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Trusting the Source - A Medium Meets Elvis by Psychic Rhiannon

Date 4/15/2024
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Elvis has NOT left the building...

Elvis has NOT left the building...

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As a Psychic Medium, I have learned to trust my spirit guides. With practice, discipline and the help of a dedicated mentor, I learned to ground, connect, and then allow myself to be used as an open channel for messages of love, inspiration, motivation, comfort, support and guidance. Probably the most difficult aspect of connecting with spirit is learning to “push back my own ego,” and learning to trust. On the particular day in question, this was even more paramount.

I Knew What Was About to Happen

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and I found myself in a location that was filled with such beauty and tranquility that without any hesitation, I was soon slipping effortlessly into a meditative state and opening to receive Spirit. You would have to walk close to my life to truly appreciate the most wondrous ways the divine directs my day. This day would be no exception because at precisely the same time, my attention and space were drawn to that of a lovely blond in a black bikini taking an interest in my precious pup lounging nearby. She kneeled and caressed his neck asking if I lived nearby. I knew, almost instinctively, what was about to take place and within minutes, outstretched before me was my reading cloth, a Celtic Cross Tarot spread and the cheerful face of an open and eager questioner.

Her reading dispatched quickly, and she hung on every word as friends appeared to spring up from the ground beneath our feet. I soon became the unwitting entertainment at an impromptu birthday celebration. As the sun went down, my number of waiting questioners went up! 

An Extraordinary Energy

When these types of events take place, the energy and rhythm is unmistakable. I feel a static energy beneath my feet and my body tingles and twitches. I can continue for hours without feeling tired or drained. The energy this particular evening was extraordinary as was each questioner who appeared more interested and animated than the one before. 

A slender brunette with slicked back hair and dark eyes sat squarely in the seat before me and stared into my eyes. She wore tight fitting black jeans, dark Keds sneakers and a plaid shirt over a light-colored sleeveless t-shirt. The silhouette of a pack of cigarettes was folded into the hem of the sleeve of her shirt. We connected instantly as she shook my hand while taking her seat. This was a good sign. It is my experience that questioners who present with an open attitude and an unfeigned (genuine) question almost always enjoy satisfying readings and when that happens, I do, too. 

We moved from subject to subject talking about love and career and then, as if on cue, a male energy “stepped forward from directly behind her.” When connecting with mediumship, I rely on my guides to instruct me on how a spirit is known to the questioner. This is often done with direction. If the spirit stands to the left of the question (in my mind’s eye), I interpret this as an energy that is known to the questioner through the mother, if they stand to the right, it is the father. That is just how my guides work, other mediums most likely use different techniques. This energy was not directly related to the questioner as it moved from her center. It also possessed an essence of familiarity I could not deny.

A Hunk, a Hunk of Burning Love

As I related my awareness to my questioner, she leaned forward arching one eyebrow signifying extreme interest. The energy took form and I drew in a breath. “I’m sorry,” I exclaimed, trying to contain my elation, “is Elvis Presley one of your guides? I seem to have an energy here presenting himself as Elvis! Is this possible?” At the very moment, my questioner rolled up the sleeve opposite that which contained the cigarettes to reveal a tattoo of Elvis. “How is this possible?” I asked. You are so young! It was true, she was only 22, but she knew who Elvis was and she adored him and apparently, he felt the same way! The reading ended with Elvis offering her messages of love and light, gratitude and respect and a deep appreciation for her genuine and open spirit.

When was the last time you had a reading with a Psychic Medium? While I can’t guarantee you’ll connect with The King or someone famous, you never know who might show up in Spirit to reach out and share their messages…

Thank you. Thank you very much.


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