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Your Guide to Preparing for and Getting the Best Psychic Reading

Date 1/18/2023
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Guide to the Best Psychic Reading

You may be surprised to learn there are ways you can prepare for your next psychic reading. From choosing the right type of psychic to setting your intentions ahead of time, this guide answers your most pressing questions with an insider’s perspective so that you can have the best psychic reading ever!

Why Get Psychic Advice?

Sometimes when we want answers to questions that create anxiety in us, we reach out to anyone who will listen. The truth is we get embarrassed sharing with friends because we know that they might be too critical or annoyed by our constant conversations about our problems. We get into a loop, wanting answers but having no idea where to go. So, we reach out to a psychic to help us sort things out.

Getting a psychic to help during a time of crisis is a great idea. The trouble is many people don’t know what it takes to get a great psychic reading online and believe that psychics should be able to answer all their questions immediately. It takes more than just getting your name for psychics to connect with your energy and then decipher what they gather. Humans are not like television sets, where you can access them with one turn of the channel, nor are psychics like bots, who have preprogrammed responses to common questions.

By perceiving the unknown, a psychic can give a reading that can assist you with whatever you are facing, be it a question or decision, a desire to move forward, an emotional need, or even closure to put the past behind you. Psychic readings can reveal the steps to take and which to avoid.

Deciding to get a reading is like making an investment in your future, enabling you to approach your unique situation armed with the knowledge to live your best life. Here are some reasons why a psychic reading might be right for you.

  • You Can Gain Peace of Mind

    Anyone who regularly struggles with indecision can benefit from asking a psychic questions. Whether it’s nervousness about an upcoming engagement or apprehension about a big job project, you can lay your worries to rest by calling a psychic. Psychics  have a gift that allows them to see into happenings in the future. They offer insight and advice that can result in peace of mind and less anxiety.

  • You Can Heal Your Past

    A psychic can also be helpful in processing things from your past. Professional psychics listen without judgment so you can feel free to be honest about situations that are troubling you, whether they happened last week, last year, or decades ago. Their gifts are useful to pinpoint actions you can take that will be the most helpful for emotional and spiritual healing. Sometimes speaking with a psychic will provide validation of your intuition and gut feelings on a topic, which can be a very healing experience, especially if you are used to second-guessing yourself. This can go a long way in dealing with any sort of blockages in your life that you need to overcome.

  • You Can Move Forward

    Maybe you’ve wondered where your future career will lead. Maybe you’ve struggled to find happiness in your life. A psychic can look into your Life Path and help you gain a sense of purpose and direction.

  • You Can Communicate with the Deceased

    If you or someone you know is having a particularly hard time coping with the loss of a family member or friend, a psychic reading may be healing. A psychic medium may be able to make a connection with people who have passed on, and send and receive messages that bring you comfort and closure.

  • You Can Understand Your Pets Better

    We all have an animal lover in our lives who can’t get enough of cats, dogs and everything in between. Some psychics have been gifted with the ability to communicate with animals, both alive and deceased. If you are an animal lover who wants to forge a closer relationship with your pet, try a psychic reading.

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How do I choose a psychic

How Do I Choose a Psychic?

At Psychic Source, we’ve created a vast network of gifted psychics with different skills, tools, and areas of expertise. This gives you endless choices when picking an Advisor who’s right for you and your specific situation.

Each individual psychic reads differently. Some use divination tools such as tarot cards or numerology, while others rely on their empathic ability or see and feel the situation directly. Some perceive better with their eyes open and some with their eyes closed. This is called channeling and a type of clairvoyance. What a psychic is actually doing is channeling their consciousness to the vibrations and images that are coming from the person they are reading. Some psychics can actually hear voices and vibrations from the spirit world. This is called clairaudience. To smell things from the spirit realm is clairsentience. To commune with the spirit world is mediumship. Our website offers tools and information to help you choose the psychic best able to address your needs. Our Relationship Center agents can also help you select the right one for you.

