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101 Questions to Ask a Psychic

Date 4/17/2024
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You have been listening to your friends and colleagues talk about their recent psychic readings and now your curiosity is piqued. You need guidance in areas of your life and answers are seemingly hard to find right now. However, you have never talked to a psychic Advisor before and not sure where you should begin. Not a problem! Lets start with three basic guidelines for asking good questions in a psychic reading:

  1. Be direct -If you have questions about your love life, ask what the psychic is picking up about your relationship. If you have concerns about your job, ask the psychic if they can tell you more about your current work situation or career prospects. If you’re wondering what you can do to change your life, ask! Asking direct questions gives the psychic a way to focus on the topic of greatest interest and concern.
  2. Ask open-ended questions - This is perhaps the single most important piece of advice on questions to ask a psychic. An open question invites your Advisor into a deeper conversation without biasing the outcome. A leading question implies an answer you want to hear, and can create a scenario where the psychic picks up on the energy of your emotional desires, potentially influencing the reading.
  3. Avoid yes/no questions - Unless you are at the end of your reading and wrapping up, a yes/no question shortchanges the opportunity to go deeper into the details and nuances of your situation. A better strategy is to start with open-ended questions that enable the psychic to guide you to the shortest path towards success, and then use yes/no questions to wrap up the reading with some specific action steps.

Remember, there is no right or wrong question to ask a psychic, but there are ways to phrase questions that can lead to deeper insight and a more satisfying experience. With that in mind let's look at following suggestions for good questions to ask a psychic to get you the best possible reading. Each of the 101 questions below is provided by one of our gifted psychic advisors. Click or tap on their name to learn more about them.

Psychic Questions General

General Questions to Ask a Psychic

 Here are a few general questions to get you started.

  1. What energies are relevant to my life at the present time? The next month, 6 months, and year? – Amanda x9695
  2. What lessons or messages do I need to be aware of today and for the next 6 months? – Jewel x4859
  3. Do you see me making any significant transitions or changes? – Janax x7750
  4. How can I trust my intuition? – Sapphire x3149
  5. What are my Spirit Guides trying to communicate to me? – Delia x9106
  6. What are my current soul lessons? – Kimberle x8608
  7. What should I work on within myself to manifest success in my future? – Skyler x9090

Psychic Questions Career and Finance

Career and Finance

If you find yourself burdened with issues on career and finances and are looking for clarity, these are some of the best questions to ask during your reading.

  1. If I choose X career path, will it lead to a happy work life and financial security? – Jenna x3604
  2. Do you see growth in my career and what does it look like? – Hope x3496
  3. What challenges am I facing at work? – Vanadis x4781
  4. How does the next year look regarding my career and financial security? – Amy x7886
  5. When is a good time for me to make a career change? – Sapphire x3149
  6. Am I in the field that best serves my souls purpose on earth? – Willow x8048
  7. How do I turn my passions into a career? – Angelica x9393
  8. Is the time right to ask for a promotion or raise? – Tomas x8157

Psychic Questions Pregnancy and Health

Pregnancy and Health


Psychics are often asked about pregnancy and other health related questions.

While it is human nature to want answers on this topic, good Advisors will steer you into speaking with a medical professional, as they are not trained and are unwilling to give advice outside of their expertise. Nevertheless, there are ways of phrasing questions about family planning and overall health that have nothing to do with a medical diagnosis that allows Advisors an opportunity to give you a better understanding into what you would like to know.

  1. Do you see children in my future? – Amora x4762
  2. Is my partner ready to commit to having a family? – Izzy x9366
  3. What can I do to better prepare myself for becoming a parent? Amanda x9695
  4. Do you see any new commitments or family changes in my future? – Rosey x4726

As several our Advisors stated, when you ask about children rather than focusing on pregnancy or fertility, this allows them to focus on the energy of kids around you that may come from blended families, surrogacy, or adoption. In addition, the Tarot is ripe with symbols of pregnancy, life, and fertility. Psychic Advisor Flora x4922 explores select tarot cards and some of their indications in the realm of family planning. 


In matters of health, try phrasing your questions like these.

  1. What can I do to promote good health for myself or loved ones? – Coventina x4805
  2. How do you see my physical and mental energy in the coming months and how can I protect it? – Hope x3496
  3. What techniques can I employ to reduce my stress and anxiety? – Amora x4762
  4. When will I start to feel good about my body again? – Donovan x8351

Our Advisors stress that if you are not feeling well, please seek attention from a medical professional.

