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Italian Cartomancy - The Wonderful Magical World of the Sibilla Oracle Cards by Psychic Maryjane

Date 4/25/2024
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When it comes to popular Psychic Tools, I’m sure you are familiar with Tarot Cards, and of course the standard Playing Card deck used in traditional Cartomancy Readings, but have you heard of the Vera Sibilla deck from Italian Cartomancy? I call this system, comprised of 52 cards, Predictive Gold! I have been amazed with their accuracy for over a decade now and am excited to share more about them with you, so let's unpack this popular Italian Cartomancy system!  

What exactly is The Vera Sibilla Oracle Card deck (also known as The Everyday Oracle)? This is a deck of 52 cards based off of a traditional playing card deck. The four suits (Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades) are all represented.  On each card is the suit of the card and a descriptive illustration of a person or situation. In addition, some cards have little red numbers in the corners. I’ll explain more about that later, but trust me, it's exciting!  

Sibilla Oracle Cards

History of the Sibilla Oracle Cards

What is are the Sibilla Card’s History? Well, that is not a simple answer. As with Tarot there are lots of different versions of the history full of speculation and conflicting information. Some claim that this system was originated in France and others say Italy. We do know that the Gypsy Cards popular in Germany and Austria (36 image deck) around the 1800's led to The Vera Sibilla or Everyday Oracle deck. We can piece this together by the similar images remaining on the 36 cards in the Vera Sibilla deck. Around 1830, printer B.P. Grimaud with the help of illustrator J.J. Grandville, produced the deck as we know it today. There are many versions and I find each one to be slightly different but all equally fascinating and most importantly… accurate!

Sibilla Oracle Cards

How Do You Use Sibilla Oracle Cards?

Typically, when it comes to Italian Cartomancy, the Sibilla Oracle Cards are used in "rows". I use all my cartomancy in rows (as opposed to spreads or formations of cards). They are shuffled (in the manner in which is comfortable for you) as you focus on the question at hand. I start laying them down and I keep going! The cards will continue to give more details in the answer the more you put down. I mean, how cool and easy is that? I use these cards in 90% percent of my readings for clients and let me tell you, they give details!

These do utilize reversals. In other words, if a card lays down reversed, take heed, it has a different meaning! The cards are descriptive, so you will see people (adults/children) and what they are doing. For instance, arguing, waiting, praising, speaking, crying, etc. The people will be easily identified (boss, co-worker, ex-lover, parent, friend, etc.) and depending on the surrounding cards you will easily be able to see their actions. 

Sibilla Oracle 8 Card Reading

Sample Vera Sibilla Oracle Card Reading

Here is a quick example of these Vera Sibilla Oracle Cards in action. 

Question: How will my first day of work go? 

Answer: Your performance will be favored by a superior. They will not, however, express this to you. Do not speak about your salary to anyone as it looks like a co-worker will be prodding you for that information. It is your best interest to not divulge. After you have left for the day, your boss will speak very favorably about you, and you will have a very fortunate experience the next 5 days.

So how did I come to that reading? Let me explain. I placed 8 cards down to answer the question about the first day of work (see the spread above). The first card was the peacock representing you on your first day at work, being observed and you are very much trying to show off your best self. The wise older person in chair is your boss observing. We can tell the boss does not tell you any feedback because her hands are down and lips closed. The warning to not speak about salary is evident through the morte (ending) card, the Denari money) and the Sacerdote (a religious figure warning to keep your news to yourself ). We know next the empty chairs, stanza card and the co-worker watching with the telescope, you are now being discussed. How? In a very favorable way by the Fortuna card. 

Sibilla Oracle Cards  

Do I Need to Know the Meanings of the Playing Card Suits?

No, it is not necessary to know the meaning of the playing card suits, and you will see some decks that have this omitted. I find it adds more detail if you are aware, but the Vera Sibilla will help you learn the meanings!

Details, details, and more details! Exactly what kind of details are we talking about here? I will tell you! Who, what, where, why, how, and the golden question - WHEN! I have incredulously found the timing is quite accurate using the Vera Sibilla deck. The number of the suits in the upper right corner, in addition the red numbers on the lower corners are a great parameter. Depending on the surrounding cards and the images you can ascertain hours, days, or months.

The little red numbers are to this day used by many to play the lottery! Cool, right?!

Sibilla Oracle Cards

Do I Need to Read Tarot to Understand This System of Italian Cartomancy?

NO! This is a completely different way of interpreting. Many people find it is easier to start with one of these oracle systems.

What Other Systems of Fortunetelling are Similar to The Vera Sibilla Cards?

Sibilla Oracle Cards Deck

Lenormand cards are another wonderful and easy to learn and use system yet, not quite as visually descriptive as the Sibilla Cards. This 36-card French deck was named after Mademoiselle Lenormand. It was originally a German system named after the very famous French fortuneteller. She read for Napoleon and Josephine, yes, that famous! Though we are pretty sure she never used the cards herself, she used playing cards and Etteilla cards. See how confusing this can all get?

I also can't forget to mention Kipper cards! Kipper cards are similar in visual design and originate from Germany about 1890 and are another deck of 36 cards.

Italians love The Vera Sibilla cards! I have read as late as the 1970's, women would bring their Sibilla Oracle Card decks to Sunday mass and have the priest bless them. They are also extremely popular in France. If you do a google search of these cards you will see some French versions as well. 

Since there are 52 cards and not mentioning reversals, I could not go into the meaning of every Vera Sibilla card here but please don't be intimated by these cards! A decade ago, I spent hours bent over my keyboard translating Italian text and scouring for information. I learned to use my intuition and after a short time you will see the cards are so clear cut with their illustrations any intimidation will be replaced.  In the last several year, more information has been published and with a little time and effort you can explore the many meanings of these wonderful oracle cards!

Intrigued? I hope you'll dive in and explore the wonder of this little deck. Sibilla Oracle Cards are quick, concise, and very accurate!



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MaryJane is a psychic and medium. She has been helping clients through her sacred gifts for nearly 3 decades. She has a background in hospice, end of life care, bereavement and crisis counseling.  She has devoted her life to helping others navigate their lives and finding joy.


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