  • When to Seek Out an Empath

    Empath psychics can sense the feelings and emotions of those around them. They can pick up on the emotions of those closest to you. If you're having trouble understanding why you feel sadness or anxiety, an empathic psychic can help you grasp the reasons for these emotions. Likewise, if you're struggling to understand the feelings of friends or family, an empath can assist you. For example, if you feel like you and your spouse are arguing more than usual, an empathic psychic can tell whether these arguments stem from stress your spouse is experiencing from his or her job, or from a secret he or she is trying to hide.

  • When to Choose a Psychic Medium

    For those who want to communicate with the deceased or who need answers, psychic mediums can get messages from the spirit world and pass them along to the living. If a friend or loved one has passed away, a psychic medium can help you communicate with that person again. They let you know that a friend is still by your side even though that person is physically gone.

  • When Do You Need a Clairvoyant?

    If you have questions about where your life is going, a clairvoyant can use their vision about future events. From relationships and careers to understanding yourself better, clairvoyants can use their sixth sense to help answer your questions about your life.

  • When Do You Need a Clairaudient?

    While clairvoyants are known for having clear vision, clairaudients have clear hearing. Clairaudients may get messages from an inner or outer source and use their intuition to decipher them. If you're wondering what your spirit guides are trying to tell you, a clairaudient can use his or her gift to hear and decode these messages.

  • When to Choose a Tarot Reader

    Many psychic readers use Tarot as a springboard to discern specific details and offer a timeline. If there is something on the horizon, you can ask your psychic to look at the weeks or months leading to it to help mentally prepare you and keep you focused.

  • When to Choose a Numerology Reading

    Numerology is a fun and unique way to understand your personality, life path, and destiny. Math may intimidate some, but to a numerologist, numbers are everything. A numerology reading can be very helpful when deciding between the compatibility of your personal numerological energy and that of a potential house, job, or even a spouse. It can also help when beginning something new, to select a name or date for a new enterprise that resonates with the energy best suited to what you hope to attract. Our Numerology Guide is chock full of information to help you decode the numerical meanings of everything from your birthdate to your house number.

  • When to Choose an Astrology Reading

    Astrology helps with timing and relationship compatibility and is useful in all aspects of life. Consider indulging in a Solar Return Astrology Reading around the time of your birthday. It can provide a comprehensive outline of what’s to come and help you plan major life changes, creating expectations of events that lie in the hands of cosmic forces. It’s uncanny how accurate astrology is when predicting relationship compatibility. Our Venus And Mars Love Compatibility Calculator uses astrology synastry to identify relationship triumphs and challenges based on the placement of these planets in one’s astrological chart.

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Can I get a quick reading

Can I Get a Quick Psychic Reading

If you have a simple question that only requires a yes or no answer, then a psychic reading can take less than three minutes. But if you have an open-ended question that can’t be answered in a satisfying way with just a yes or no, then you really do need more than three minutes. You need to allow a psychic to sort through your energy to determine what is vital information and what is just random energetic ‘white noise’. As Psychic Minerva puts it, “we decipher the energy that surrounds you and the people you are asking about. It is natural to get confusing information because a psychic collects data from your own energy and if you are facing a confusing period, the energy that surrounds you is going to reflect the chaos you are facing.”  She recommends that ideally, readings should last at least 10 minutes.

Of course, sometimes having a reading that is well beyond three minutes is more expensive, but there are ways to maximize your time. First, don’t feel like you need to use any of that time for things like “Hello, how are you?” or other chit-chat. Zero in on your questions but allow time for the unexpected. Know that an ethical psychic will never string you along and keep you on the line longer than necessary. Our psychics will always do their best to give you the guidance and information you seek quickly.

Building a Relationship with a Trusted Psychic

Building trust with psychics often has less to do with psychic abilities and more to do with trusting your relationship with an individual Advisor. You could easily get a reading from any psychic and believe they are gifted, but you will have a more successful reading by turning to a psychic you can build a trusting relationship with. If you're getting a reading from someone you don't connect with well, you're unlikely to take their advice to heart. On the other hand, if you're getting a reading from someone you consider a true friend, you're more likely to consider his or her advice for helping you make the best life choices.

