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Published Date 8/5/2021
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When is it time to seek out a second psychic's opinion?

So, your trusted family doctor has just recommended something that, for whatever reason, just doesn’t seem right. When something like this happens most people’s reaction is: “I want a second opinion!”

Second opinions are sought out for all sorts of reasons, from making sure there isn’t a misdiagnosis to helping the patient decide on a course of action to figuring out which treatment best suits the situation.

Well, it’s the same when it comes to psychics. When you have a reading that may not “resonate” with you, getting a psychic reading from someone other than your regular reader for a second opinion can be a good thing. In some cases, it may help you gain insight and clarity into your situation from a different point of view. 

Now, before getting a second opinion, honestly ask yourself the reason you want one. Are you looking for another psychic to tell you something that you want to hear or are you looking for another psychic to tell you what you need to hear? Okay, let’s say it’s the latter, now what?

Consider All Your Options

First of all, just like doctors, psychics have their specialties. While some may be gifted mediums, others may be wonderful tarot card readers, while others may be clairvoyants who are excellent at giving dates and timelines. Also, different psychics are comfortable using different tools. However, keep in mind, it’s not how a psychic gets the answers, it’s just that they are able to help you find the answers you need. 

And when it comes to choosing a psychic for a second opinion, you have many options! Personally, I’d suggest choosing a psychic that you are drawn to or that comes highly recommended. Also, using the tools offered by Psychic Source can help you in a big way. In fact, their tools may even lead you to the psychic that you're drawn to.

Cause and Effect

As you know, during a reading, a psychic may make suggestions to get you on to the right path that gets to the outcome you seek. It’s what I like to call psychic “cause and effect.” Think of it like a doctor giving you a prescription. If you trust your psychic, and the information resonates with you, then it’s probably a good idea to “get that prescription filled.”  At the same time, you are more than welcome to obtain a second opinion and “throw away the prescription” if you feel that’s what is best for you. This is your free will.

The bottom line, getting a fourth, fifth and even a tenth reading/opinion, until you get someone to say what you want to hear, not a good thing! The last thing you want to become is a “psychic junkie.” Believe me, it will do you more harm than good!  

However, getting a psychic reading from someone other than your regular reader for a second opinion can be a good thing. It can help you gain insight into your situation from a different point of view. Sometimes, it can even help you appreciate your regular psychic reader more or it could open your eyes to something entirely new. It’s truly up to you!

Stay amazing!

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Mogiee: I learned a great deal about myself from Arthur. Thank you and you are amazing!

penelope1111: Arthur you are the best! Your not a just a great psychic but so logical and wise. . Thank you!

Mikale: From experience - it has DEFINITELY helped me appreciate mine!! Thank you for the insight Arhur - you truly are the best!!

Everwaiting: Very good article & advice!! It is very easy to become a psychic junkie!! Thank you for the informative article Arthur!!!

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