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Seeing Past Hype: Are Psychic Predictions Accurate?

Date 3/30/2021
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Seeing Past the Hype Are Psychic Predictions Accurate

When you turn to a psychic, one of the things you are looking for is peace of mind, no matter what the question is. And part of that piece of mind comes from being able to rely on the psychic’s accuracy. But how accurate are psychic predictions? Can psychics really see the future? To answer these questions let’s explore what psychics are, what psychic ability means, and how it can help you put your readings into perspective.

Are Psychics Accurate?

To be able to provide a client with a psychic reading, energy must first be interpreted. That energy is shaped not just by the thoughts, feelings, and ideas of the client. How a client feels that day, how they have prepared, and whether or not they are being honest with the psychic (or themselves) can have a big impact on the reading. Then consider that this energy goes through a second filtering process, made of the psychic’s personal thoughts, feelings, and ideas too. The reality is that some psychics may be fake or even just unprofessional, so Psychic Source takes the extra step of vetting psychic Advisors to make sure they are clear conduits for the messages communicated by spirit.

But at the end of the day, even the most professional and skilled psychic is a person. And like all people they have differing levels of abilities and gifts. Let’s look at the ability to play sports for instance. Some people play in professional leagues, while others play more casually in local venues. It requires a mixture of both innate talent and dedication to play at a national level. And even then, with the blessings of nature, the power of effort, and expert knowledge of the game, those top athletes will not score every time they play. Even on a good day.

The same holds true for the best psychics in the world. They aren’t perfect and they’ll have their off days. It happens. The universe is vast and filled with more information than we can comprehend. A psychic is able to shine a bright light and bring clarity to a portion of it so that we aren’t stumbling around in the dark, but there are a lot of things that lie outside the area they are illuminating. Some of those things are unlikely to cross our path, but some very well may.

Psychics are subject to limits like every other human. Sometimes their personal and very human filter affects the reading in some way. “Human filter” here refers to the way a psychic grows up, their personal lives and their health—all of which can affect the interpretation of a reading. Psychics try to develop a relationship with their clients so that the client learns to trust that even if the psychic isn’t always exactly right, they are doing their best to be as honest with our readings as possible.

And going back to the sports analogy, there’s always a chance for a curve ball. A psychic can only speak to what they see, which although it’s far deeper and clearer than what we can see, it’s still limited. Being human, they don’t know everything.

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energy waves being received by a psychic

How Do Psychic Readings Work?

Skill sets vary from psychic to psychic. And even within psychics with similar skills, the way they use them can be very different. For instance, a visually attuned psychic may get their messages through mental symbolic images, like a candle, wind, or tree, or by utilizing a physical tool like the tarot. In the case of the former, each of those images mean something to that psychic (candle could mean time to clear your mind, while wind could mean moody or distracted) and there are nuances in how much weight they give each image and how they interpret them.

How do they know what meanings to hone in on? Part of that answer rests with the client. You are working as a team to get to the root of the situation, look towards the future and resolve your problem or concern. As the reading progresses, the psychic connects with your energy to figure out what interpretation works best for you. If you hold back or are not being true to yourself about what you really want – inaccuracies will most definitely happen.

Can Psychics Read Minds?

Remember, the psychic isn’t a mind reader. They will be able to get a clearer picture of the outcome if you approach the reading as a partnership where your goal is to understand the forces at play around you that can shape your future. Trying to play “stump the psychic” is a waste of their energy and a waste of time for both of you. That being said, do take the time to find a psychic whose energy resonates with you. You’ll find you get much better quality readings that way.

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can a psychic help me win the lottery

Can a Psychic Help Me Win the Lottery?

This question always becomes more popular when a jackpot amount gets national attention. But psychics often find themselves asked by skeptics, “So, if you really are psychic, why can’t you just predict the winning lottery numbers and retire?” or told “Give ME the winning lottery numbers so that I can retire." It doesn’t quite work like that.

Behind many conversations about the lottery with a psychic lies the thought “Dear God, I promise I will still do my work if you let me win lotto. I promise I will not just retire. I will give to charity, please God, let me win.” A wise psychic understands the reality of astronomically high odds against winning and that there are reasons beyond that keeping them from having that information to give out.


