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Dark Entities: What They Are and How to Cast Them Out

Date 5/30/2024

Ah yes, hello, you're just in time for a session with me. Have a seat, make yourself comfortable and enjoy your beverage of choice. Pumpkin spice tea anyone?

Allow me to share one of my first encounters that taught me a valuable lesson in my baby psychic days. I quickly learned a thing or two on how to "bone" up on protection against the unknown, but creepy entities that I call the unwelcome (cue spooky music). 

Ouija hands seance

It was my birthday week. As a young teen of 13, and my friends and I wandered into an unusual bookstore where we encountered a Ouija board. I knew well enough from my mother, also a psychic, (we share clairvoyant and clairsentient gifts) that it was rare to have a good experience come from using these.

The shop owner explained the product and what it does, warning us to use it with caution. They offered to sell it as long as we purchased their recommendations—blessed salt, white candles, blessed water, and sage—because Ouija boards can communicate with many other realms and entities, including trickster energies. They offered to sell us a pamphlet that walks people through protection and cleansing rituals. With all the wisdom (not much) and bravado (way too much) that comes with being a young teen, my friend informed the shop owner that my mother is a psychic and I have abilities so we should be fine.

Spoiler alert, we were not.

The shop owner, by the name of Siobhan, shoots me a sardonic look, but sells us the item. With a smirk she says, "Mind yerselves, you'll be returnin" in her admonishing brogue.

Fast forward to that evening: Three of us are sitting in the basement with the Ouija board. I decided to opt out of the "seance" as we called it, heeding my mother’s words and agreeing to only observe. They asked the typical, run of the mill questions you’d expect teenagers to be interested in at a slumber party. Then the surprise of the planchette moving hit them and my friends decided to ask the spirit interacting with the devise to prove its presence.

Now I really hear my mother’s voice warning me to “get home”. She was probably able to sense my fear and anxiety. Because the next thing that happened, I saw a dusty dark mist encircle the girls, oozing out of the Ouija board like a geyser, my clairvoyance kicked in. My friends only noticed a drop in temperature, but assumed it was nothing. They couldn’t see anything.  But they did continue to laugh and mock the board, while I saw this energy enveloping them.

I rushed to grab my bottled water, and spoke into it, "I banish any negativity for whom this blessed water touches." I added a prayer to Archangel Michael prayer that goes, "Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the darkness. may God /Spirit rebuke them, we humbly pray, and do thou, prince, of the heavenly spirit, by the power of Spirit/God, thrust into hell, Satan/evil spirits, who wander the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.”

I ran upstairs, grabbed salt, and affirmed to the salt, “Almighty spirit, bless this salt, and send negative energies away from this home, and seal the room with light and wherever this is sprinkled, grant that it may set anything free from all impurity and free of attack from darkness. Blessed be.”

I headed back down with my protection tools. The lights were now flickering, everyone was tense and scared. The planchette just whooshed off the board to land on the floor by my feet. I began to sprinkle the water and salt on and around the table, on my friends, and on the box it came in. I pray and affirm to send the energy back to where it belongs. Then I asked my friends to pick up the planchette and put it on goodbye, to end the session, and to demand the energy they couldn’t see, but felt, to remove itself. Once the situation was stable, we most certainly rushed back to Siobhan. We didn't get a refund, but she did properly dispose of the product. 

spirit in darkness

Dark Entities and Attachments

Not all attachments carry darkness, nor do all entities want to attach themselves to us. If a malignant entity does try attaching itself to a life form, it will pick one it thinks is vulnerable—someone who is dealing with trauma, abuse, surgery, or has patterns of negative thoughts or unhealthy routines. These could all cause the body and mind to get stuck in a state of illness and vulnerability. This can lead to low vibrations, or blocked chakras.

Not all entities are evil, however, their style of attachment is similar. Some also hang about because they prefer good company and linger on one’s lighter energies with benevolent intent.  

The word "entity" itself in Latin, Entitas, means, to be/exist and the suffix of the word, "ty" is a state of being. In my experience, I have encountered a few types of these revenants, and I will explain three types that I noticed. Note: You can absolutely catch a glimpse of them lurking and even in photos or videos. 

  • Wanderers: They are just passing through and usually get picked up from some place you visited where there has been spiritual activity like hospitals, antique shops, and even hotels. (Admit it, you thought cemetery didn't you.) The duration they hang on for can vary, as picking up this passerby is similar to picking up the common cold virus. Wanders may hang around and you or the environment, causing things to feel a bit off. The good news is you’ll begin to notice a shift in a positive direction as they depart. 
  • The "Mooch": This entity absorbs most of your energy. Like a parasite, mooches require a host. Mooches can cause unknown malaise and possible aggression in anyone they latch on to, because their host can never quite fully recharge from the constant draining. These entities are the tapeworms of the genre. 
  • Dominions: This is what I call the most oppressive and dangerous type of all. Dominions seek to squat inside their hosts, conquering the host’s will so as to control the living from within, while repressing the true owner's occupancy's thoughts, feelings and power. This is very dangerous and as devastating as a terminal illness. 

