop "Amplifying? " Simple! The cards just stop talking at that point.  

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