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Use a Dowsing Rod to Locate Lost Objects, Connect With Spirits, and Measure Auras

Date 7/28/2022
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Psychic Hannah's actual copper Dowsing Rods!

Psychic Hannah's actual copper Dowsing Rods!

You may or may not have heard of dowsing rods, so I’d like to introduce you to the wonder and power they behold. I personally discovered dowsing rods a few years ago while taking a Feng Shui class. The Feng Shui instructors introduced the class to a pair of copper dowsing rods and shared with us that they can be used to locate water, measure auras, locate spirits and missing and lost objects.

I was instantly intrigued to learn more.

Measuring Auras with Dowsing Rods

The instructors demonstrated how to position the rods. The owner of the rods begins by holding the rods parallel to each other pointed out about chest level, about 6 inches apart with the arms outstretched or elbows touching the waist. They then demonstrated how the rods could measure an aura by actually measuring the aura of each student. The student was asked to stand about 10 feet away in front of the instructor. The instructor then positioned the rods as mentioned above facing the student. The student was asked to walk slowly toward the instructor, and as the student walked the dowsing rods slowly began to open.

If the student was happy and balanced allowing positive energy to flow which broadened the reach of their aura, the dowsing rods opened so wide that they touched the shoulders of the instructor. If the student was sad, angry, or unhappy allowing negative energy to consume their aura, their energy field, the dowsing rods opened slightly because their energy field was reduced and dark.

Immediately after the class I purchased a pair of copper dowsing rods and began using them to measure auras, locate spirits, answer simple yes/no questions, and locate lost items.

Finding Spirits at Home

The home that my daughter and I lived in at the time was filled with spirit activity, so much so that our cats would stop and begin to follow the spirits with their eyes around the room and sometimes would run out of the room. My daughter and I felt the cold chill of the spirits, as the room would get very cold when the spirits came to visit. Now that I had dowsing rods I could locate the spirits in the room and throughout our home. I would pick up my dowsing rods and point them in the direction that the cats were looking and where it was very cold and they would fly open because they picked up the energy field, the aura of the spirit. I was amazed!

Locating Lost Objects

I've used my dowsing rods many times to locate lost or misplaced items. I remember the first time that I used them to locate an item, my daughter had misplaced her keys. After searching for a while, my daughter came to me and told me she had misplaced her keys and could not find them and asked if I had seen them. I asked her if she had looked in her backpack, and she said yes but they weren't there. I told my daughter that I would find them with the dowsing rods.

My daughter's room was next to my room and as I picked up the dowsing rods and asked them to help me locate my daughter's keys one rod flew open then stopped pointing directly at the wall where my daughter's bedroom was. I held the dowsing rods as I walked to my daughter's room and that one rod moved as I walked but kept pointing to my daughter's room. As I entered my daughter's room I saw that the rod was pointing at her backpack. I asked my daughter to check her backpack again because the dowsing rod has stopped moving and is pointing directly at her bag. She insisted they weren't in her bag but looked again anyway. Lo and behold there they were, but in a different section of her bag than she normally puts them.  Thank you dowsing rods!

When you ask the dowsing rods to help you find an item they will begin to move slowly back and forth and as you walk one will begin to point you in the direction that you need to walk, if you begin to go the wrong way the dowsing rod will point back hitting your shoulder, which means you need to turn around. You can also just ask the dowsing rods simple yes/no questions about where the item might be. For example, you can ask them if the item is in your purse, or a specific room and they will cross for no and open wide for yes. Then when you arrive in the room they will point where the item is.

Asking Yes or No Questions

My daughter and I use the dowsing rods to answer simple yes/no questions all the time. For no answers the rods will cross each other. For yes answers the rods will open wide. If they do not know the answer they will stay parallel pointing straight ahead. If they are not certain of the yes answer they will open slightly.

Callers have asked me to help them find a lost object, and while I have a vision of where it is, it does not always translate exactly. It is at those times that I recommend they purchase a set of copper dowsing rods.  I highly recommend that every home have a pair of copper dowsing rods to at least help them locate lost objects. Dowsing rods can be purchased at Spiritual/Psychic Centers and online. There are many different types of dowsing rods. I favor the copper pair, as do most people. The dowsing rods found above in the photo are my actual dowsing rods. 

Dowsing rods are personal to the owner, and so should only be held and used by the owner. Enjoy your dowsing rods, should you decide to purchase a pair!

Happy dowsing!

By Psychic Hannah


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