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What Can a Psychic Palm Reading and Face Reading Reveal? by Psychic Natasha

Date 6/5/2024
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Do the face and hands give away secrets about the person within? Can they reveal the heart of a cheater, the mind of a secret holder, the hand of someone who struggles with money? Once you learn the basics of hand and face reading, you’ll never look at a potential suitor the same way again. 

Palm Reading

How Can Your Palm Reading Change Your Life?

What can a psychic palm reading teach? Plenty! Knowledge of what palm reading lines mean can actually change your life!

It isn’t a question of which is more accurate, astrology or palmistry. When a client asks which to do, I answer, both! And I do face and tarot readings as well. Astrology reads the soul on a macro level of the universe, in relation to the cosmos, while palmistry (the official name of palm reading) reads on the micro level, unraveling the inner layers of the soul. What is the advantage then of a palm reading vs a tarot reading? A palm reading tells the whole life, whereas a tarot card spread speaks to a particular moment.

How Did Palm Readings Begin?

Aristotle discussed chiromancy, or palmistry, two and a half millennia ago, in his historical treatises, where he claimed the lines on the hands existed for a reason. The precise origins remain unknown, yet many trace palmistry to ancient India, claiming the practice then spread across Eurasia to China, Tibet, Persia, Egypt, and Greece. Palmistry is even mentioned in the Bible!

Still, many folks have a negative image of palmistry. Popular culture convinces us that anyone who reads palms must be a charlatan. Gypsies (ethnically, Roma, some of whom practice the art) are portrayed as swindlers and thieves. Women who read palms including hand lines such as fate and marriage lines were persecuted as witches during Europe’s Burning Times. Nine million wise women with access to folk knowledge were exterminated as the patriarchal church arose.

Much can be surmised beyond the most asked questions about palm readings just from a cursory examination of the hands such as:

  • Can a palm reading predict love?
  • Can a palm reading predict marriage?
  • Can a palm reading predict how many babies one will have?
  • Can a palm reading predict divorce?

What Do Each of the Fingers Represent in a Palm Reading?

Let’s have a look at the four fingers (sorry, the thumb is not included here), each of which represents a certain kind of aptitude or energy. Each finger is actually named after a planet.

The Little (Pinky) Finger - Mercury is for Money

Start with Mercury for the little finger, also known as the pinky finger. Does this little finger on your non-dominant hand come up to the line beginning the top knuckle of Apollo, its neighbor? Then you hold your own financially. If the tip of the little finger falls below that line, you’ll have trouble making ends meet. If the tip of Mercury surpasses that knuckle line on Apollo, money is not your issue.

Palm Reading Guide

The Ring Finger - Apollo Stands for Talent

The ring finger, also known as Apollo, represents talents. If you hold your left hand out, palm up, and bend back that finger easily, you have psychic abilities. Look under that mound at the base of that finger, again with your palms up. A single line running deep like a dark crease means you are creative. Many little lines? You have multiple talents, but trouble focusing. If the line splits into two directions, each side of the dual fork continuing up, you have two talents. You may be an artist who also writes.

The Middle Finger - Saturn Represents Discipline and Authority

Saturn, the middle finger, is also Apollo’s other neighbor. This longest finger represents discipline and authority. If your love line ends here (that line that extends from the side of your hand by the little finger reaching out towards Jupiter, the index finger, on the other side of the hand), it means you are happier in a traditional relationship. For example, you want dinners with family, a steady partner at home, to be taken out on your birthday, anniversaries to be remembered and celebrated, etc.

The Index (Pointer) Finger - Jupiter the Pointer Points to Ambition

Saturn’s next neighbor is Jupiter, which is the index (or pointer) finger of ego and ambition. If that finger curves back to the other fingers, towards Saturn, your vocation is non-traditional - something futuristic about changing the world. You might work to save the planet. If Jupiter and Apollo stand equidistant along either side of Saturn, then you are balanced enough to achieve your ambition. If Apollo stretches out any longer than Jupiter, then you are more of a dreamer.

The Relationship Between the Fingers

Do the two center fingers, Saturn and Apollo, stand together while there is a distance between Pinkie and Ring on one side and Ambition and Discipline on the other? Then you are creative.

Does Pinkie veer far away from Ring when you hold out your hands out fingers together palms up? Then you are much better at employing yourself than working for other people.

Do all four fingers lie flat and tightly next to each other, when you hold out either hand, palm side up? You are a team player.