Why is this? Well, there’s order in the world. According to Kimberle, a top Psychic Source Advisor, “We all have our contracts or our life paths, and we all have our own special list of challenges or tasks to complete for our growth. This is something we have chosen prior to even being born.  Yes, we chose our parents and our situations willingly.  Adversity after all, is a great gift.”


If you think about it, the people that have genuinely struggled the most are the ones who make a conscious effort to hold a door open for others. When you struggle or dance with adversity it forces you to think and become aware of your actions and your interactions with others. That is usually when we find ourselves and our purpose. The most respected people are generally those that have mastered being humble. They are the ones that realize that no matter one’s social standing or bank account or illusion of power we are all equal and every last one of us has personal work to do.


Winning the lotto would actually be a lesson on a life path of power and personal integrity. To quote Abraham Lincoln, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”  If you really think about it what would you do with your time if you won lottery? After you paid your debts and obtained the things you think you need to be happy? Having money is nice, but it’s not everything.

Can a Psychic Help Me with My Career?

Psychic readings can positively impact your work life. Whether you are looking for help dealing with difficult coworkers, have a good or bad feeling about taking on a new business partner, or need to come to a difficult decision about a new job offer, a psychic career reading can steer you in the right direction.

Getting a career psychic reading is like getting a good counseling session—except that in this case the psychic “counselor” has access to information that even you don’t. A reading can help you work through the problems you face in your work life and help you make decisions that can positively impact your future. You’ll get a full set of information; not simply what you bring to the table.

Here are some other ways a psychic career reading can help you:

  • Psychic Advice Can Validate Your Intuition

    When you’re embarking on a new career path, you often will have your own gut feelings about the situation. Getting an intuitive reading can get you the validation you need to make an informed decision.

  • Psychic Advice Can Warn You of Trouble at Work

    Perhaps you have a bad sense about a co-worker, potential partner, or job prospect, but you’re pressing forward anyway because it all sounds great on paper. Getting a psychic reading can confirm the bad signals you keep ignoring or point out red flags you don’t notice. This could be the push you need to get off the wrong path and start to pursue a path towards happiness.

  • Psychic Advice is Objective

    Your own involvement in a situation can often cloud your ability to make objective decisions to positively affect your work life. A psychic can step into your life and see your circumstances as if they were you. They can also see how these circumstances will unfold. You will gain powerful insight into your interactions with coworkers and your own role in any situation.

  • Psychic Advice Gives You the Tools to Make the Right Decisions

    What can’t a psychic reading do? It can’t make difficult decisions for you. That said, it can give you the tools you need to make tough decisions that will ultimately put you on the road to success. While it’s up to you to act on the information you receive, getting a psychic career reading will give you important tools for your work life. The reading can push you to make necessary changes and decisions that will make your work much more fulfilling.

Can Psychic Advice Help Me with My Relationship?

Relationships are an important part of life, but they’re not easy and consequently, they’re the most common reason people reach out to psychics. Everyone and every situation is different, but a psychic can help you look at your relationship through a fresh set of eyes, so that you can make the best decisions for you. Here are some of the most common questions we hear.

  • Where Should I Look for Love?

    A love psychic can help point you in the right direction based on your personality, needs and interests. You won’t be counseled to swipe left or right if online dating isn’t right for you. Finding love is hard, but a love psychic can help you plan on where to start based on what he or she is reading from your energy and their tools.

  • Should I Pursue a Steady Relationship Right Now?

    Relationships require a huge time commitment. You have to be willing to sacrifice some of the things you like to do to spend time with your partner. That’s why lots of people only go on casual dates—they don’t want to get too involved in a relationship. However, there comes a time in life when casual dating no longer meets your goals. A love psychic can help you decide if it’s time to pursue a steady relationship.

  • Is this the Right Person to Marry?

    A love psychic can help you evaluate your relationship to see if marriage is the next right step, or if there are red flags you should first explore.

  • Can a Psychic Fix My Marriage?

    A psychic can’t solve your marital problems, but he or she can give you advice on how to approach the situation in a healthy way. Concerned about cheating? A love psychic can help you determine whether your fears are grounded.

