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How to Calculate Your Tarot Card for the Year and Other Important Dates by Psychic Marlo

Date 1/25/2023
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You may be wondering what kind of energy and lessons may come for you in certain years of your life, I know I am! Each year you have a specific Tarot Card and corresponding message that can show you what kind of themes you may be having for that year. Use the information below to find your Tarot Card of the Year and see what any year has in store for you!

To calculate your Tarot Card of the Year you will be using the amazing tool of Numerology! In Numerology we can use sets of numbers to unlock deeper and even subconscious symbolism that can be extremely helpful as we try to become conscious and aware of our lives! (Also, it’s just super fun too!)

Tarot Major Arcana

How to Calculate Your Life Path Number

If you are familiar with your Life Path Number then you will already be half way there in calculating your number for the year and its corresponding Tarot Card! For your Life Path you use your date of birth to break down and calculate your number. For example, if you are born on September 6, 1988, take all the digits and add them up like so:

9 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 41

Then break down 41 to a single digit.

4 + 1 = 5

This means 5 is your Life Path Number. You can discover more about what your Life Path Number means here.

BUT we are here for the Tarot Card of the Year so let’s continue because there is a slightly different way to calculate this!

Tarot Cards Major Arcana

How to Calculate Your Tarot Card of the Year Number

Simply put, you would remove the year you were born and replace it with the year you are inquiring about. If you are in the year 2023, you would begin with the date of September 6, 2023. Like above, take the digits and add them up: 

9 + 6 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 3 = 22

Then break down 22 to a single digit.

2 + 2 = 4

Your Tarot Card Number for the year is 4! (More on that in a second.)

Once you have your Tarot Card number you will then go to the corresponding Major Arcana Card (or two) and apply the advice and energy of the card(s) for yourself this year! But wait, how do you know if you have one or two cards? Simple. If your initial number is between 10 and 21, you will have two cards to utilize for the year. The larger two-digit number and the smaller single digit number it breaks down to.

Here’s an example: If you were born on August 10, and are looking at the year 2023, you would start like this:  

8 + 1 + 2 + 2 + 3 = 16

16 is the Tower Card

1 + 6 = 7

7 is the Chariot

So, both the Tower Card and The Chariot will be relevant messages for your year!

Tarot Card of the Year Interpretations

The Tarot Card interpretations below are for any year and at any point in time! If you really want to have some fun, you can even look back to a year in your life and see if the Tarot card themes lined up with the energy of that year!

1 - Magician

Tarot Card Number 1: Magician

This will be a year full of taking chances! The Magician comes through to remind you that you are already equipped with all the tools needed to move forward in your life! And if there are any tools you may need, you are ready to find them! Themes of New Starts will be big for you. You may be challenged to appreciate your own self-worth and vision and move past any self-doubt.

2 - The High Priestess

Tarot Card Number 2: The High Priestess

The themes of the High Priestess are all around including following your inner voice, cultivating your intuition, and taking space to gain better self-trust. This year you will be encouraged to ask yourself how much you take your own advice rather than seeking it out from others. Is it easy to hear your inner voice or do you often second guess yourself? This year will be a year of decision making and you will have many chances to practice following your heart rather than the expectations of others.

3 - The Empress

Tarot Card Number 3: The Empress

This year will be about health, fun, and cultivating your inner power! The Empress is the Queen of her bodily kingdom and will do everything she can to feel the best and encourage others to do the same by her shear luminous glow. Questions that may come up for you this year may include: How do I feel and are there areas I could bring more attention to physically and mentally? Are there people or situations I am ready to move on from or shift the way I interact with? Let go of all that… it does not serve your Empowering Empress Energy!

4 - The Emperor

Tarot Card Number 4: The Emperor

This is the year where you can try to find pleasure in discipline and structures! The Emperor knows that discipline is necessary to get the results that are wanted. But he also knows it is important to take time to yourself to rest and feel at ease. Nothing good comes from grinding down all your energy leaving you with nothing left! Some questions you may ask yourself this year are: How effective is my schedule in achieving my goals? Is my current structure and lifestyle supporting my alignment and growth? Remember, structure is only as good as the results you get from it.

