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Using Sacred Geometry Symbols for Easy Manifestation by Psychic Amber

Date 4/17/2023
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I love the power and the beauty behind Sacred Geometry as it is present everywhere, and it is also called the fingerprint of God as it shows up in all of creation. Sacred Geometry is not just an ancient science, but it is also a metaphysical language and energetic exchange of the different geometric shapes that govern the visible and invisible worlds.

Sacred Geometry is the Language of the Universe

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is a generative life force at work weaving together the fabric of the Universe and is inherent in all things, forms, patterns, and Fibonacci spirals. Sacred Geometry symbols are powerful images and shapes that are embedded in our DNA (twisted spiral and double helix), nature, galaxies, mandalas, pyramids, crystals, atoms, music, mystery, art, hieroglyphs, and so much more.

Sacred Geometry as a Divination Tool in Ceremonial, Celestial, and Natural Practices

We can create our own magick by using Sacred Geometry as a divination tool during our Ceremonial, Celestial, and Natural Practices.  The powerful Vortexes and doorways into higher dimensions will allow us to speed up the spiritual manifestation process.

The Fibonacci Sequence (Spiral) Golden Ratio: Phi 1.618

Fibonacci Spirals

The Fibonacci Sequence is a mathematical formula that is woven through the tapestry of life and forms patterns of spirals and vortexes that duplicate themselves everywhere in nature. The Fibonacci sequence begins with 0 and 1 and each new number is the sum of the previous two, therefore, the numbers are 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144… to infinity

Each ratio of two adjacent Fibonacci numbers approximates the Golden mean also called the Phi (God Number), which is a ratio between two numbers that equal approximately 1.618.   

There is this magical dance going on between the God Number Phi (F) which is strongly associated with the Fibonacci sequence that works in spiral forms and is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. The symbol of Phi carries a powerful vortex or magnetic energy field that carries, distributes, and creates both information and the power behind the direction of energy and forms a powerful Vortex and magnetic field.

Like the Emerald tablet the phrase “as above, so below” - meaning what happens in a higher realm or plane of existence also happens in a lower realm is also applicable in the Fibonacci sequence.

Sacred Geometry as a Star-gate, Doorway, or Portal

Golden Ratio Spirals

The adventure begins when you start to use Sacred Geometry and step through these dimensional portals to work with the Master Architects of Creation.

The geometric symbols are powerful tools to not just balance and ground our energies, but it allows us to access higher levels of Cosmic and Christ Consciousness.  Sacred Geometry creates an interdimensional portal/doorway or Stargate into higher dimensions that allow us to constantly tap into evolving fields of Cosmic information, knowledge, wisdom, and unconditional love.

Benefits of Using Sacred Geometry Symbols

Using sacred geometric symbols to tap into these higher levels of consciousness and powerful high-vibrating energy fields will effortlessly exchange any of your lower-vibrating frequencies into higher Cosmic frequencies by activating your own multidimensional DNA.

Dots, lines, waves, circles, cubes, triangles, and spirals are all Creative Forces.

Besides the Fibonacci Spirals, the Golden Mean or Phi, geometry symbols are embedded in everything loving and non-living. The story of creation starts with the idea of a single point, also known as the “Monad” or “Dot” representing the beginning of time, the first spark of divine energy that gave rise to the Universe. From the dot, it flows into lines, waves, circles, double circles, cubes, triangles, and spirals - all creative forces.

Ladders and Vortexes

Sacred Geometry Symbols form bridges between us and the Divine, and they all speak their own language and work like ladders and forms vortexes through which one can transcend space and time and rise above the core veil of the physical world. Once we bridge the gap between the physical and non-physical world, we are able to connect deeply with the divine presence and open up our spiritual hearts and access the Divine Intelligence for total transformation.

Language of Light and the Blueprint of Creation

Merkaba Star Tetrahdron

Sacred Geometry, also called the language of Light, carries the Universal Blueprint. You can activate your own Star Tetrahedron or Light Body, also called the Merkaba. It is one of the most astounding and all-encompassing of all designs.

Merkaba (or Star Tetrahedron) forms a Sacred Geometry Light Body

The Merkaba means “Light-Spirit-Body” and is an energy sphere in which everything exists.

Mer ~ Light

Ka ~ Spirit

Ba ~ Body

In Hebrew, Merkabah means “the Throne or Chariot” of God, and according to the prophet Ezekiel, it acts like a vehicle that carries us to heavenly dimensions to access the Divine Light. It consists of a Star formation that is made of 2 intersecting Tetrahedrons pointing and spinning in opposite directions, one pointing upwards (masculine) channeling energy from the heavens, and the other pointing downwards (feminine), drawing up energy from the earth.

The Merkaba also resembles the Star of David and denotes the harmonious activation of all three aspects of “Light-Spirit-Body”.

