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Time is a Created Thing by Psychic Danielle

Date 4/27/2017

Time is an event clock, guided by your choices and decisions.

Time is an event clock, guided by your choices and decisions.

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Have you ever wondered why it seems so difficult for even fairly gifted psychics to regularly and accurately predict timing especially relating to when someone is going to make a choice to change or reach out? I frequently have clients call and ask why timing varies from reading to reading and psychic to psychic? A very famous Psychic, John Edward, once stated: “I am a Psychic, not Omniscient.” 

If you approach a Psychic reading with the expectation of guarantees in triplicate you are misunderstanding the Psychic’s gift and purpose, and may be disappointed. This is not Oz and we are not Wizards of inexhaustible knowing. If anyone guarantees you an outcome or better, charges you exorbitant amounts to move mountains for you, run, don’t walk. That’s a fraud.

Time is not a law, as is the law of gravity for example. Time is a concept or as stated by the sage Lao Tzu, “time is a created thing”. 

Why Have a Psychic Reading?
When we are reading energy and images, we are reading outside of time and space. Time is not a tick-tock clock, it is an event clock, determined by the choices people make as they evolve on their respective paths. Great clairvoyants such as Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus missed the mark on dates and times and received criticism from their contemporaries. You might ask then, why have a psychic reading?

What you have a right to expect your Psychic to offer you is guidance in your choices and clarity about your situations, by reading the probabilities and the propensities based on the current energy and cosmic information available at the time of the reading. Good readers are also able to step back and see a bigger pattern or picture sometimes over many lives. My personal experience is that most disappointments for my clients are centered around timing, not outcome. 

Patience is a Virtue
I once read for a woman who was told by two different physicians that she was infertile and would never have children. Devastated by the news she came to me for a reading. I saw that she would have four children. As the months past and she wasn’t conceiving the readings didn’t change. Miffed and cynical, she finally stopped calling me. Thirteen years after our first reading, I received a call from this woman telling me that she simply had to track me down to share with me that she had just give birth to her fourth child. 

Guidance, clarity, understanding, insight and hope is what a quality Psychic Advisor offers to their clients. Our work is to help carry our clients from where they are to what we see. If you are seeking this kind of assistance, then let your trusted Psychic help you navigate your terrain and may I encourage you to enhance your experience by leaving your watch at home remembering that time is a created thing.

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AskBelieveReceive: I first began doing psychic readings back in 2013. For 4 1/2 years I kept asking about the same person and 95% of the advisors saw us coming together. I kept asking WHEN??!! My focus was always on TIMING. Timelines kept changing and needless to say, nothing ever came of the situation. I’m now interested in someone else but after reading this article I will allow time and faith to do it’s thing and shift my focus on what I want the outcome to be rather than placing too much of an emphasis on when.

Justbehonest: Yes, an "EVENT CLOCK" AKA: "SAFETY NET", I wish I had a safety net at my job, nope doesn't work like that in the real world....

LoveLife2012: I understand the spirit of the article but people ask about situations and want to know how it plays out. Timing is a big factor in this. Sure the prediction of being with love interest can come true and without a real effort on predicting some timing aspect is still disappointing. For example - caller asks if she will be with johhnie psychic say yes. And then it happens 10 years later. But in the mean time the caller marries someone else has three kids and then divorces and reconnects with Johnnie. There's a lot that happens in between but the psychic was technically correct. There has to be something that fills in the gap otherwise it's just not as genuine as we are led to believe. That's my 2 cents .....

BELLABABY: I love this article and Danielle's readings are the best!

DieLiebeIstSeltsam: It never fails to disappoint me when I see how many customers rate psychics on "I was told this event would happen within this time frame or on this date, and it never did. 1 star for this psychic", or the psychic gets berated on the rating page. It is appalling and I feel so sad for the psychics who get these types of ratings from such customers. If only these people would see what the big picture is, and not anything else. I hope many have read this article of Danielle's to understand what time is.

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