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Use Clairvoyance for Clarity

Date 10/9/2020
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Meditation is an excellent way to strengthen your "clairs".

Meditation is an excellent way to strengthen your "clairs".

Clarity in Times of Confusion

In times of doubt and confusion, wouldn’t it be great to “see” into the future? Many people turn to clairvoyant psychics in the hope of finding some clarity on their situation.  

The dictionary defines this faculty as clear seeing or “the ability to see beyond normal sensory contact.” It is all about sight—visually perceiving that which is normally obscured. For example, a clairvoyant psychic may catch glimpses of a person who will come into your life, someone in your family or circle of friends, or even symbolic representations of the past, present or future.

What it’s like to be Clairvoyant

So, what does clairvoyance look like? When we close our eyes and visualize something, we create a visual impression.  When you picture that little black sports car that you want—this is a visualization.

A psychic impression will look much the same, without the purposeful visualization part.  The clairvoyant may have eyes open or closed, hear your voice, and the impression appears instantaneously.  A clairvoyant psychic may catch a quick glimpse of an object, place, or person which is meaningful to the person they’re reading. A psychic impression comes very quickly, without thought. “I’ll see a man with a blue coat standing on a bridge with mountains in the background” explains Psychic Cheyenne. “I cannot TRY to see a vision or MAKE myself have a vision—it won’t work. I have to find the 'space' and allow it to be seen.” 

“For me, clairvoyance has never been a literal experience”, says Psychic Neil. “As a result, it has taken me a while to learn how to work with this ability. Somebody asks about a relationship and I see a partially open door. Or is it partially closed? Another asks about work and I see a merry-go-round. Is it time to get off or on? When a situation is indeterminate (the outcome could go either way) I see juggling plates. It took me some time to figure this one out.”

From Clairvoyance to Clarity

Professional clairvoyant psychics have spent years tuning into psychic impressions and discerning their meaning. Providing psychic guidance to people seeking clarity is of the most rewarding elements of the profession, because the combination of an energetic connection, gifts like clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, and the opportunity to help people feel at peace is so powerful.

By working collaboratively with a clairvoyant psychic, you can validate the symbolic and psychic impressions your reader is picking up on, bringing increased clarity to your specific situation. Better yet, by developing your own “clair” abilities, you can work in partnership with your psychic advisor, trading psychic impressions and uncovering their unique meaning to you.

Meditating for “Clair”ity

The three main ‘clairs’ are about perception: clairvoyance (the ability to see), clairaudience (to hear), and clairsentience (to feel) all involve an ability to perceive in an unusually sensitive way. While more developed in some than others, we all have these capacities in us, and we can strengthen them with practice and awareness.  Learning about them will help you open up to experiencing more.  Taking a class or workshop in psychic development can be a lot of fun.  It’s nice to be around other open-minded, sensitive people who want to learn. Whether we’re born with our awareness from karmic growth from past lifetimes, or with a certain biology in the brain, we all gain from knowledge and regular practice.

So if the “clairs” are inherent, how do we strengthen them?

Meditation is an excellent aid in this process. Through stilling the mind, we become more perceptually sensitive; we see, hear, and feel more clearly than what is considered “normal.”

Imagine a clear glass jar filled with water, with an inch of sand resting on its bottom. This jar is our mind and the water is the natural clarity of our mind. Most of us disturb this clarity with busyness and thinking. We shake that jar from dawn to dusk, stirring up the sand and muddying our inherently clear minds.

Meditation helps us stop that shaking. Our minds stabilize and settle as we meditate, letting the sand come to rest, restoring the clarity that lets us see, hear, and feel in a precise fashion - bringing us back to those three clairs.

How do you meditate to make room for clairvoyance? The first thing you need to do is commit to engaging this practice on a regular basis. Decide, for instance, that five days a week you’re going to sit down for five minutes. Then, after you have minimized the distractions in your environment, follow these four easy steps:

1. Sit in a comfortable fashion.
Find a posture that allows a good sense of connection with the seat underneath. Let your spine lift in an easy but upright way.

2. Take a few moments to feel the body.
How does it feel? There is no right answer to this; it’s an open inquiry. Then tune in more specifically to areas of relaxation in the body; then areas of tension—just feel.

3. Bring your attention to the sensation of the breath at the edge of your nostrils.
Feel the breath moving in and out. Encourage your mind to stay here but understand it will wander. When this occurs come back to the breath, that feeling at the edge of the nostrils.

4. As you continue, notice how your wild mind stabilizes.
Notice the sensation of settling in the body. Notice the relaxation. This is the shaking beginning to slow and stop; the sand falling to rest, all of which is indicative of your mind returning to its natural clarity.

With time and practice, you will find this clarity flowing into your life. You will see what’s not been noticed at work, hear what’s not being said, feel what others are not (apparently) feeling. You are strengthening your ‘clair’-ity’, a basic human ability.  

From Clarity to Clairvoyance

Coming into a psychic reading tuned into your own inner voice amps up the reading energy and accuracy. Here are some exercises you can do to enhance and strengthen your own clairvoyant psychic awareness.

1. Write down your psychic impressions.
When you encounter someone, or experience something in your waking, meditation or dreaming, and an image comes to mind, don’t dismiss it. Keep a small book, pad, or a memo on your smartphone handy. Jot down the image, and your immediate feelings with either a happy or sad face. Later go back and see how right you were. 

2. Believe what you see.
When you have a vision or a dream, believe it to be true. Don't be afraid to tell someone even if they don't believe you. Sometimes it takes a while for the meaning to become clear. This is why the best readings are collaborative. When you work together with your psychic to determine what a specific vision means, the results are usually impressive.

3. Instinct over emotion.
Remember, emotion is of the brain where instinct is of the spirit. In other words, emotion is only as old as you are. The soul is eternal and has “been there, done that.” So, if you listen to the eternal soul you get eternal wisdom. 

As Psychic Cheyenne wisely notes, “The spiritual teachers and masters have always told us that “truth is within us” and to go within. Our reality is a fascinating place, but what is WITHIN us is even more fascinating. It isn't a hard thing to learn at all and is quite natural! All we need is some curiosity and a little effort.”

Strengthening your own clairvoyance can bring clarity to any situation. And if you’re still in doubt, know that our experienced clairvoyant psychics are here to help you 24/7. 

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