Building a trusting relationship can also help speed up the reading process. Using the same psychic for multiple readings means you don't have to start from the beginning every time—you have already built a connection. Since you'll connect more quickly, turning to someone who already knows you and your background, you'll get more out of your reading because they don't have to ask as many questions at the beginning of your session.

You should know if you’re connecting in the first few minutes of the reading. If you’re unsure if you feel a connection immediately, give it a few minutes to listen and check in with your own intuition. Think about your closest friend. Did you two become friends after only one meeting? By allowing yourself to build a relationship through a few more sessions, you may begin to feel at ease and be able to open up more.

How Can You Build Trust with Your Psychic?

Psychics are human beings, which means they're not all-powerful. They won't always be 100 percent accurate in their predictions, and not all psychics have the same level of abilities. Choose a psychic that makes you feel comfortable and ask many small questions regularly, rather than waiting months between readings and seeking answers to a large number of questions.

  • Think of Your Psychic as a Friendly Professional.
    You and your psychic should hold both a professional and a friendly relationship. While your psychic will feel like your close friend, remember that he or she is also a professional bound by a code of ethics to maintain healthy boundaries. There’s a delicate balance there, but friendship is an important element of trust. If you're not comfortable opening up to your psychic the same way you would to a close friend, consider turning to someone else with whom you can develop a deeper connection.
  • Time Builds Trust.
    A trusted psychic can assist you in making both monumental decisions and simple day-by-day choices, assuring you that your movement forward is for your best and highest good. Your psychic will often see many scenarios or possible futures in your life. These can and will be altered by the decisions you make. Psychic Phoenix points out this is why “many have claimed their psychic was incorrect on their reading, when in fact they were not. The client’s choices altered the predicted scenario by redirecting towards a new path.” As your relationship evolves and deepens, these twists and turns become a part of your work together, rather than a one-shot referendum on the psychic’s predictive skills.

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How should I prepare myself for a psychic reading

How Should I Prepare Myself for a Psychic Reading?

It is perfectly normal to be nervous, even if it’s not your first encounter. Luckily there are a few things you can do to open up your spirit for the very best psychic experience. Psychic Arabella highly recommends raising your vibration before a reading. We all have a personal vibration that causes us to feel wonderful when it is high and awful when it is low. Because people's vibrations affect one another, communication works best when both people are functioning at a higher vibration. Before a psychic reading, most psychics prepare through meditation, by connecting with their spirit guides, or by other ways that work for them. That preparation raises their vibration. You can prepare as well!

By raising your vibration prior to receiving a psychic reading, you and your psychic will connect more authentically. Having an amazing psychic reading where you truly understand what your psychic is sharing with you is empowering and can help you to move forward in life with confidence.

  • Set Your Intention for Your Psychic Reading

    The most important way to raise your vibration prior to a reading is to set your intention. You need to know why you are asking for this reading. If the intent is to gain clarity or understanding, then you’re on the right track. Keep the intent positive and your vibration will stay up. This will allow you to receive exactly the information that you are meant to receive. Setting your intention also lets the Universe know that you are ready to receive its wisdom and allows the energy flow to bring you what you need into your life.

  • Can Emotions Affect Psychic Readings?

    Are you upset and need someone to listen? Depending on your goal for your reading, you may want to move forward or wait based on your emotional state and what you hope to gain from your reading.

    If you’re in a really bad mood or super stressed, but want to hear all your options to make an informed decision, you may want to make an appointment with your psychic for when you calm down and have a clear mind. Giving yourself a night to sleep on it can help you feel better and have a clearer state of mind to absorb what you need in a reading. On the other hand, if your emotions are what is driving the feeling that you need to connect, then by all means reach out to a psychic available on demand.

    Sadness, anxiety, and anger put up walls around your spirit and make it very difficult for a psychic to get a clear connection. Most people call psychics for guidance when they are hurting or unsure about a situation and this is totally fine, but make sure that you are strong enough to let your guarding walls down to embrace the connection your guide is trying to make.

  • How to Prepare for the Information You’ll Get in a Psychic Reading

    Next, you should be prepared for any information that you receive. It may not be what you want to hear, so you must be prepared ahead of time. Meditation can help with this. Just five minutes of quiet is all you’ll need. You can also call on your spirit guides or your angels to be with you. Remembering that you have free will can also help you to receive any information that comes your way because free will allows you to make a conscious decision to change the course of what a psychic sees for you. Even when you do not hear what you want to hear, if you are prepared, you can handle anything.

