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Tips to Remember What Dreams May Come by Psychic Arthur

Date 7/19/2021
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Besides remembering your dreams, perhaps you can start controlling them!

Besides remembering your dreams, perhaps you can start controlling them!

You’re having an incredible dream, filled with an amazing wonderful adventure, when all of the sudden you’re jolted back into reality thanks to your buzzing alarm clock. Dream? What dream? You know you had one – but it’s gone! Don’t you hate when that happens?

Here are some tips to help you remember, as Shakespeare put it, “what dreams may come.”

1. I Will Remember
Before falling asleep meditate and tell yourself, “I remember my dreams,” which signals the brain to use whatever resources to remember your dreams. Next, allow yourself to drift off while thinking about what you’d like to dream about. This allows the brain to know what it needs to focus on, which again increases your chances of remembering any dreams.

2. Don’t Open Your Eyes
When you’re aware that you’re waking up, don’t open your eyes and remain in your sleeping position. Since the first couple of seconds are the most important in remembering your dreams, ask yourself: “What was I just dreaming about?” Focus on every detail. The more time you spend thinking about and replaying your dream, the more likely you’ll remember more details. 

If you use an alarm clock, put it where you can turn it off without opening your eyes. Snooze buttons are also great because it gives you extra time to drift back to the dream or time to replay it. Don’t use a radio, TV, spoken voice or music to wake up to in the morning. 

3. Make a Note of It
Keep a pen and paper, a dream journal, or a computer by your bed to write your dream down while everything is still vivid in your mind. Jot down every single detail you can recall; from color, feelings, and environment, to sights, sounds, clothing, and even smells. Make notes as quickly as possible. Sometimes drawing things out can help. Don’t worry about writing things in order; just get everything written down in as much detail as possible. Note: If you are in a habit of using your Smartphone as a recording device, grab it and start talking – actually, whispering helps, while keeping your eyes closed.

4. Vitamin B6 (Optional)
According to the Mayo Clinic, Vitamin B6 has been linked to better brain health and improved memory retention. In addition, Dr. Lisa Medalie, a sleep behavior specialist, says that Vitamin B6 supplements will improve your memory and help you remember your dreams because it increases the level of serotonin in the body, allowing you to have dream clarity as you sleep. 

The key to remembering your dreams is your thoughts. The more time that you can give yourself and allow your thoughts to focus on the dream, the more the memories come back and the more you will remember.
So, what’s next after remembering and writing down your dreams? Easy! Speak with a dream interpreter (like me) who uses dream interpretation as a tool to unlock the hidden messages that your subconscious it trying to tell you. 
Author's Photo by Arthur x8237

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