5 - The Hierophant

Tarot Card Number 5: The Hierophant

The name Hierophant can be switched out with the name Teacher, Guru, or Sacred Guide, because this year is going to be about either seeking out a new teacher or becoming the teacher to others. You may be at a time in your life where you are ready to improve and focus on elevating your skillsets. If you have been in the thick of school, then this year is your time to step out and be an influence on others. Cultivate the confidence you need to share wisdom with others. They are happily waiting for it!

6 - The Lovers

Tarot Card Number 6: The Lovers

The Lovers is so much more than just romantic partnership, it is about cultivating the connection to all things we love: our family, friends, community and our own self-love and spirituality. This year will be about that. Reconsider and become clear on how you are connecting with people and the things you love. It may be time to learn more about self-love and how you can communicate in relationships both familial and romantic. Consider this your invitation to let it all in!

7 - The Chariot

Tarot Card Number 7: The Chariot

The Chariot is all about action and moving forward despite feeling “not ready.”  It is about stepping into the Divine Action and Readiness you hold within you at all points. This year you will have opportunities to step out and achieve the goals you have been dreaming of. It’s also the time where the effort you put in will be coming back to you ten times over. If acting on your intuition or inner desires is difficult, look at little ways to encourage this energy. Try active ways to communicate and show love in your life. Not all action has to be self-serving but can be an act of service. Explore how action is important to you!

8 - Strength

Tarot Card Number 8: Strength

The Strength card offers up a new way to view what we stereotypically think of strength and being strong. This year you can explore the many ways that strength can show up in your life that is not all about pushing, grabbing, and dominating over others. It can be about receiving love, making decisions that don’t put you above others, and about surrender. What would it feel like to ask others for what you need and let them show up for you? This is the kind of strength this year will bring.

9 - The Hermit

Tarot Card Number 9: The Hermit

The theme for you this year will be introspection and getting closer to yourself. Now the Hermit does not necessarily mean you need to hide away from the world. Quite the opposite! Its themes are all around from looking inward to understanding how you are feeling and prioritizing things that are important to you! There may be moments in our life where we are doing so much for others or prioritizing others needs over our own, we leave no time for self-development, self-love, and even spending time alone. This year, take time away from the loudness of the world and become more friendly with yourself!

10 - Wheel of Fortune

Tarot Card Number 10: The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is not just a sign of luck, but one of acceptance. Life is full of ups and downs and the themes of the Wheel of Fortune are all about allowing yourself to be balanced and accepting in the variant energy of life. You may find ways to not let the stressors of life overwhelm you or learn more patience as your dreams unfold. Two questions you may be pondering this year are: How can I practice gratitude? Am I patient in times of uncertainty?

11 - Justice

Tarot Card Number 11: Justice

Justice is all about balance, patience, and equilibrium. This year you will be finding new ways to balance your life. This could be a work/life balance, exercise and relaxation, and alone time vs. social time. Is balance always 100% achievable? Probably not but seeking out to find balance is truly the ultimate goal. This year find ways to live more harmoniously in your surroundings, heart, and mind.

12 - The Hanged Man

Tarot Card Number 12: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is inviting rest, ease, and pause for your year. This year you will be considering: what is rest to me, really? Is going to a spa getting a bunch of scrubs and cucumber thrown on me relaxing to me? Or is it just finding quiet time in my home with an enjoyable book? Find what gives you real recharging. If you’re working on projects, this will be the time to find the easiest way to execute them. Ask yourself if you are putting roadblocks in the way of your creative process because you cannot ask for help or allow a more streamlined structure to support you.

13 - Death

Tarot Card Number 13: Death

Do not fear this card if your number ends up as 13! Death is the big card of transformation! Out with the old and in with the new! This year will be new perspectives, experiences, and healing. Remember what comes with exciting transformation is often letting go and grieving. Maybe you had a strong belief that is no longer serving you, but it is sometimes hard to let go of because you identified so heavily with it all your life. This year it’s okay to let go. Find small ways to do this and allow your transformation to take place. It is your time to step into the new.