You Are the Merkaba

Merkaba symbols are one of the highest vibrational geometric shapes designed by the Universe and is associated with the Fire element, our Life Force, and the Light we have within. It also provides protection and transports our consciousness to higher dimensions and creates a union between the Body and Spirit. The Merkaba symbol contains Crystalline geometries that allow us to move between dimensions to merge and communicate with the Civilizations of Light.

Portals and Doorways

The Merkaba connects you to the Divine and opens up portals of communication while simultaneously raising your vibration and removing all energetic blockages and balancing your chakras and energy bodies. Using the Merkaba symbols allows you to activate your Light Body which will make tangible changes in your cellular structure and physiology.

Metatron’s Cube Meaning

Metatrons Cube

Metatron’s Cube is one of the most sacred of all geometric patterns. Metatron’s Cube is named after Archangel Metatron, who watches over the flow and energy patterns in nature and provides a connection to the Divine, and it is always balanced and forms a primordial and perfect blueprint of all of Cosmic Creation.  This powerful blueprint is part of you, and it is an Infinite field of Creation or Infinite Intelligence.

Metatron speaks as the Voice of God so when God said “Let there be Light” that was Metatron talking, so his cube is the physical symbol of creation.

Metatron’s Cube and Fibonacci Numbers

Fibonacci Numbers play a big role in Metatron's Cube and the circles form fractals which are never-ending patterns of repeating shapes, like the Seed of Life, Fruit, and Flower of Life. Inside the cube are circles (female) and lines (male) and the outer circles are the Flower of Life, the middle ones are the Fruit and the innermost are the Seed.

The reason that Metatron's Cube is so powerful is that it contains Fibonacci Numbers and all 5 Platonic Solids hidden inside, symbolizing the underlying patterns of the Universe, and it contains the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life

Flower of Life

The flower of Life is another Sacred Geometry symbol that is very powerful as it contains 19 equally proportioned overlapping circles, and the image looks like a set of equally proportioned flowers.  Besides looking very beautiful, it carries the symbolic meaning for our existence life on Earth and the formation of the Universe.

Vesica Pisces

The design starts with the Vesica Pisces, which is another geometrical shape consisting of two overlapping circles and the exchange creates a third at the point of the intersection of the circles, a lens form in the shape of an almond. It is also called the Goddess, Mother Earth, and the holy passage between the physical and non-physical worlds.

From the two spheres, additional circles are added and with only seven interconnected circles the Seed of Life is formed, and it is also the building block for the Flower of Life design.  All of this shows that there is evidence of creation by a higher power of intelligent design.

The Platonic Solids and Their Elements

We will discuss all the Platonic Solids and their spiritual meanings and how we can implement this into our daily lives to create easy manifestation and creation. Platonic Solids are the building blocks of all existence, including spiritual realities as they encapsulate our understanding of the Universe.  Plato introduced these solids in his work Timaeus (ca. 350 BCE).

  • Tetrahedron/Triangle = Fire
  • Cube/Hexahedron = Earth
  • Icosahedron = Water
  • Octahedron = Air
  • Dodecahedron = Ether/Aether/Universe

Two additional Platonic Solids:

  • Circle/Sphere = Consciousness
  • Star Tetrahedron = Light

Tetrahedron/Triangle = Fire

The Triangle/Tetrahedron represents the Element of Fire. It is the most stable shape of all the Platonic solids – focus, direction, and the power of soul creation. It represents your Solar plexus chakra which is the energy center of the self, and it is the source of your personal power. It is the fire in your belly. This Platonic solid can help you find unity within your spiritual and material side.

Cube/Hexahedron = Earth

The Cube or Hexahedron represents the Element of Earth, and the Platonic solids are named after Plato, the Greek philosopher.  The Greeks believed the polyhedral was linked to the Cosmos and that it represents an element.

Icosahedron = Water

Icosahedron represents the Element of Water, and it is made up of twenty identical triangles.  As a water element, it creates a portal and is a carrier of emotional energy. This transformational element will support you when you are in transitioning or shifting phases and will allow you to go with the flow. The Icosahedron is the doorway between your mind and heart so when you are indecisive or distracted then this symbol is the best energy ally.  It is linked to your sacral chakra.

Octahedron = Air

Octahedron represents the element of Air. Octahedrons contain eight identical triangles and are the connection to your heart chakra and promote affection, compassion, inner peace, support, and harmony that integrates your energies and chakras. It is a tool for cohesion and forgiveness first for yourself and then for others.  It can train you to align your inner and outer worlds, be clear about your priorities and spiritual mission, accept yourself, and give yourself unconditional love.

Dodecahedron = Ether/Aether/Universe

Dodecahedron represents the Element of Ether/Aether/Universe. The universe as an Element is also called prana or Aether and both are a concept to describe universal energy, the force that gives life to everything, so use this energy for healing and creation. It carries the energy of Heaven and is associated with your upper Chakras; your throat, third eye, and crown. We have mentioned Metatron's voice of creation.

