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Explaining the Renewed Interest in the Psychic Arts

Date 4/4/2024

The coronavirus pandemic has made psychic calls and tarot readings more intriguing and popular than ever.

The coronavirus pandemic has made psychic calls and tarot readings more intriguing and popular than ever.

The psychic arts have seen a surge in popularity throughout 2020. As the coronavirus pandemic has created increasing amounts of confusion and uncertainty, the interest in spiritual advisors has grown. There are many reasons for this renewed interest in psychics. These professionals serve an important role when individuals are overwhelmed, and they've helped many to deal with fear, anxiety, and isolation in a changing world.

The Surge for Psychic Services

Online searches for the term "psychic" peaked during the second week of March 2020, at the same time that searches for "COVID" began to rise. Psychics themselves confirm the sudden increase in interest. A Manhattan psychic, Marion Hedger, told the New York Post that business has been "absolutely nuts." Another psychic, Catherine Marks, indicated that her business was double or triple her typical number of clients. Kim Allen indicates similar growth, saying she's seen a 35% increase in clients since the pandemic.

Surges in Spiritualism

Historically, spiritualism has surged in the wake of traumatic events. After World War I ended in 1918, demand surged for psychic mediums who could help people communicate with loved ones lost in the war. In 1918, Arthur Conan Doyle reported that he knew 13 mothers who had communicated with their deceased sons. A year later, this number had increased to 24. Ouija boards saw increased interest between 1917 and 1922 as well. In troubled times, spiritualism often offers a reassuring way to approach and understand the world.

What Clients Are Looking For

The increased interest in psychic services is closely linked to the anxiety and uncertainty felt in response to the coronavirus. Some common questions that psychics are hearing are:

  • When will the coronavirus pandemic end?
  • How can I use my extra time during the lockdown to reevaluate my life?
  • What tools can I use to deal with the stress and anxiety of the pandemic?
  • What positive things do I have to look forward to in the future?

Intuitive healer Laura Kuhl told Channel 3000 that she likes to "teach [clients] to answer their own questions and open them up to creating their own reality for the future." Modern psychics don't simply offer predictions for the future or communication with the dead. Rather, they've become a popular alternative to counselors or therapists.

Types of Psychic Services

The most popular option for psychic services, accounting for 45% of the industry, is "general practice" which includes love psychics, tarot readings, and astrology. Mediumship has a 25% market share, while healing and pet psychics each enjoy a 15% share. This diverse industry offers solutions that are easily catered to each individual's needs in a confusing time.

While psychics can't pinpoint the end of the coronavirus, they can offer comfort and coping techniques for clients as they navigate this challenging time. Turning to the psychic arts has provided many with the support they need to get through 2020.


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