14 - Temperance

Tarot Card Number 14: Temperance

Temperance is the card of integrating what is happening in our minds and hearts with our experience. What does that mean? For example, if you truly feel you would like to be more adventurous, but all it does is remain a wish, dream, or vision, then it’s not integrated. However, this year will be about taking those steps to realize your dreams in the world. Can’t travel to take that big trip? Take a new route home instead or go to a local restaurant you have never tried. You will have a lot of creative energy to give you inspiration to live as fully in your life as you do in your mind.

15 - The Devil

Tarot Card Number 15: The Devil

The Devil is all about your relationship to the material world. Whether that’s people, objects, experiences, or substances, ask yourself how much do you really need of all of it? Is this relationship healthy? It may be a year where you clear out your closet of old clothes or start stepping away from a friendship that is draining or no longer feels good. It could be a year to get clear on your health or reconsider how you feel about your job. How can you invite in more healthy energy this year?

16 - The Tower

Tarot Card Number 16: The Tower

The Tower is about big realizations, clarifying ideas, and unforgettable changes. This year you will get big clarifications in areas you have been confused, which is exciting! But with this clarification comes the responsibility to follow through on it. Often the clarifications you will receive will force you to make change, if not it’ll just keep showing up asking for you to shift it! If you stay open and go with the flow, this year can bring about major transitions and new energy in all areas of your life! Flow with these tides because they will not stop coming in!

17 - The Star

Tarot Card Number 17: The Star

The Star Card is all about nourishment. How do we nourish ourselves mind, body, and soul? How do we step out to nourish and serve others and our community? This year will be about considering and feeling into nourishment. Are there ways you could be there for others but haven’t put yourself out there to do so? Do you need support from others but may not be asking for it? It is going to be a year of reception and connection with yourself and others on a deeper level.

18 - The Moon

Tarot Card Number 18: The Moon

This year you will be working with The Moon and all its subconscious and emotional energy! You may find yourself becoming clearer about your feelings for something or someone. You may also have really clear messages coming through in your dreams. Often what happens with this energy is you start to get in the subtle body and notice many beautiful signs around you that have been trying to get your attention. This could come in dreams, angel numbers, psychic messages, and intuitive hits. Let the magic be your reality this year!

19 - The Sun

Tarot Card Number 19: The Sun

The Sun is all about being bright, fun, luminous and joyful! This year will be a definite burst of energy where you will be feeling more sociable than usual or willing to step into group environments. Collaboration will be a big theme of your year with interweaving’s of innovation. You will be eager to find new fun ways to get through the mundane parts of your life and will encourage others to do the same. You may even start or join new clubs, make new friends, or attract new or reinvigorate past romantic relationships! Have fun in the sun this year!

20 - Judgement

Tarot Card Number 20: Judgement

With the Judgment Card, this year is about being brutally honest with yourself! Where have you been letting judgements of others or yourself get in the way of your intense expansive growth? This is definitely not a year of shaming; it is a year of redemption! You are allowed to drop old perceptions and old ways of thinking if they are alienating you from others or keeping you from accomplishing things you want in your life. For example, when is it time to just let go of the drama with your sister that happened 15 years ago? Time is precious, it is better to just find mutual ground and practice forgiveness than to sit in anger. You’ve got this!

21 - The World

Tarot Card Number 21: The World

The World is the last card of the Major Arcana and it’s the end of a huge cycle! This year expect to tie lose ends. Also expect seeds you sowed to blossom and look to get a whole new level of experience and responsibility! This is a year of great awareness. You will be challenged in the best ways because you have already put in an immense amount of work. It may show up in personal relationships such as new engagements, marriages, new understandings or even children. Welcome to your new leveled up experience and enjoy all the blessings!

Having trouble deciphering the messages or want an even deeper analysis of the cards? Reach out to any of our Psychic Source Tarot Advisors and they will be able to help support your understanding of the messages for your year!


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Marlo is a Psychic with a passion for Tarot Reading and Astrology. She holds a Masters Degree in Art from an Ivy League school and is a certified Spiritual Coach with 13 years of professional psychic reading experience—she even has read for several celebrities! She is a poet, author, and performer and in her spare time runs covens and community circles for women to heal and overcome their difficulties.


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