  • Make Sure You Are Open and Receptive to Psychic Advice

    Your reading with a psychic will be much clearer, detailed and precise if you are open to the experience, unafraid, and let go of expectations. Skeptics unknowingly put up an energetic wall that can block clear information coming through. If you play "stump the psychic," this only wastes your time and frustrates the psychic because he or she will have a hard time connecting with you.

    Before connecting with your psychic, affirm out loud you are open to the experience, and take a few cleansing breaths to open the channels between you.

  • Doing Something You Enjoy Before Getting a Reading Raises Your Vibration

    Prior to your reading, do something fun or relaxing to clear away tension. It can be singing a song, texting a friend, taking a hot bath, and so on. Try creating a space with a relaxing ambiance—scented candles, dim lights, and quiet. Once you are relaxed, your own psychic walls will come down, letting your inner Guides build a strong connection.

  • How to Choose the Time and Place for a Psychic Reading

    Choose a time and place that puts you at ease and limit the possibility of interruptions. If you are using a cellular phone or a running off the battery on your laptop, make sure you have enough battery life to finish your conversation.

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How to prepare a list of questions for your psychic reading

How to Prepare a List of Questions for Your Psychic Reading

Preparing a list of questions beforehand can help the reading move more smoothly. It’s a good idea to prioritize the importance of each question so you are sure you get your most pressing issues dealt with first. It doesn’t hurt to think of possible follow-up questions when your initial questions have been answered. You might imagine you only have one question, for instance, “When will (insert name here) give me a call?” Once the psychic answers your question, either with the positive response you hoped for, or an answer you were not expecting, what will you do then? Imagine that either scenario could come to pass, and what your questions would be for each scenario the psychic could answer to you.

You don't need to have a lot - two or three will get the reading started and also leave room for things to move in unexpected directions. It’s a good idea to be flexible because your psychic can pick up on underlying problems and help you in ways you never could have imagined.

If you have questions on more than one subject, let your reader know at the beginning, especially if it's a tarot reading. If the cards are laid out for a relationship reading, and then you ask about career issues, it takes another spread. If you tell them at the beginning, they can use a spread that works for both.

Why Is It Important to Have Prepared Questions for a Psychic Reading?

    1. It puts you in the mindset of solving a problem rather than feeling that the problem or situation is simply happening to you. In this process you start to branch out your thinking to more possibilities about the answer you hoped for, the answer you didn't and new workarounds your imagination can create with the use of this progressive logic.

    1. This will accidentally make you more open minded in the process; perhaps you could never imagine such a positive job coming your way, but you extend your faith in yourself while you make that list and start aiming for the optimum, not the seemingly possible. Conversely you can start to grasp what the seemingly unpleasant answer would mean for you and ways you can turn that negative into a neutral or positive depending on the situation.

    1. Psychic Arabella reports that around 60% of her regular customers call with lists and those clients tend to get roughly twice the information out of their readings, purely because of the amount of questions they can squeeze in when there are no pauses or distractions with side issues. Think of having questions ready as a bonus coupon that gets you better value for your money.

    1. You can use this list to keep a record of progress. On that same sheet(s) of paper, text file, or however you have the questions jotted down, why not write the answers too? This will help with advanced or detailed chronology about how people will change over time, when finances will come your way etc.

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Good questions to ask a psychic

Good Questions to Ask a Psychic

It all starts with spending a little time prepping before your call, starting with your motivation or intent, then your list of questions and finally, remembering to ask your reader if they have anything to add.

Consider working in one or more of the following into your questions.

  • 1. Are there any hidden influences affecting this situation?

    Asking this question, helps the psychic pick up on key people, destructive habits, or other external factors that could be having an effect on the situation at hand. Sometimes that might be an unsupportive partner, a person with ulterior motives, or even an issue of poor timing. The answer to this question can reveal some powerful insights that will prepare you to better overcome any obstacles that were not initially obvious.

