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The Powerful Connection of a Psychic Video Reading by Psychic Angelica

Date 6/22/2021

Discover the powerful connection a Psychic Video Reading brings!

Discover the powerful connection a Psychic Video Reading brings!

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Right now, I am looking out the window of an airplane on my way to visit my sister and meet up with 14 of my high school girlfriends.  As I gather my thoughts, the word CONNECTION comes to mind.  Especially the idea of a Face to Face Connection. You see, after spending all year communicating by phone and text we finally get the opportunity for a few days to connect in person and I am super excited to reconnect with my friends and family.  This got me thinking about the ability to do psychic video readings with my clients on Psychic Source and the amazing connection it brings with it.  

A More Personal Type of Reading
It is powerful to be able to look into one's eyes and see the energy of body language. I have been doing intuitive readings for many years and most of those have been face to face in my private practice as a spiritual counselor and psychic. Psychic Source is the first and only psychic line that I have worked with and it is great to be able to reach so many amazing clients through phone and chat readings. However, I was missing the opportunity to tune in with my clients in a more personal way, so it was super exciting when video readings recently became available. 

Sharing a Truly Special Connection
Being a bit technology challenged I had my concerns, however the video chat feels just like being in a one on one in-person reading. It is so fabulous to see the person I am talking with and be able to share that recognition when we connect for the first time on video after being a chat or phone caller. My reading style and how I connect to spirit does not change. It is the same in person, phone, chat or video. However, there is a personal connection with video that adds a bit of sweetness to the reading. 

As more and more of you discover this new channel, I too am making myself more available for video readings in the weeks to come. I look forward to new clients and being able to attach a face with a current phone or chat client. 

Have your questions ready and be open to receive messages from Spirit. Looking forward to connecting with you soon via a Psychic Video Reading! 

Blessings and gratitude,


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