  • Can a Psychic Help Me Cope with Divorce?

    Unfortunately, not all marriages succeed. Celebrating several years together really is a huge milestone for many relationships. If you’re facing divorce, a love psychic can help you decide what you want out of life and make a plan for your future. You can get through it with the right guidance and support.

Can a Psychic Help Me Choose a Home?

No matter how many times you do it. buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll make. For advice on making a decision or anticipating unforeseen problems, a psychic may be a helpful guide.

  • Get Psychic Insight on the Location of Your Future Home

    It is the job of a realtor to tell you about the neighborhood you will be moving into, though, sometimes, there may be certain details no one is willing to tell you about. For information about the location, you should always learn as much as you can about the history of the area. If everything feels right but you still have a bad feeling about the place you may soon be coming home to, contact a psychic to ask if they can offer insight into the reason for your hesitation.

  • Find a Trustworthy Realtor

    Since you have to blindly trust an agency to have a realtor that will look out for your best interests, a psychic reading might be a place where you can learn if you’re trusting the right people to handle your search.

  • Get Insight on Your Biggest Investment

    One of the biggest reasons home-seekers have turned to psychics lately is the economy. Living in the uncertainty of an economic downturn spells complications for those looking to make big investments. A psychic may be able to tell you if your plans to sell or stay in your home will be altered by unforeseen events.

  • Make Moving Less Stressful

    If you’re relocating for work, moving out-of-state, or trying to get your family settled before a specific deadline, you may feel rushed and concerned about unexpected problems. A psychic can give you peace of mind that you haven’t overlooked any important considerations.

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How Does Free Will Impact Psychic Predictions

How Does Free Will Impact Psychic Predictions?

Not everything that is predicted is necessarily going to happen. The best example of this is in a beloved holiday classic, A Christmas Carol. Ebenezer Scrooge was given clear and unambiguous messages about the energy surrounding his past and present, and the future they would likely lead to. But it didn’t come to pass because Scrooge decided not to let it. He took the guidance he was given seriously and exercised his free will.

What is free will? According to the dictionary, the definition of free will is: The power of acting without the constraint of necessity or fate; the ability to act at one's own discretion.

In other words, freedom of choice. There is no need to believe that free will is some kind of magical cop out that advisors use. Most of the time the time frame has been extended due to what is going on with outside influences or just plain emotion that is causing the person being read to hold back. Our actions can be influenced by things that go beyond anyone's control, even your advisor's spirit guides.

We all have our own strategies for coping with life’s curveballs, those wild cards the Universe throws at us. This is not about logical reasoning or self-control; this is about the choices one makes when we run into situations beyond anyone’s control. We all want to feel comfortable and safe. Some have better coping skills than others. Some are more impressionable in times of stress. External influences like family or friends input at just the right time when we are uncertain can have a major impact.

Recognizing our capacity for free will can actually lead to a better understanding of what one is facing, help us connect with our deepest emotions and let us understand that the decision we have made is the right one.

Sometimes we need to be able to talk about our choices with others. Some of us are more insecure than others and second guess our own decisions. Many times, we seek affirmation from others that our decision is the right one for us.

We also imagine “If I do this, then that will happen, what if I do something else? Would I be happy with the result?” Then your actions are based on this premise, not being impulsive or knee-jerking your decision.

That is really the idea behind free will: these processes of rational choice and self-control. It’s actually a healthy process, connecting with your inner self with the end result being happiness.

Fate is not fixed and immutable. We weren't born with a closed package of happenings. We are born with unconscious memories of our past existences and they can influence our behavior in our current existence. Those can’t be changed, but what happens next is always within our ability to control. We always have agency and free-will. Unlike the common belief, destiny is not a road, but rather it is an ocean of millions of opportunities. When this ocean crashes into the landscape of your life it divides into many streams, rivers, lakes and waterfalls. You are in charge of which river you would like to swim down.

A psychic can tell you where the river you’re on leads and what to watch out for. In addition, there will be pitfalls, joys and opportunities to escape from this river and move to another one that’s more fulfilling or full of joy. It might not always be easy, but you can swim up the stream despite the difficulties.  A good psychic will offer suggestions on how to adapt to the energy around you to help you decide what’s best to do.