  • 2. Do I have any limiting beliefs that are keeping me stuck?

    You may already know that beliefs are powerful, but since they are usually hidden away in the subconscious mind, you may not even realize it when one or more of your beliefs is holding you back. Asking this question can reveal some enlightening insights about yourself and give you the conscious awareness you need to change and improve beliefs about yourself along with your potential for success, healthier relationships, and more.

  • 3. What is the biggest change I need to make right now?

    The answer to this question can often come as a surprise, even to the psychic depending on what spirit indicates to him or her. Sometimes there will be opportunities for you to greatly speed up your progress. Sometimes the psychic becomes aware of limiting thoughts or habits that are blocking the desired outcome. Other times the psychic will get the clear message to simply let go and let the universe do its job!

Asking questions like these will give you the power and awareness to start moving in the right direction, whatever your specific goals may be at the time. No more will you feel as if you are simply being tossed about on the waves of life changes. You can begin moving more deliberately in a better direction and feel as if you have more control over the things that happen to you day to day.

If you’re in the habit of calling multiple psychic advisors to ask the same question and you keep getting the same answers – rather than taking that as affirmation of the psychic advisors’ accuracy, use it as a strong message to integrate that information so that you can move on. Surely you don’t want to spend the rest of your life – and your budget – asking the same question over and over. Put the information into inspired action, so that you are growing. You’ll enjoy your life more deeply that way.

An inspiring psychic reading begins with the right questions. To further help you get the best psychic reading, we surveyed our Psychic Advisor community. Click or tap here for a comprehensive list of 101 Questions to Ask a Psychic.

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Bad Questions to Ask a Psychic

  • 1. Will I win the lottery?

    The lottery is a game of chance that depends on so many more factors than the psychic and the client. Don’t waste your time and money seeking answers to this question.

  • 2. When will I get married?

    On the surface this seems like an innocent question, but it makes some assumptions that are just not healthy. First it assumes that you are going to get married someday. Second, it makes it seem like one day, POOF, you'll be married. If you were told that in two years, four months and six days from now you will get married, you may be so focused on that date that you miss out on life. Instead you should focus on questions like "what is the potential of my current relationship?" or "what roadblocks should I be on the lookout for?" Marriage isn't the be-all, end all situation; sometimes the best relationships are the ones without the pressure and constraints.

  • 3. I don’t have a question. Whatever the cards want to tell me is fine.

    There are times when people call with little sense of why they have reached for the phone. In such cases, an honest declaration - “I’m having a tough time” - might be all that is needed to lay the ground of a good session. But if you are calling with intention to test the psychic, it really sets up an off vibration for the session overall, perhaps even implying to the psychic that you’ve already determined not to believe anything they say. Vague questions usually get vague answers. The closer you can dial into a situation to gain more insight, the better and more detailed guidance you’ll get from your psychic.  Help them help you!

  • 4. Will my mother's/brother's/aunt's etc. cancer go into remission?

    Please do not ask questions about specific illnesses. Psychics are NOT licensed professionals in the health care field. It is important that you talk to a doctor about medical questions. Psychics can, however, offer guidance on how to be the most supportive for that family member in their time of need to maximize their chances of recovery.

  • 5. When will I die?

    Many psychics will refuse to answer this one, feeling that it is a waste of the gift of life to spend what is left of your time on Earth obsessing about the number of days, hours, minutes you have left. A much better question would be "what gifts can I focus on to make my life fulfilled?" Life is not a race to the grave; it should be a journey to be savored and enjoyed. Isn’t it better to die knowing not that this moment was explicitly foretold, but that you squeezed every drop of joy out of every moment you had on this earth?

  • 6. Am I pregnant?

    Again, a psychic is not a medical professional, nor are they an ultrasound machine. If you think you might be pregnant head down to the local drug store and pick up a test kit, then go see your doctor. A psychic can simply highlight how to make conditions optimal, or if they see any roadblocks.

  • 7. Should I take this job?

    A psychic can't tell you what the best choice is for you; they can only offer you pros and cons of taking the position. It is up to you to know and figure out if those things fit into your lifestyle or personal values. You should remove "Should I?" from your psychic reading arsenal as a general rule. Everyone has free will and if a psychic were to tell you that you should do something, then they have taken that will away from you. That’s something completely at odds with the way any professional psychic tries to serve others.

