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How I Locate Missing Persons by Psychic Kristine

Date 7/19/2021
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Psychic Kristine has found 7 missing persons!

Psychic Kristine has found 7 missing persons!

I have been very blessed to use my gifts to help locate missing persons.  In the last three years, I have helped to locate seven missing persons who were found within 250 feet of the GPS coordinate I came up with.  

I volunteer on missing person cases worldwide with the nonprofit groups FindMe and Arizona Search Track and Rescue. Our group only works by request of law enforcement or the family of the missing person.  The process of locating the missing through the technique of remote dowsing is pretty fascinating, so I thought I would share how I do it.  

First, I tune into the photograph of the person who is missing.  I talk to the spirit of the person and ask them to show me where they are; I explain that their family desperately wants to find them.  Then I use my clairaudience with a combination of the pendulum and Google Earth to come up with exact GPS coordinates.

I open Google Earth on my tablet and zoom into the address of the last known place the missing person was seen and tune into the energy there.  I then, again, speak to the spirit of the person missing and ask them to show me where they are.  The pendulum will then start moving in a direction. I will pan way out and re-dowse the area again to confirm the pendulum is consistently going in the same direction.  Once I have that general area specified, I zoom in, remote dowse, and repeat until the pendulum ends up in an area that cannot be zoomed in on anymore.  I mark that GPS coordinate. After I come up with a GPS coordinate, I will then take my pendulum over dowsing charts to confirm that the information I am coming up with is consistent.  

The charts I use are:  directional charts, number charts and charts that specify "in water," "buried," "not buried," etc.  Often times, this will confirm that the person is located a specific distance (in miles) and direction from the last place they were seen. This also coincides with the area the pendulum zoned in on.

After I come up with a specific GPS coordinate, I hand that information over to the coordinator of FindMe.  He organizes land and water searches with highly trained search and rescue professionals and dogs.  Arizona Search Track and Rescue will go to the specific coordinate independently with various trained dogs.  If a dog alerts on a coordinate, they then will take another dog to that area and see if it will alert as well.  If we get confirmation that the dogs are independently alerting, that information is handed over to law enforcement and they take over the search.  

As a group with amazing teamwork, we have had lots of success helping families have closure.  Everyone volunteers out of the kindness of their hearts to help families have closure. Knowing these families can sleep at night feeds my soul and confirms I am definitely living out my life purpose.
Author's Photo by Kristine x8223

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