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Beyond The Veil: Encounters with Multidimensional Beings by Psychic Kimberle

Date 10/27/2023
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To give you some background about me. I am a trance medium with a specialization in transfiguration, a practice that often leads others to perceive spirits or spiritual phenomenon in close proximity to me or around me. This experience can encompass various spiritual phenomena, including the manifestation of orbs, geometric shapes, holograms or even simply the light and dark waves of energy that are amplified in my presence. Witnessing these spirits or spiritual occurrences has become a routine aspect of my life. 

What I typically experience is a mist-like vapor filling the room. Shortly after, the room shifts and the spirits appear in the form of holograms, or at times orbs of light. This visual treat is accompanied by the most intense feeling of love that coincidentally removes any and all fears during this process.  Keeping in mind that dimensionally these spirits are always there but we are not tuned into that dimension. Yes, what I am saying is that these dimensions are all here not somewhere far away.  

multidimensional being and human

My First Contact

I first encountered a multidimensional being on an ordinary evening while giving a reading. Like so many readings, I made some small talk with the sitter while waiting for the energy in the room to be optimal for the spirits to appear and bring forth their messages.

On this particular evening, a spirit with unusually tremendous eyes appeared. I would say these eyes were at least five times larger than human eyes. I remember thinking, “Oh wow, you have big eyes—and you are not human”. This man/alien or paranormal being just stared at me with as much intrigue as had when I stared at him. I recall not being sure what to do.  I felt him to be benevolent and highly intelligent. 

I recall refraining at the time from sharing my experience, thinking I didn’t want to spook the sitter.  The sitters deceased mother then appeared and proceeded to give messages. It all happened so fast, but I can see it in my mind like it was yesterday. 

I have thought about these events and others like it for over thirty years formulating different ideas about what the paranormal is.  At this stage in my growth, I really think we are all just light bodies that incarnate or come into bodies, often from many different dimensions. In other words, being human is not the end game; it is just an experience our soul or light body chooses to have.  

I often asked myself, “What is the paranormal?” I think now it is really just tuning into what is always there dimensionally but coexists with us.  Think about this: If you walk in nature there are so many other things that are alive, but we have to tune into that reality to view them.  We only think about the tiny bugs or the beautiful flowers when we sit and observe them. When we tune into the dimension where the paranormal exists, we can become aware of the many inter-dimensional beings that exist alongside us. 

lady bug and dandelion fluff

A Broader Perspective of the Paranormal

When people talk about the paranormal, they usually think of things like ghosts. But really ghosts are just souls that no longer have a human body or a body in general. And I do not believe all of these beings were human. They mean no harm. I think it just freaks people out when they are not expecting it to happen. It’s a little like what happens when nature finds its way into our homes, like spotting a snake in our yard.  I just think many people simply fear the unknown instead of embracing the many dimensions that coexist with us in this dimension.

If humans just treated ghosts like neighbors and were friendly, they would realize they have no reason to freak out. They may even learn a thing or two. Most people might freak out when sensing one of these beings, but you can use that meeting as a chance to connect with them. You can start by just saying, “Hi” to them in your mind. They don’t have to understand your language, but they will understand your intentions. Personally, I have found that light beings or souls communicate often by images or ideas more than a language. The next time you feel you have encountered any light being, please mentally calm your fear and start a mental dialogue with them. Ask them if they need help or if they want to share their story with you.  

Since that first event many years ago I have had dozens of run-ins with what some may call an alien. I like to refer to them as multidimensional beings. I have never felt fearful or threatened. I am always fascinated by their presence. They are seemingly just as curious about me as I am about them. I have done many readings where they act as guides to certain humans and assist them in their day-to-day life.  Yes, I will say that again you may have a guide that was never a human that may even be an alien or multidimensional being.  

I have quite a few clients that are aware of them and know they are being helped by these beings on a regular basis. It is not spoken about, due to the fears involved with being judged, but there are countless humans I have read for that are aware of their multidimensional friends who help guide their life. 

alien and human hand connecting

One client had a near death experience and his multidimensional guides brought him back to life.  He is aware when they visit him at night and has absolutely no fear about them at all.  He was very happy to speak about all of it in a safe space with me. He happens to be extremely successful and attributes this to his help from them. Unfortunately, so many humans judge so harshly when you mention you are open to all realms of existence. It is kind of silly to think that humans are the only beings in the galaxy with intelligence.  

Some believe that the masters that have walked this Earth in the past (and present) help educate us to align with multidimensional, vibrational, light beings. Some feel that Archangels or the beings from the angelic realm are multidimensional beings as well. In my mind, not only is that logical (as angels are beings from one realm who help beings in this realm regularly), but it helps me to understand the larger totality of light beings as well.  

If you think about it, our loved ones in spirit are often busy assisting us with our lives with signs or symbols, like coins or feathers, or having us notice patterns of numbers such as 11:11.  Our loved ones plant or drop thoughts or ideas in our minds and then work hard to help with karmic tasks that may have been created by them or those before them.  This process has its own dimensional laws and structure, and most mediums can connect to that dimensional realm. 

Connecting with Multidimensional Beings

Prior to my encounter with the very large eyed benevolent being years ago, I did not give any thought to the idea of other dimensions.  I really thought small, limiting my perspective to include only humans and humans who have passed. I guess I really didn’t give it big thoughts until that day. I remember being terrified because of the Hollywood depicted aliens. I now believe there are many dimensional layers that are all accessible and that the travel between places is more linear or based on light travel and less about distance.

I also realize a big piece in spiritual practice is integrity or intentions. The other dimensional beings can access or communicate with us based on our frequency or our intentions. So what that means is walk your talk and stay in a high vibration as much as possible. That has a language all its own. Ask yourself if you are living in alignment with your lower self or higher self. The higher self is living your truth while the lower self is about the ego. It is advisable to live your truth and align to the light.  


To summarize, I do believe these multidimensional beings help us and help our loved ones to help us. I do believe there are more of them here now than ever before assisting in the dimensional shifts of the planet. I do believe that many of the masters that walked the earth were multidimensional beings. 

My mind doesn’t think of them as aliens as much as higher intelligent forms here to help us evolve dimensionally.  I tend to believe those that have created or invented things such as the internet or electricity are influenced by multidimensional beings. I have met countless humans that have multidimensional guides. I feel that Hollywood and television has made us fearful of multidimensional beings and/or aliens.  In fact, if you think about it, many humans are far scarier than the idea of a multidimensional being here to assist us. 



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Psychic Medium Kimberle has been practicing Trance mediumship as well as energy work for 35 years now. She is passionate about simplifying the dimensions as well as taking the fear away from the idea that we are all essentially light beings. While working in the dimensions she can access your light body and help to clear or heal ancestral karma as well as help you awaken your light body. She is passionate about Trance work as it allow her to connect to multidimensional beings as well as your loved ones crossed over.


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