  • 8. Will I win this court case?

    Psychics aren’t lawyers either. Chances are there isn't going to be a whole lot that you can do to change things, because the events have ALREADY happened, and you are now dealing with judgement.

  • 9. Will my lover leave his wife?

    This is a problematic question on so many levels. While an empath may be able to discern and share the emotions of your person of interest, they’re not going to do a full reading on them for your benefit. Many psychics feel it isn't right to read about someone else's choices without having the whole picture and their permission. If you share that you are with someone who is married to someone else, a psychic won't judge you, but they will ask you to think about your personal value. You are better off asking how you can find a healthy relationship.

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Should I Take Notes During a Psychic Reading?

Taking notes help you keep track of how a prediction played out and any progress you might be making on an issue. Also, it might be hard to remember everything and you might be too wrapped up during your reading and miss the full significance of a detail your psychic mentions in the moment. You don't have to write everything down, just anything that you think is important or that will help you later. It's as simple as having a piece of paper and pencil ready.

If you’re getting an online chat reading, you can request that the transcript be emailed to you. This avoids having to take notes during the reading.

Is Getting a Psychic Chat Reading Much Different than Getting a Traditional Psychic Reading?

Chat is a great option if you have a quick question while you are at work or in a store. Psychic Agnes also points out that “you can get a lot of information in a short amount of time with chat since it’s possible for both the Advisor and the client to type at the same time—without taking turns with the ‘talking stick’ so to speak”. She also says that the benefit of silence and lack of both voices on the phone helps her to form a better connection.

Many of the same guidelines for getting the most out of a traditional reading apply to chat readings. You want to be sure you are in as relaxed a state as possible. If privacy permits, light a candle, or incense. But at very least, make sure you’ve cut down the amount of distractions in your area as much as possible. Have your questions ready. But for a chat reading you can get an advantage by having your question(s), name, and date of birth typed out in a document beforehand. Then all you have to do is copy them onto the clipboard and paste them into the chat window. You can always take notes on the reading the same way, using copy and paste. Make sure that you jot down the Advisor’s name and extension too, so you can review your reading and contact them again for a follow up if you need it.

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What if a psychci gives me bad news

What if the Psychic Gives Me Bad News?

The majority of questions posed to psychics are about relationships such as in the meeting of romantic partners or solidifying a relationship. At times when the psychic speaks of a future partner, it may not sound like anyone you know. Or perhaps it is even someone you’ve not considered but will in the future. Other matters may turn up that you hadn’t thought of. Places you don’t know or never planned to visit could be mentioned. There might be shake-ups on the job when the situation appeared a stable one. You may have to move when you hadn’t planned on it. There may break ups that were simply not expected.

Psychic Freya explains that many times, when a psychic is asked about a relationship that seems to be failing or about a loved one who’s pushing them away, they can usually “see” or “feel” one of the following answers:

  1. The significant other has lost interest and wants to leave the relationship.
  2. They have a need to establish boundaries and have some “me” time.
  3. They’re having an affair and are feeling guilty.
  4. An underlying medical condition such as depression or another illness is influencing their behavior.
  5. The client’s behavior of being clingy, demanding, or jealous is creating the relationship issue.

Psychics would love for every reading to conclude with a happy ending, but that’s not reality. There are times where the psychic must deliver difficult news. In life, things can sometimes turn out badly. That loving relationship can go sideways. That great job you wanted went to someone else. The car that you were hoping to buy is just a bit too expensive. You are not sure if you are going earn good grades. These are the disappointments of life.

It is unrealistic to expect that every path is going to be without out issue. It may seem obvious, but as Psychic Stasch says, “even the most logical among us hope that every reading, every consultation, every question will have a soothing upbeat answer”. Few go looking for choices that turn out badly. Even the most appropriate decisions can lead to unexpected outcomes.