I have felt and seen the above-mentioned energies at one point in my youth while going on adventures around this time of year. Someone in my social group got ahold of a local magazine pointing out where to get a free spooky experience, so we decided to go on a ghost adventure.

Upon entering this facility, I had an instant physical reaction. My body cringed and recoiled, the hairs on my arms and neck stood up, and my ears rang. Those reactions triggered my clairaudience and sentience too. I heard whispers and moans. My friends could not, however, they were aware something felt "weird".  They chalked it up to the building's state of neglect and its history.  As we progressed, our flashlights dimmed or even shut off completely by some unseen force.

Even though the light was limited, I could see a darkness that was almost opaque. I did not know what it was, but I knew it wanted to cause fear and hurt. I grew nauseous and my third eye began to pulse. I knew it did not want me specifically there. (I am now getting chills recalling this memory as I type.) My friend who stood closest to me began to feel a burning sensation around their arm and torso. Then they noticed that there were what looked like three red stripes running from their arm across their back. It looked like a giant jellyfish had stung them. 

I heard a deep and eerie voice, say, "Look up."  I did not. Instead, I began to say prayers of protection enhancing my energy field, amplifying the talisman I had on me. I requested my friend group to haul our bums out of there, stat.

I chanted again to keep us protected and grounded. It laughed, mocking me. Entities like this feed off fear, so I warned my friends to try to remain calm. Another friend began to become light-headed, and we all got a whiff of what smelled like burnt matches. This smell is common when you’re dealing with something very sinister. Someone made a joke, but we all knew it was past time to go. 

After we safely and cautiously left the building (Who am I kidding? We ran.), we went to a local diner. We rehashed our own experiences, where my friends recalled seeing quick shadows. Some heard unexplained noises. Some caught a whiff of the smell. We all agreed that we experienced a  sense of dread, and a strong feeling of being unwanted. 

Weeks later, the driver on our adventure that night began experiencing a lot of issues: a flat tire, arguments with our friend circle, being let go of their job, and just a series of bad occurrences in general. We were all hanging out one day, offering support, when we all began to speak about "that night". We seemed to collectively admit that nobody had been functioning well. We’d been having nightmares and experiencing minor setbacks too, just milder ones than our friend did.  

Our friend then says, "Oh, I got these developed” and pulled out a packet of photos. They were pictures from that night and what the camera picked up made my blood run cold. We saw a lavender white mist near me, and an opaque hanging figure above the friend next to me. A few other photos had less images and were mostly solid black. I knew then there was some residual attachment from that evening. It had followed us or attached itself to the photos, but either way it seemed to have gotten a grip on our life forces.  

We visited a local metaphysical store. Someone there assisted us in a ritual to cleanse us of bad energy from that night. She then asked us to put the photos in a bag filled with salt and said she’d dispose of them or burn them, as energy travels. We suddenly began to feel lighter if that makes sense. It was as if our bodies were clenched or bound up one moment and now suddenly, they weren't. Lesson learned. 

dark entity haunting

How To Tell If You Have A Dark Attachment

  • Being afraid of shadows or darkness
  • Prolonged fatigue or malaise
  • Irritability/outbursts-shift in behaviors negative mindsets
  • Paranoia, insomnia, obsessive and depressive energy unlike person's baseline character
  • Changes in eating, sleeping, or function habits in a profound way, unexplainable.
  • A feeling of dread, as if someone is feeling bewitched by someone or hexed

Why Do Dark Energies Attach To Others?

There is such a thing as the right climate for darkness to thrive, like an infection. If someone is experiencing the above symptoms already due to emotional dysregulation, low self-esteem, traumatic abusive experiences as a child, and/or battling or experiencing addictions, has a chronic illness, has endured near death experiences (NDE) including out of body, astral traveling, or severe trauma including surgeries, it could make them more susceptible to dark energies. 

It is much more challenging for these entities to influence lighter vibrations or higher frequencies. A joyful, positive, and cheerful disposition makes it harder to invade and manipulate one's aura and defenses.

What Kind of Issues Can Dark Attachments Cause? 