In 2D the basic elements in nature like the dot, the line, the spiral, the circle, the double circle, the triangle and the Merkaba each tell their own story and carry their own powerful creative force. 

Sacred Geometry Symbols

  • The Dot:  The Dot represents Zero dimensions or singularity and has no beginning or end and is at once the end and the beginning just like the seed of the oak tree, it carries the future potential to become a tree. 
  • The Line:  The Line represents movement between one point to another point and moves through time and space and the sound and vibration are measured as a moving line or a wave.
  • The Spiral:  Spirals are the master plan of nature for structure and rhythm and nature expresses herself in this spiraling pattern as a continuum of evolution and creation, the center of which is like a vortex of movement inward and outward.  Even the embryo unfolds in a spiral form.
  • The Circle:  The Circle represents Creation, Consciousness, wholeness, oneness, completion, and beginnings. The origin of life is always represented as a circle or a cosmic egg and carries the pattern of life, death, and rebirth. Circles are considered to be feminine whereas straight lines are considered to be masculine.
  • Double Circle: A Double Circle represents Duality, opposing and equal forces, and attraction. When the circle divides itself in two to create another then we call it a duality, and it forms equal but opposing forces like the yin/yang, masculine/feminine, and light/dark. The two oscillating waves create a third or new state like the parents give birth to a baby.
  • The Triangle:  The Triangle represents Connection, integration, and balance. The Triangle is the building block of an equilateral tetrahedron with four equal triangular sides and a square base.  It signifies the manifestation from the spiritual realms into the matter and the end of the initial stage of creation.  It also represents the Trinity, (God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit), the family unit (mother, father, and child), and Spirituality (Body, Mind, and Spirit).  An upward triangle is indicative of rising consciousness Divine Masculine and a downward triangle relates to the Divine Feminine, and together they form a Tetrahedron.
  • Square/Cube: The Square or Cube is associated with the Earth, and reconnecting energy to nature. It also represents the foundation of everything, manifestation, matter, grounding, and stability.

Using Sacred Geometry, Fibonacci Spirals, Phi and Platonic Solids, and Geometric Symbols for Easy Manifestation

Sacred Geometry

Boundless energy exists in the Universe, the magic lies in our ability to harness and redistribute it through these shapes and symbols. Everything in the Universe vibrates and is in a constant state of flux and motion and everything carries its own vibrational frequency. Even light consists of spiraling and oscillating fields of electricity and magnetism, and it is all around us even our DNA beams out tiny packets of light. 

My advice is that you invest in a 7-set Clear Quartz Crystal Platonic set to meditate with.  Working with Selenite Crystal plates that are engraved with the Platonic Solids and their Elements or Metatron’s Cube, the Merkaba, the Seed or Flower of Life will allow you to instantly tap into the electromagnetic field and vortex energies that are emitted by these symbols for easy manifestation.  You can choose all or any of the symbols, Fibonacci Spirals, Phi, or Platonic solids to work with.  They form a powerful torus or colloidal field around your body which allows you to access higher dimensions to manifest the spiritual into matter easily and effortlessly.   

Just building yourself an altar and placing the Clear Quarts Platonic Solids in your circle forms a bridge between you and the Crystals and between you and the Crystals it creates a portal or vortex and an electromagnetic toroidal field that takes on the form of a torus or doughnut shape. Your human aura also forms a series of nested spherical torus fields and is formed in the different layers of the Etheric, the Emotional, the Mental, the Astral, the Etheric, the Celestial, and the Casual bodies, where each layer has its own frequency and carries different forms of information. The Astral body is the bridge and doorway into the spiritual realms so using Sacred Geometry to access the higher realms will allow you to totally transform your body, your mind, your soul, your Spirit, your Chakras, and your Auric field.  

Send out everything in a spiral form and even just bring in the symbol Phi which forms its own Vortex, which will support you and create a bridge between you and the spiritual dimensions.  Enjoy working with these powerful geometric symbols for the easy manifestation of your dreams and desires. Have fun and play with these shapes and make them part of your Ceremonial, Celestial, and Natural practices as they work excellently as Divination tools for healing and transformation.

Please reach out to me if you want to learn or know more about the power behind Sacred Geometry Symbols.



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Amber is an Intuitive/Empath, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient and as a child, she grew up with a psychic grandmother who passed on some of her spiritual gifts to Amber. Amber taps into the Crystalline and Collective Force Fields to access information using her intuitive gifts. Amber studies many different Holistic practices to broaden her understanding of the workings of the Universe, God and Universal Forces but more so to develop herself in order to support and help others on their journey to enlightenment. When guided by her Angels she uses additional tools like crystals and meditation. She also traveled extensively to enjoy, study and understand cultural differences which was an enlightening experience on its own as it broadened her vision. Amber graduated with a degree in Psychology and Finance. Her experiences of 20 years led her on a journey working with Financial corporate clients, giving self-development, psychological and spiritual retreats, and training.


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