Psychic Scarlet also adds, “there is a reason that psychics are often referred to as ‘mediums.’ Medium means ‘the middle way’ – or ‘an intermediate channel of information’.”  What does this indicate in the psychic sense? And how does it pertain to readings? Mediums and psychics straddle two worlds—the one that is seen, or is easily visible and the other world, and an unseen one, upon which the future is written. This explains why there are sessions where information turns up that people don’t believe or cannot accept. The reason for this is it hasn’t happened yet. From their perspective, they can’t envision it.

There’s a small percentage of clients who really don’t want to hear the truth. They demand another answer and berate the advisor both during the conversation and on the rating board.  Upon hearing bad news, their reaction is to end the conversation. Or they’re so shaken by the hard news that they fail to hear more. But it is ultimately in their best interests to hear everything the psychic has to say. The relationship that ends horribly may open a door to a new truly lasting one. That breakup could lead to reconciliation down the line. The house that you wanted was not that great after all. Your career will do well even if you flunked a class. Some are so hit by bad news that they fail to see that down the line there is a cloud with a silver lining.

Listening to difficult news, can be the best news you can hear. Do not deprive yourself of a lesson learned or a way out of trouble. Let your Advisor be there during hard news times so you can both be there to celebrate the great times that still lie ahead.

Psychic Readings Show Different Possibilities

It’s important that when the Universe opens a door to at least explore. When the Universe closes a door it’s best to leave it closed. But the door may not be forever shut. When destiny is involved, the matter will likely resurface. Miracles can happen whether the door is closed or open and often not in the way you had planned.

During a psychic reading much of it will sound familiar while other parts do not. The details or predictions may even seem incorrect. The reason is we tend to look at our lives as in “the now” (what we are hoping for) instead of “what will be.” It is wise not to reject the information since the psychic is tuning in to another realm, where time and logic do not exist. This will serve you if you pay attention.

It is important during a reading to remain open but also to make your own decisions. The psychic can partially guide you toward the best outcome during your reading. A sudden decision might change the outcome. Free will is involved. 

In looking at life’s path, psychics will often see two or more ways to reach your end goal for happiness. It is almost never a straight line… the path will have many twists and turns where you can lose faith or be bumped to the side of the road. You may become involved with a person whom you are connected to, but decisions and circumstances may alter the path.

The key thing is to remain open to fresh information and any unexpected divergence during the reading. Often this ‘new and unexpected’ information will end up the most accurate part of the entire session. The psychic, along with Spirit, are handing over a few signs and guideposts to divine your way. You may look back with awe over just how accurate this unexpected news was over the long term – and how it led you into achieving and divining the best outcome.

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Waiting for a psychic prediction to come true

Waiting for a Psychic Prediction to Come True

You just got off the phone or ended your chat reading and the Psychic Advisor on the other end gave you a timeframe of something to come. It may have been about finding love, changes at work, or just about anything expected to happen in the future. But now you wish you had a Fast Forward button because you don’t want to wait for the time to occur naturally, you just want it to be here already?  Sound familiar? If so, don’t stress out, it happens.

Firstly, good for you for reaching out for guidance. Waiting is tough on anyone. Whether you are waiting to find out how someone feels or if you will get the job; all waiting comes with a certain amount of anxiety. Psychic Jaime offers the following tips to help pass the time while waiting on a prediction to come true.

  • Find Support and Trust

    The very nature of predicting is based on forecasting something that has not happened yet. Therefore, having a relationship with a good psychic, intuitive, astrologer, tarot reader, life coach and those in the helping profession is key. You want to get the support you need with someone you can trust. Your advisor is an important resource for you, not only to provide predictions but to encourage you while you are waiting.

  • Practice Self Care Every Day

    When your answer finally arrives, how well you respond to it will depend on how you took care of yourself while you were waiting. What if the answer is the one you have been hoping for and because you didn’t eat and exercise regularly, drink water and rest enough, you have no energy to receive it? When you take care of yourself, the Universe will take care of you.

  • Keep Living!

    Don’t put your life on hold until you know the outcome. Keep your energy and enthusiasm up. Not only for the health benefits, but your positive energy can be transmitted to the very thing you are waiting on!  It is okay if you find it hard to be positive while waiting. That can be a natural response. Waiting feels like you are on hold and being positive is energetic. Keep Moving. Do something active each day. Listen to good music, laugh, dance, walk, clean the house!

