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Are Psychic Mediums Real?

Date 4/2/2021
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Psychic mediums can help us connect with the other side.

Psychic mediums can help us connect with the other side.

Psychic mediums are fascinating due to their purported ability to communicate with spirits from the other side. However, it's easy to doubt this ability and credit a medium's work to tricks like making generic claims or reading their clients. Read on to learn more about the authenticity of psychic mediums.

What Is a Medium?

A medium is a type of psychic who acts as a channel between the physical realm we currently exist in and the spirit realm where spirit guides and spirits who have crossed over reside. While all mediums are authentic psychics, not every psychic is a medium.

Is Mediumship Real?

Mediumship has been practiced in various forms throughout history. From Native American shamans interacting with the spirit world to ancient Greek oracles consulting guides from other realms, the concept of mediumship has long been with the human race.

Though it's difficult to prove mediumship in a way that will satisfy modern scientists, there are so many well-documented examples of successful psychic mediums that it's difficult to disprove the existence of mediums entirely. There are also several studies from the Windbridge Research Center that prove the authenticity of psychic mediums and demonstrate the altered state of consciousness that these individuals operate within.

Examples of Real Mediums

Perhaps one of the best ways to prove the authenticity of psychic mediums is to examine a sampling of the results from some of the world's most famous mediums. The following practitioners have proven time and again that they can accurately and effectively communicate with the other side, providing a valuable bridge for those with messages to receive or send.

John Edward

Perhaps best-known for his shows, Crossing Over With John Edward and John Edward Cross Country, Edward has been a practicing medium for over 30 years. At the age of 15, another medium identified his talent for communicating with the other side and predicted that he would have a strong future working as a medium himself. Edward's skills were tested by psychologist and parapsychology researcher Gary Schwartz and deemed genuine.

Allison DuBois

Allison DuBois uses her mediumship skills in a unique way, aiding law enforcement. The TV show Medium is based on her life. She has read for thousands of people over the years and continues to offer readings at her live events. DuBois recalls communicating with the dead as early as age 6 and has maintained contact with the other side ever since.

Theresa Caputo

Also known as the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo is a well-known celebrity medium who has experienced a profound connection with the spirit world since the age of 4. Her show, The Long Island Medium, travels the country offering live readings to audiences who want to connect with loves ones who have crossed over.

As in many industries, it's possible for fraud to take place. However, as a whole, the practice of psychic mediumship is very real, offering individuals the opportunity to utilize these powerful bridges between the seen and unseen.


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