Psychic Questions Love and Relationships

Love and Relationships

Probably the top reason people seek out psychic readings is to better understand their romantic life.

Whether you are in a relationship, are single, or seeking guidance through a rough spell, our Love Advisors can assist you in gaining clarity in what you need to know about your situation.

In a Relationship?

For those in a relationship, these questions are for you.

  1. Is my significant other happy in our relationship and if not, what is bothering them? – Pixie x8117
  2. How is the energy of my relationship at the present time? – Vanadis x4781
  3. What can I be doing to be a better partner? – Jewel x4859
  4. Is my significant other making plans for our future like marriage and/or family? – Mazie x7124
  5. Is my partner a good match for me? – Amora x4762
  6. What obstacles do you see in our future and how should we approach them? – Amanda x9695
  7. How does astrology define our strengths and weaknesses? – Coventina x4805
  8. How can I take my power back in a controlling relationship? – Pixie x8117
  9. We are in a sexless relationship. What can be done to pick our sex-life back up? – Donovan x8351

Single and Looking

If you are single and looking, here are some suggestions for you.

  1. What can I be working on to attract a meaningful relationship? – Jewel x 4859
  2. Does my person of interest (POI) feel the same way about me? – Amora x4762
  3. When will I meet someone and how will I recognize them? – Skyler x9090
  4. Will I ever get back together with…? – Jenna x3604
  5. How do I self-sabotage my relationships and how can I stop? – Isabella x9825
  6. Who is my soulmate, and have I already met them? – Hope x3496
  7. Am I compatible with my POI? – Coventina x4805
  8. Will I hear from my POI this week? This month? – Ginger x3037
  9. Is my POI wasting my time? – Holly x9605
  10. How can I heal myself from past romantic wounds? – Isabella x9825
  11. What do I need to do to attract authentic love? – Sapphire x3149

Psychic Questions Friends and Family

Friends and Family

Another popular topic during readings has to do with family and friends.

Here are our Advisors’ suggested questions in this area. They strongly recommend using names when possible.

  1. How can I help a family member? – Delia x9106
  2. Can I heal a situation from previous relationships? – Coventina x4805
  3. Why is this person behaving this way towards me or someone else? – Amy x7886
  4. How can I improve communication with my family and friends? – Minerva x3180
  5. What can I have a better relationship with my family? – Pixie x8117
  6. What energy is missing from my circle of friends and family and how do I find it or cultivate it? – Isabella x9825
  7. Is a certain family member or friend keeping secrets from me? – Tomas x8157
  8. How can I better understand the stresses of my child and meet their needs better? – Isabella x9825
  9. How can I improve my relationship with kids? – Donovan x8351
  10. How do I release resentment towards my family and begin to repair the relationships? – Sapphire x3149
  11. Is my family supportive of the real me, or am I quietly being judged? – Izzy x9366

Psychic Questions Timelines


If you are looking for answers on timelines, it is important to remember that we all have the blessing of free will.

A Psychic Advisor can give you what they are seeing in the current moment under current intentions, but we are human, and circumstances can change, altering timelines. However, here are how to address questions about timelines.

  1. Will this happen in a few days, weeks, or months? – Rosey x4726
  2. Will this advance by a certain holiday? – Pixie x8117
  3. What energies could change the timeline? – Coventina x4805
  4. What is a healthy timeframe to expect this to happen? – Hope x3496
  5. Will this happen in a timeframe that will work for me? – Izzy x9366

Psychic Questions Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

As you can imagine, a psychic Advisor is a wonderful source for gaining spiritual guidance.

Here are some of the best questions you can ask on spirituality during a reading.

  1. Do my Spirit Guides have a message for me? – Shannon x9081
  2. Can you help me connect with my guides? – Amora x4762
  3. What are the steps to my spiritual growth? – Marie x7394
  4. How can I heal my inner child? – Hope x3496
  5. How can I improve my spiritual path? – Minerva x3180
  6. Are any of my passed loved ones/ancestors guiding me? – Holly x9605

Psychic Questions Life Purpose

Life Purpose

Now that you are beginning to understand more about your spiritual path, you may want insight into your life’s purpose.