  • Let it Be

    Let Go and Let God and the Universe Help. Make this a priority. These big energies are meant to support your life.  When you feel supported you can relax and when you are relaxed you can receive. 

Remember, the Universe is your loving teacher. Sometimes, the wait is there to teach patience, build character and get you ready for when time finally releases your answer. Following these tips will help you become ready when the time is right!

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Reviews are empowering

Don’t forget to Write a Review

Imagine you’re browsing for a new psychic and you come across Psychic Mara. What do you find the most helpful? What makes that Advisor a good fit for you? The first review you see on her bio page says:

“Exactly what a psychic reading should be! I’m so glad I contacted Psychic Mara because she knew all the right things to say without passing any judgment whatsoever. Her reading style was very compassionate; I felt like we were old friends! If you want to laugh, cry, and learn something new about yourself, definitely contact Mara!”

How empowering! When looking for a psychic to connect with, there’s no way to tell how you resonate with them unless you get positive background information. Who better to get that info from than your unbiased peers? This is why leaving a review — especially if you had a wonderful reading — is extremely important to both the Advisor and our community. It’s the easiest way to spread good karma!

How you review is important: Are your reviews helping or hurting?

Leaving feedback on a product, service or experience is more important now than ever. We’ve come to trust the opinions of our peers on everything from food to doctors to travel, and yes, psychic advisors! Since we depend on other’s reviews and ratings to make so many important life-changing decisions, we’re much more inclined to review things ourselves (and rightfully so). Why wouldn’t you want to help, right? But there’s a fine line between a review that’s detrimental as opposed to one that’s helpful. It’s important to know the difference.

How do you write a professional, helpful review while still being honest?

Think about why you’re choosing to take time out of your day to leave feedback. You want to help your community find and connect with the best Advisors and make decisions based on your personal experiences. However, we all have different experiences. Say, for instance, you didn’t have a good connection with Psychic Martha. Does this mean no one will have a great reading with her? Absolutely not! The key to being honest here is by telling the truth while acknowledging that maybe Psychic Martha just isn’t the Advisor for you because “Loss and Grieving” isn’t her strong suit and you were hoping to connect with a lost loved one. That’s very helpful for someone who may be in a similar situation as you, without completely dismissing the Advisor for other areas she excels in, like “Love, Relationships & Family.”

Also, imagine you’ve just had a reading during which you blatantly disagreed with the advice or predictions you received. If you leave a comment saying, “Psychic Nova is absolutely terrible—nothing he said was true,” without any context, how are other customers to know what you weren’t happy with? Furthermore, if Psychic Nova’s prediction comes true months later, your opinion may drastically change but your negative review is still posted on the psychic’s bio.

This doesn’t just apply to negative reviews — it’s equally important to elaborate and provide comprehensive feedback in positive reviews. When you’re researching reviews on a product, it’s always more helpful to know what someone loved and why as opposed to just, “I loved it!” For example, it’s obvious to see which Advisor review is more useful:

OMG Psychic Violet was amazing!!! I will definitely call her back!

Psychic Violet was the most intuitive person I’ve ever talked to. She was able to pick up on my emotions and worries without me saying a word about them. She also really takes her time on each topic and doesn’t rush from one thing to the other. She doesn’t provide predictions as willingly unless you ask, so don’t be shy asking her questions. I will definitely call her back!

Remember that our Advisors rely on your reviews to improve and our customers rely on them to choose how they spend their time, money and energy.

Lastly, keep it professional! Regardless of how detailed and honest you want to get, we cannot publish reviews with personal information (to protect your privacy), inappropriate language, slanderous or disrespectful comments, or other unsuitable material. We’ll always respect your opinion and publish your review if it meets these basic guidelines. 

In conclusion, getting a psychic reading is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself. But in order to get as much out of one as possible, it pays to be prepared. Doing a little research on potential advisors, as well as some soul searching on your own desires and motivations, can be the difference between an OK reading and one that will prepare you to not only get through what life has to throw at you, but to thrive during it.

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