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Spiritual Protection: The Hamsa and How To Protect Yourself From The Evil Eye by Psychic Spring

Date 6/3/2024
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There is much lore that exists around the evil eye meaning and its history. Many cultures have their own stories on what the evil eye origin is and the use of the hamsa to guard against it. Where exactly did all the mystery and fear around the evil eye derive from and how can you learn to protect yourself from the evil eye? You’ve come to the right place. The first step in learning what this “evil eye” is, is understanding how it differs from the hamsa.

Hamsa Evil Eye Necklace

The Hamsa – The Hand of God

The hamsa, known as the symbol for the “Hand of God,” is an ancient symbol used to ward against the evil eye. When the evil eye is directed against someone, the hamsa blocks the negative energy. This is why you often find the hamsa hanging up in small shops. This helps small shop owners ward against theft and problem some customers. The use of the hamsa acts as a redirection of evil energy when the evil eye is projected toward you. If you’re wondering how to use the hamsa against the evil eye, keep reading! We will show you daily techniques for protection against the evil eye using the hamsa and other means of spiritual protection along with how to identify if the evil eye has been used against you or a loved one.

Evil Eye on Hand

What is the Evil Eye and Where Did the Evil Eye Originate?

Let’s first take a look at how evil is defined when associated with the evil eye. Evil is the power of darkness, the Devil, or the destructive powers of the Cyclops’ single eye. Like in mythology, the destructive rays delivered by the Cyclops are lethal. One of the most popular mythologies is David versus Goliath. Some versions of the Bible tale states that Goliath had one eye. We also find a shared symbology with the watchful "Eye of Sauron" in the Lords of the Rings trilogies. It is from this destructive one eye; the same energy is directed when someone beams the evil eye at you. 

While many cultures have similar symbology of an “eye,” it is in the Celtic tradition where we will find an evil association with the "eye". According to, Thames & Hudson's, An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols, it states the Celtic meaning as, “The evil eye, symbolic of ill-will and envy, is the antithesis of the kind heart of generosity and compassion.” Celtic customs are traced back to the Druids, who were high-ranking sages and spiritual leaders. Because of the connotation, the “eye” has with evil, misconceptions around the use of the “eye” are found when we encounter it in other cultures. 

In many other traditions, the “Eye” is seen as a symbol of good. It is considered God’s divine power, omniscient, and is the faculty of all intuitive gifts. The “eye” is representative of all solar deities and the fertility that is given by the sun’s rays. It is the symbol of life force energy and great protection. In ancient Kemet, the eye of Horus is used to heal and bring great protection. In Ancient Greece, it symbolizes the Sun God Apollo, known for aiding humans with healing and the arts. In Hinduism, the Eye of Shiva is represented as a pearl resting between his brows, granting total illumination. When we see the “eye” we understand the cultural use and symbology being expressed. It is important to not be afraid of this symbol when encountered in different cultures. 

How is the Evil Eye Used?

The evil eye is used in many ways. You may find it hard to believe that the most common way the evil eye is used is unintentional. Whenever someone is feeling jealous or envious of another person, they are unintentionally sending the evil eye. So yes, each time you have felt envy or jealousy, you may have unintentionally been sending negative vibes someone else’s way. When done purposefully, we find the evil eye can be sent through a hand gesture as simple as flipping someone the bird, an intense daydream, or through dark magical spell work known as curses or hexes.

Hamsa Evil Eye Necklaces

So, What Then is the Hamsa?

The hamsa is divine power, the transmission of spirit, justice, and protection. It is the Great Hand of Supreme power and represents the Deity. It is through "the hand" that trouble and evil are blocked and pushed away. Its origin is found across many traditions. In Buddhism, the hamsa represents protection and unlimited giving. In Christianity, it represents the full might of God, and in Judaism, it symbolizes the right hand of the majesty on high. In Islamic beliefs, the Hand of Fatima, also the Hand of God, is a symbol of generosity, divine wisdom, and power. 

It is often found that the right hand depicts the hand of power and God across all cultures. The right hand is said to be the dominant hand that commands power, while the left hand is how we receive the bounty of life’s blessings. When combined with the power of the all-seeing “eye,” the hamsa is transformed into a powerful talisman known as the Talismanic Hand. This Talismanic Hand bestows clairvoyance and other psychic powers. The image of this talisman portrays the “eye” in the center of the Hamsa. 

Hamsa Evil Eye in Car

3 Ways to Use the Hamsa to Protect Against the Evil Eye

By now you may be wondering, how can you use the hamsa as protection against the evil eye. Well, here are three easy-to-follow techniques that you can begin trying today!

Hand Mudra Meditations

A mudra is a hand gesture and position of fingers that channels the yin and yang energies throughout the body to produce different physical, emotional and metaphysical results. Mudras are used for a variety of things such as lowering anxiety, curing gout, and manifesting love in one’s life. Known as the Abhaya Mudra, the Sanskrit meaning for fearlessness, this extremely popular mudra is well-practiced in India. Known for aiding against the evil eye, it repels thoughts of jealousy within oneself and from others. It also aids in mental breakthroughs and balances the chakras within our bodies. 