Now that you are an expert on palm readings, let’s move on to the face!

Face Reading

What a Face Reading Can You Tell About a Person's Character

Many people want to know, is my partner cheating? Is there someone else they are sleeping with on the side? For this, I recommend branching out into face reading, or facial physiognomy, an ancient art that originated in China and is popular in ancient Hindu culture and India as well. A common practice when reading palms in contemporary India is to get a good look at the face, and to start reading the psyche and personality from there.

Face Reading Mouth

What Mouths Reveal

Someone with a thin top lip and a fleshy bottom lip that sticks out somewhat will have difficulties with reciprocity. However, someone with the reverse - a thin bottom lip and a fuller, flabbier slightly protruding overlaying upper lip, gives generously in relationships.

Small mouths indicate shyness. People with large mouths, while generous, do all the talking. Small mouths, introvert; large mouths, extrovert, sizes up the mouth situation.

Face Reading Eyes

What About the Eyes?

Eyes feature prominently in people who treat you like family. They are friendly and approachable. Small eyes indicate a very attentive but nervous person. Are you after somebody creative, perhaps a kindred spirit? Go for the deep-set eyes. But watch out! They might be very intense.

Significance of Face Shapes

You can also tell something by the shape of the face. A person is likely to be narcissistic and difficult in relationships, with an oblong face. A triangular face can reveal a shallow personality in terms of relating, but the person is likely to exhibit a lot of fiery passion about their own thing. A square-faced person will likely be domineering, even if you can depend on them and find them intelligent. For example, they will be the go-to for analysis of any predicament you might be in. A high flat forehead signifies intelligence.

face reading for cheating

How a Face Reading Can Let You Know If Your Partner Cheats

Yes, a face reading can help discern if a partner is likely to cheat.  First, if your male lover has a moustache, pay attention to how much of the upper lip is covered. Revealing the upper lip indicates a willingness to be open about sharing deep feelings, whereas a man who doesn’t have a visible upper lip has an anathema for self-disclosure and might be hiding any number of things. Choosing to hide the upper lip may indicate trying to conceal a relationship.

Second, have a look at the eyes. Start with the eyelids. Very large eyelid fullness on one side not balanced by fullness on the other side (whether right or left) might signify emotional trickery. Small suspicious eyes often reveal a secretive nature, as opposed to prominent eyes with bright sparkle or glitter. A steady gaze indicates a forthright disposition. Restless wandering eyes tend to show lack of commitment, a tendency towards dishonesty and a lack of commitment.

Third, a pointed downward tipped nose may be a sign of dishonesty.

Yet don’t try to read your partner’s face by shifty eyes in response to your direct question. The unwillingness to look you in the eyes could be caused by other factors like depression and shyness, as well as the sexual insecurity of just not being trusted by someone considered an intimate partner, like you.

And don’t forget the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy. If you are constantly looking for infidelity, you just might find some! The best way to use a face reading is not to look for signs of lying, but to look for signs of love. If you can find and feel signs of love, this person is right for you.

face and palm readings

How to Improve Your Life with Palm and Face Readings

While finger lengths do not change, as lines and the palms can and sometimes do, you can massage your fingers upward, rubbing them with your favorite oil, to encourage growth of the characteristic which each finger holds. Pulling your money finger up to land past the top knuckle line of your talent finger or at least a little closer can improve your money-making ability. Massaging your ambition finger out towards its fuller length, pulling it away from the palm, can give you the ability to manifest your talents. Try this if people call you a dreamer.

A psychic reader can read your hands, but you must follow the remedies she gives you. The rest is up to you. And coming to a psychic video chat with a picture of a lover can be an instrumental way to follow up too.  And once you've mastered the face and hands, there is much more to discover about a person's body language using intuition and information which is in plain sight.



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Psychic Natasha, PhD, is an intuitive who trained with Lilydale mediums. She has a passion for divination through the body, which she believes was created by a divine force. Her interest in hand and face analysis as well as Vedic astrology drew her to India, Mexico and Argentina, where she studied with well-known readers in Varanasi, Delhi, Khahajaro, Tepotzlan and Buenos Aires. She had a shop of her own on Isla Mujeres in Mexico for eight years and has been practicing these arts as well as reading feet and the Tarot at music, theater, and yoga festivals since the mid-1980s. She reads palms and face through video chat and can help you discover your destiny or get back on course. She also works with crystals and cards through chat and the phone.


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