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How Much of My Future Can a Psychic Foresee

How Much of My Future Can a Psychic Foresee?

When making a psychic prediction, psychics will give a client enough information, but not overwhelmingly so, to make them fearful or regretful. The goal is often to “meet people where they are” when providing information and predictions. So sometimes things might be held back in the best interest of the client, but the psychic may also run across limits the Universe sets for them.

The Universe is vast and far wiser than we are. Psychics tap into that wisdom, but sometimes the Universe may have a good reason for keeping some things from us for the time being. They can only see what they are allowed to see. Suppose you came to a psychic with a question about a job interview. The Universe knows that particular job is going to be filled by someone else, but also that there is an opening available for a different job in the same company that you’ll have a much better shot for if you go on this interview. If the psychic told you that you weren’t getting the job, you might not go or you’d go but be so dispirited that you wouldn’t make as good of an impression as you could have.

There are times that the future is supposed to be unknown. If this is the case when you are talking to your psychic, you can ask him/her what it is that might need to take place first, for that is a nearer future that will help bring you closer to the answer to your question about the future. A psychic is going to share what they are directed by the Universe to share.

Sometimes there are lessons that a person needs to learn or a decision that needs to be made before an answer will become available. The unconscious memories which we bring from our past interpersonal relationships can generate what we call karma. Karma can be positive (Dharma) or negative. And sometimes it is more important that we work out the lessons stemming from that karma so our souls can progress.

The future is predictable as long as the energies of the people involved and the prevailing energies of the situations are not changing or shifting very much. When energies are shifting, in the client or someone else, the shifting can by felt by the psychic. Your psychic may even be able to sense which way the shifting is leaning, but a clear answer may still not be available. There is something that needs to be learned or a decision that is up in the air needs to be made.

The Universe decides both how to deliver information for your highest and greatest good and when it will be delivered for your highest and greatest good. It has its reasons to reveal some things in its own time. We need to trust that our loving guides and angels know what is best for us and what we still need to learn. Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t all work out the way it was described. There is a reason for what has happened. And a good psychic will help work with you to figure out why.

Keep in mind that our spirit guides can often be intervening on our behalf. Good things come from what may seem bad at the time. A couple with the possibility of a wonderful, long-lasting relationship might only get to meet each other after a fender bender. Had either known there would be an accident, it’s possible they would have changed their plans and their futures would be quite different.

By this we can see, just the slightest change can have a deep impact on the rest of our lives. There’s no telling how many times divine intervention has protected us during our lives and we never knew it. This is the advantage of seeking a psychic advisor, this is how we keep on the track intended for us. It’s also key to why it’s important to accept what is revealed, even if it isn’t what you want to hear.

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Find a New Love. Why Didn't the Psychic Prediction Come True

I Was Told I’d Find a New Love. Why Didn’t the Psychic Prediction Come True?

In order to understand this, we must look at how energy works. If you’re still holding on to old feelings for someone–or they’re holding onto old feelings for you—then this causes an energy field that needs to be healed. When you hold onto something, new energy can’t come in until you heal it and let it go. We must remember everything and every relationship we go through is a lesson and holds a blessing if we allow ourselves to see it. This is how we grow. If there’s a person who won’t let you go energetically then there’s energy work that can be done to clear this energy.

The other reason why love might not come when we want it is because we tend to keep saying we want it and ask why it isn't happening. When we ask for something from the Universe, it immediately goes to work to get it for us–if we allow it to. Meaning, if we ask and let go… it comes. If we ask and then continue to worry about it, that is doubt that the Universe can handle it and we slow it down that way because we block it.

Mindset has a powerful influence on outcomes. If the person being read is a negative soul, he/she will consistently draw the negative to them, despite the psychic’s best good will. Also, if they have “ticker tapes” in their head from the past, and are not in a place to release them, despite all good efforts, their mindset will certainly impact the outcome of events.

In the words of well-known astrologer Isabel Hickey, “If we want to change what is manifesting in the world of appearance, we must change ourselves and our consciousness… When we change our attitude, we start blessing that which we are fighting against.”