To perform a hand mudra meditation, start by sitting in a comfortable position. Allow your right hand to raise to your shoulder so that your fingers do not pass it. With your palm facing outward, place your left hand onto your left thigh with your palm facing upward. Close your eyes and focus on maintaining slow controlled breaths. Remain in this position for 10 mins. Then, imagine a white light surrounding your aura, protecting you from the evil eye. 

Print and Place

Find a picture of a version of the Hamsa that you like. It could be any version that calls to you the most, such as the Hand of Fatima or the Talismanic Hand. Once you have an image of your liking, print it out. Depending on the size frame that you will use, will determine how you may want to print your image. Add the artwork of your selected hamsa to your home along a wall facing near the front doorway. If you share your space, you can choose to hang it so that it faces your bedroom doorway. Facing the hamsa towards the doorway wards away evil from entering your home or bedroom space. 

Some other suggestions for adding a smaller printed version of your hamsa are in your car, in your children’s backpacks, within your workbags, or under the doormat of your doorway. If you are artistic, use your creative skills to develop your talisman! 

Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo


This technique is quite simple. It involves drawing a small hamsa symbol onto the tags of your articles of clothing. This is a secret witch technique – shhhhh, you didn’t hear this one here. One of the ways mystics over centuries have been able to command protection and wield great power is by drawing magical symbols onto their articles of clothing, carrying them in mojo bags, or even tattooing them onto their skin. Ask any professional tattoo artist who has been working awhile, I am sure he or she has inked more than one hamsa symbols on a client, even if they didn’t know that was what it is called. These symbols in the witchy world are known as sigils. A sigil is a powerful statement of intent that is broken down from the structure of a sentence format into an unintelligible symbol. This form of alchemy conditions the subconscious mind to manifest the desired intent through symbols.

The difference with this technique is that you will be adding the hamsa symbol by drawing it onto your clothing. Do this for your loved ones as well. It is an inconspicuous way to add protection against the evil eye. Tag the collars of your pets, add a small card into your wallet, or even draw an imaginary hamsa into the bottom of your pans while cooking. Draw them onto the bottom of your morning coffee mugs or even add them as a marking onto your keys. Go Banksy with it! 

Giving the Evil Eye

How to Identify When Someone’s Sent You the Evil Eye

Ready to start fighting against any evil eyes sent your way? Great, but first, you must learn how to identify signs of the evil eye. Below is a quick checklist to determine if you have encountered evil eye energy. If you are a sensitive person to energy, you can feel the energy waves being directed along the back of your neck and shoulders.

You may also experience the following:

  • Sudden feelings of sleepiness or tiredness.
  • Feeling mentally overwhelmed and unusually anxious. 
  • Angry outbursts and uncontrollable violent outrage.
  • An increased level of arguments within your home with loved ones.
  • Sudden issues within your workplace with coworkers, clients, and superiors.
  • Feelings of paranoia and the sense that a person is always talking about you.
  • Loss of self-esteem and confidence.
  • Issues with sleeping, sleep paralysis, insomnia, or feeling like you never get enough rest.
  • Physical ailments such as headaches, skin rashes, or unusual bruising. 

Ways to Immediately Counter the Effects of the Evil Eye

Absorbing the evil eye in excessive amounts over time can even result in getting sick with deadly diseases. One of the fastest ways to counter the effects of the evil eye is to take a spiritual bath. A spiritual bath is a mixture of herbs, essential oils, salts, and bath perfumes such as Florida Water.

There are several ways to take a spiritual bath, but the easiest is to add your desired ingredients into a running bath and soak for 15 minutes. Dunk your head underwater once before exiting the bath and allow yourself to air dry. Before entering your bath, light a white candle, state a prayer or personal healing words over your candle, and allow it to burn down. Once the candle has completely burned down, collect any remaining hardened wax, and sprinkle it into your shoes, wallet, car, purse, or a mojo bag and carry with you.

Here is an effective spiritual bath (or shower) recipe for strengthening your aura against the evil eye:

  • 1 Cup Sea Salt
  • 1 Fully Sliced Lemon
  • A few springs of rosemary (rosemary oil as a substitute)

Add all items into your bathwater or a jug of water and pour down over the crown of your head as a spiritual shower.

Hamsa Evil Eye Bracelet

Create Your Own Protective Hamsa

I am going to give you some homework now if you are interested in learning more. Start by researching the history of your family’s culture. What traditions do you find within your heritage? Are there any origin stories of the use of the hamsa or evil eye? How did your ancestors use the hamsa to protect against the evil eye? What did some of their talismans look like? 

Next, drawing inspiration from your heritage and research, create your talisman of the hamsa to protect yourself and your loved ones against the evil eye!

Knowledge is power, and now that you have attained the wisdom of the evil eye, protect yourself against it. Also, be aware of how you may be mistakenly sending the evil eye in another’s direction. Monitor your energy and how others make you feel. Once you begin connecting to your inner emotional intelligence, you can quickly assess the presence of the evil eye. Through the use of the hamsa, you are now fully equipped to know how to protect against the powers of the evil eye.



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Spring is a Shadow-Work Shaman, Intuitive-empath, and Certified Reiki Master. She has been a practitioner of the ancient art of Divination and Reiki since 2018.  She loves traveling to historical sites where she likes to aimlessly wander, indulge in a delicious meal paired with the best glass of malbec. For fun, Spring loves reading, daydreaming, and watching fantasy movies. 


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