  1. Spiritual Issues: Dark attachments can cause low vibrational energy and block the chakras. They can also attract negative experiences and/or people, causing further pain to the host. All that interferes with the host’s personal frequency, demolishing their energy. Depleting someone of their light, their assistance, and love for life and other aspects of the universe is energy vampirism.
  2. Psychological Issues: Dark attachments can cause anger, abuse, fear, paranoia, and anxiety/depression.  There can also be changes in behavior like impulsivity and pathological lying. People afflicted like this might also have deceitful experiences including hallucinations, faint noises, or false realities. As can be expected, this could also negatively affect the way they behave towards others around them. There may be emotional/ spiritual/ sexual/ social/ physical abuse involved, towards people or animals. In addition, they may indulge in unsafe intimate relations, promiscuity, addictions, disregard for law or religion or safety, power trips, and sociopathy.
  3. Health Issues: Symptoms include mental fatigue, burnout, or disorders such as anxiety paranoia, unexplained bruises, scratches, or infections/illnesses. 

crystals and herbs

Which Practical Techniques Can Help Us Detach From Dark Attachments?

  • Cleansing with Epsom salt baths, candles, smoke/incense (palo santo, dragons’ blood, and white sage to name a few) and religious blessed waters or items can remove the negative energies. Don’t forget to clean your work or home space too! 
  • Having a soul tribe or surrounding yourself with like-minded and loving individuals that challenge you to be better do better and appreciate your connections can discourage any dark attachments from lingering. 
  • Grounding, working with crystals, reiki, being outdoors in the sun or putting bare feet with the earth or water can help you become closer to nature and universe and more out of reach of a dark attachment’s influence.
  • Meditating, journaling, shadow work, inner child healing, finding high vibrational songs or sound frequencies on podcasts or from practitioners can offer ways to go within and create a safe space for you to communicate and protect your energy with spirit and recharge. Journaling or seeking therapy is helpful to release stored trauma. Verbally connecting to someone, like a spiritualist of your preferred religion, can clear these vibrations too. 
  • Cord cutting. Seek a practitioner to assist in removing unwanted contracts or energetic ties to people, places, things, or emotions. 
  • Practice gratitude, work with affirmations. Make time for positive experiences, music, or energies to enter your life. Besides improving your mood and elevation your confidence, all these add light and higher frequency to your personal energy.
  • Be honest and relieve yourself of repressed emotions like anger, rage, or fear etc. Being able to forgive, both yourself and others, will help, as will living in the present. Set up healthy boundaries and make time for self-care. This includes participating in hobbies, which can add creativity that revs up the mind into positive consciousness. That in turn influences your daily life by helping to create heathy routines at a beneficial vibration. 

What Role Do Past Traumas Play in Vulnerability to Dark Attachments?

Past traumas are any kind of wounding we can experience that causes hurt, pain, or resentment. Experiencing trauma may cause us to hold grudges or onto heavier energy by reliving the trauma in other experiences or attracting others that remind us of those memories. Now this kind of energy is low vibrational and can cause all kinds of stress and other illness relating to these vibrations. It is a physical prison of reliving pain, begetting the same kind of pattern of sadness, which in turn makes it more likely to be exposed to more sad, low-vibrational energy. We attract what we are.

angel candle

How Can Healers, Lightworkers, and Psychics Shield Themselves When Dealing with Dark Forces?

We can all shield ourselves with religious and blessed talismans, and crystals, healthy manifestations, deities, angels, and guides. Reiki and the use of herbs or blessed agents in intentional cleaning project an expectation to energetically cleanse and protect.

I have a preference for lemon, white sage, lavender, and bay leaf, salt, Himalayan salt, and cinnamon in my personal cleansing work. I use these around the home to banish and remove lingering energies from conversations and visitors, both in person and in spirit. You can manifest and visualize the light protecting you and calling upon deities for support, as well as friends and loved ones, spiritually and in life. They can divinely assist by intervening to protect you as well as raise your space’s vibrations and clear out any unwanted, lingering energy. 

As far as crystals go, I work with quartz, selenite, obsidian, hematite, lapis lazuli, and labradorite, just to name a few, to shield and protect or attract using the properties of each crystal accordingly. As long as the crystal’s intention is blessed with positive energy to remove or cleanse, it can assist.  


Light and darkness is a spectrum. We are what we attract. Once we reprogram our minds to move past what weighs us down, we can connect with beneficial energy to guard against any dark attachments. You create your own reality. Use your discernment to be aware and honest with yourself. Engaging in high vibrational activities is like taking multivitamins for your spirit. It keeps you stronger and healthier, making it much harder for a dark attachment to take hold.

Love and light. 



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Autumn is an Intuitive Empath who has a love for astronomy with astrology as it correlates to who we are as spiritual beings and life purposes. She has over 16 years of experience with knowledge passed on from her ancestors and guides communicating with multi-dimensional souls over the significance of understanding the universe and our life paths. She is a generational psychic and an oracle, who uses tarot as a tool to clarify the messages she receives, feels, hears, or knows. She uses crystals to heal and ground energies and recharges the chakras with reiki.


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