A psychic can look into the energy field to determine if there are blockages present that are hindering you in moving forward. But you must be the one to decide to commit to clearing them. Once you truly do, these blockages can be healed and cleared so that you’re on your way to the life you want and deserve!

Consider also that timing is one of those things that is most subject to change even with the tiniest shifts. In this world, nothing is stationary, everything changes, as is the nature of matter and energy. Therefore, when a prediction is issued, much will depend on the people involved in the situation. For instance, a psychic might give a certain date, but frequently will add that the date might change extending a little before the stated time, or a little bit after.

What Does It Mean When Two Psychics Say Different Things?

Let’s say you’ve found two psychics you resonate well with and received a reading from each of them on the same topic. What does it mean if psychics see different things? As mentioned previously, psychics read the energy of the past and present to project a probable future. But there often are multiple equally probable futures possible, contingent on the decisions you make.

Just from having the knowledge given from the first reading to the second could have nudged the range of probable outcomes possible. When one psychic makes a prediction, in many cases you instantly adjust your plans and alter the future with that prediction in mind. Often it happens subconsciously. Ten minutes later, another advisor may see something very different because we adjusted our plans and changed our destiny. And remember, the psychics’ individual energies and reading styles can have them focus on different aspects of the same situation, leading to different readings.

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How Can I Make Sure to Get the Most Accurate Psychic Predictions

How Can I Make Sure to Get the Most Accurate Psychic Predictions?

Playing Stump the Psychic isn’t helpful. Be forthcoming about your situation and give details that will help a psychic focus on your needs.

Also, keep an open mind about the answers you might get. We might have fantasies about a model with six-pack abs, sweeping us off our feet for an amazing night of romance in his mansion, but an advisor might not see a partner like that coming into your life. They might even see better possibilities for romance with someone much more compatible, but far less flashy who is already in your life. Your ideal match might not be riding into town on a stallion, but drinking coffee in another department in the office where you work, making up for a lack of abs with a wicked sense of humor, unwavering support, and a generous heart.

It’s important to ask the right questions. Questions that recognize your free will always give you more useful information than yes or no questions. A question like “Will I be rich this year?” is limiting, where a question like “What can I do to increase my chances of becoming rich this year?” has so much possibility to actually help you become rich. The first question just starts and ends with “no”. Even if the answer to the second one reveals that the chances of you getting rich this year are low, asking a question like that invites the psychic to see the paths that are best for you to take, making it much more likely for wealth to follow, if not this year, then in years to come.

Do you see how different those two readings are and how differently they can make you feel? The first question leaves you feeling like your dream of being rich is futile. The second question shows you how to make your dream a reality. It’s important to ask the right questions for you. If you are a proactive person, it is a little silly to ask “when” questions. Ask “how” instead.

Do keep in mind is that a good psychic is there to empower you, show you your options, and give you guidance. They are not there to ordain a fixed, unescapable future. Shift your focus from questions that have rigid answers (Will I go out with Jim?) to ones that leave the door open for you to take action (What can I do to attract love into my life?). The Universe wants you to grow and thrive as you make choices for your own life, not to live in a way that lets your joy be up to another person.

Be as straightforward as you can with the advisor, so they can combine the information they are given from you and the Universe to see the possibilities more clearly. You don’t need to be doing all or even most of the talking, but there should be a good dialog and sense of rapport between you and your psychic advisor. Let them know when they are on the right track.

Approach a psychic reading with a sense of curiosity and a willingness to shift things that aren’t working for you. This shifts your energy to make it easier for a psychic to get a better reading. Don’t let old negative habits or mindsets torpedo your ability to receive blessings from the Universe. And make no mistake, a glimpse into the possibilities the Universe has in store for you is a blessing. Well known astrologer Eric Linter stated, “Prophecy and prediction are not to be taken lightly. Thoughts are like seeds and we have to plant them with care. There are karmic repercussions, too.”

Choose your thoughts and actions with care. Choose a wise advisor who resonates with your energy to be on your team. Then, you can walk forward towards the future, confident of your purpose, knowing you have the best tools at your disposal to make things work out for you.

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