  1. What is my life’s purpose and how do I fulfil it? – Marie x7394
  2. Are the people around me helping me succeed in my life’s journey? – Isabella x9825
  3. What lessons am I meant to teach others? – Jewel x4859
  4. Are there actions that I should be taking now to improve my situation or advance my life forward? – Jenna x3604
  5. What is blocking me from finding my life purpose? – Delia x9106

Psychic Questions Life Purpose

Past Lives

Many spiritual people understand that there is a reason they feel like an “old soul.

They have existed in this universe before and are often called home to certain places and people. We offer Advisors who have expertise in past life readings, and they suggest that these are the best questions to ask during a reading.

  1. Was there a karmic lesson I still need to learn? – Pixie x8117
  2. What is the karma that I brought into this life from a previous one? – Isabella x9825
  3. What can you tell me about who I was in my past life/lives? – Hope x3496
  4. Am I connected to certain people currently from a past life? – Izzy x9366
  5. How is the circuit of my existence progressing? – Coventina x4805
  6. What lessons do I need to learn from my past to avoid repeating patterns? – Minerva x3180
  7. Which of my past lives is the most significant to this life? – Dove x9988

Psychic Questions Connecting to a Deceased Loved One

Connecting to a Deceased Loved One

Psychic mediums have a connection to those who have passed on.

If you are struggling with closure due to the loss of a loved one, a medium can communicate messages to you that may help you find peace.

  1. Give me a sign to know it is them? – Izzy x9366
  2. What message do they have for me? – Delia x9106
  3. How can I keep communication open? – Raquel x9488
  4. What signs should I look for to know they are trying to reach me? – Ursula x9927
  5. Are my loved ones at peace? – Janax x7750

Our mediums also stated that these questions can be as personal as you need them to be. The more you put into your own words and emotions, the better than can help draw the information to give to you.

Psychic Questions Hauntings


Are you one of many who believes in ghosts?

If you are feeling spiritual energy around you that you cannot explain, our Advisors can assist!

  1. Is there an intelligent spirit in my living space and is it watching me or following me? – Tomas x8157
  2. How can I inform the spirit that I did not mean to invade their space? – Ursula x9927
  3. Why is this spirit still in my space? – Willow x8048
  4. What tools and rituals can I do to cleanse my space? – Hope x3496
  5. Can you tell me if the spirit in my home is malevolent or benevolent? – Jenna x3604
  6. Is this spirit attached to me (or a family member) or is it connected to the house or land? – Ginger x3037

Psychic Questions Pet Readings

Pet Readings

Did you know that there are pet psychics? We have some, here at Psychic Source!

A pet psychic is in tune with the energy inside of your pet and will assist you in being the best pet parent to your furbaby.

  1. Is my pet happy? Is there anything they need to express? – Jenna x3604
  2. Will I see my pet again after they pass? – Donovan x8351
  3. What is my pet’s current energy? – Tomas x8157
  4. How can I best attune myself to connect with my current pet’s energy or one that has passed away? – June x3606
  5. Am I providing a comfortable environment for my pet? – Jewel x4859
  6. Was my pet mistreated in the past and how can I avoid causing them anxiety around that? – Pixie x8117

Psychic Questions Developing Psychic Abilities

Developing Psychic Abilities

Many of our psychic Advisors believe that all of us have psychic abilities, but most of us ignore them or fail to understand when we are experiencing psychic phenomena.

If you are interested in understanding and developing your own gifts, here are some examples of questions to ask your reader.

  1. What regular practice should I adopt to grow my psychic energies? – Tomas x8157
  2. How can I practice tapping into my intuition? – Phoebe x4727
  3. What is subconsciously blocking my intuition? – Jewel x4859
  4. Can you help me understand what my gifts are and how they can be used? – Shannon x9081
  5. What are meditations can I use to achieve my higher self? – Holly x9605
  6. How do I connect to my spirit guides to develop my psychic abilities? – Lacey x3635
  7. What tools should I be using to hone my abilities? – Vanadis x4781

Remember, each reading is personal, so it’s okay to phrase these questions in a way that best resonates with you. The more specific the question, the better the Advisors can get to the truth you are seeking.

Now that you’ve got a good foundation of what to ask, why not reach out to one of our Psychic Advisors for a call, chat, video or text reading today!



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