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Signs You May Be Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, and More

Date 5/9/2022
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Discover and unleash all your inner "clairs."

Discover and unleash all your inner "clairs."

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We are all familiar with the basic five human senses (sight, sound, taste, smell and touch) and how they help us move around in the world with increased awareness. But, do you realize that we are all born with at least a few psychic senses? 

A Clair is a psychic gift that helps us to interpret energetic information. Often, we may not recognize really know how to use them since we have not been exposed to them. Likely our family and friends were unfamiliar too, but that is OK.  We may assume that only unique and special people are born with these psychic qualities. That is only a myth! Some people have been well trained in these abilities from an early age and have lots of practice in developing them. Exposure to Psychic Clairs is not taught as part of our standard education unless you attended Hogwarts as part of the Harry Potter School of Life. LOL!

Work with Your Strengths

It is best to work with your strengths. When I was growing up, I had no experience with these abilities other than in books and movies. But I knew that I trusted my gut feeling over logic and common sense when it came to important choices and decisions. I know some of you are getting messages, but you are unsure if you are making them up or misunderstanding them. 

Let’s learn more about the six Clairs, so you can start using them to your advantage!


Clairvoyance or clear seeing certainly gets the most attention and people are quickly labeled as a Psychic in the movies and media. Yes, some people can energetically SEE the colors in a person’s aura. That may seem like a type of super-power. But it is just one of many Clairs, or psychic gifts that we all have. They are not in any order of ranking of abilities. Do not jump to the conclusion that if you are not seeing aura colors, that you have no clairvoyant ability or intuition of other psychic gifts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Someone with psychic ability to interpret information via knowing, feeling, smelling or hearing, is just as psychic as one who can see psychically.  Think of it like clairvoyance for beginners. 

Signs You May be Clairvoyant – if you answer yes to the questions below:

Do you close your eyes and process in images or metaphors?
Would you rather learn by seeing something rather than hearing about it?
Are you visual, and enjoy visualizing? 
Do you often say, “I see” in conversation?
Do you notice flashes in your peripheral vision, yet you turn any nothing is there?
Are you creative and artistic? 


We often define Clairsentience as a clear sensing or feeling that allows you to process energy through your emotions. One of the biggest challenges is separating your energy from others. You are sooo sensitive, that many times you take on other’s feelings as if they were your own. This becomes clearer over time and with more practice. One of the best ways to strengthen your clairsentient abilities is to meditate and create a daily routine of grounding and connecting to love and light. This will help to clean out energy that is stuck or not yours and it keeps it flowing—which is essential. Be careful not to process others energy and issues. You may think of this as a way to help them. But it will backfire in time. It does not help you or them. Each of us deserves the respect to process our own stuff. Plus, we can make ourselves sick in the process by trying to fix or save another person. 

Signs You May be Clairsentient – if you answer yes to the questions below:

Are you very empathic? Even confusing other’s emotions as you own?
Do you notice when the energy in the room or around a person is Happy? Angry? Sad? 
Is time alone essential to feel whole and balanced?
Are you a deep feeler and emotionally triggered at large gatherings or even TV?
Can you hold an object, like an antique, and receive information about it?


The Claircognizance definition (sometimes called Clairgnosis) is simply clear knowing. It is a connection to divine knowing. It is when we just know something but have no logical explanation to how or why we know it. There is no need to prove this. It is a very grounded and real awareness. 

Signs You May be Claircognizant – if you answer yes to the questions below:

Do you just know something before you are told? (listening to others, quiz, race or event)
Do you wake up before the alarm goes off?
Do you know when someone is lying to you?
Do you get downloads of info in the shower, dreaming, driving, gardening?
Do you say “I know” in conversation? 

But wait, there’s more (you probably already knew that if your Clairs are working!)  


What is the meaning of Clairaudience? Also known as clear hearing, clairaudience can be defined as hearing a ‘voice” or an inner voice. These messages are immediate and not logical or rational. Sometimes, people struggle with this method because it is in direct contrast to the logical mind. Be careful, your ego will try to convince you that this is invalid information. And that you will appear as a fool if you voice these messages. I suggest that you speak freely when you get information. In time, you will learn to trust this process. Start small and have lots of faith and trust. 

Signs You May be Clairaudient – if you answer yes to the questions below:

When talking with friends, do you know what they are going to say - before they say it?
Do you hear songs in your head? Do they feel like guidance?
Does the sound of waves or rain bring you peace and relax you?
Do you say “I hear” in conversation?
Does the term “inner voice” resonate with you? 


Clairscent or clear smelling is a less common clair. Not to be confused with clairsentience, this is actually smelling a scent, fragrance or odor that is not in your surroundings. And this is not noticed with your human nose. These are methods of receiving intuitive information via smell awareness. Someone who trusts their intuition may connect the dots that they are sensing a fire before it has even started simply by smelling smoke that is not anywhere around them.

Signs You May be Clairscentient – if you answer yes to the questions below:

Does someone’s scent remind you of a loved one?
Are you sensitive to perfume in elevators? 
Have you been overwhelmed by a smell that makes you think of your past?


And finally, is Clairgustance or clear tasting. A good example of this is where someone tastes a food or drink that reminds them of a person or situation even when the item is not around, and neither are the people. This is another method of psychic information to be processed. 

Signs You May be Clairgustant – if you answer yes to the questions below:

Have you said, “that left a bitter taste in my mouth” when referring to a person or event?
Can you experience the taste of food from childhood without actually eating them? i.e. grandma’s famous cooking 
Are you sensitive to certain tastes?

Now that we’ve identified the 6 types of clairs and how to recognize and understand them, I would like to leave you with some additional tips that will really help you on this journey.

Relax and Be Present

Start by closing your eyes which can help you focus beyond the here and now. Take several deep breaths to get the oxygen moving (and it is relaxing). Get grounded to the earth and connected to love and light. Be present by letting go of past, future and current distractions.  Now is the time to ask your angels and guides to be with you.  And don’t forget to turn your high chakras up, your lower chakras down and most importantly, quiet the ego!


When trying to navigate your clairs, it is important to stay focused.  Here are a few recommendations you can try for yourself: 

•    Make a personal reference book: what does each color/angel/symbol mean to you and your intuition? Once you create a guidebook it’s awesome reference for you! 
•    Intuitively read the back of playing cards (to determine colors, numbers) with your 3rd eye. Not your normal 3D eyes. Try again and again and see how you do. 
•    Practice seeing outside the box with pictures (i.e. Magic Eye books and more). 
•    Tune into your pet (or even a plant) and see how they feel. Then try with a trusted good friend! Practice, practice, practice.
•    Create a dream journal and see if you can pick up on patterns and repeating messages.
•    Meditate, balance your chakras and keep your vibration high.  

Stay Healthy and Aware

Your physical body needs to be kept balanced too, so try some of these ideas for self-care. 

Start by always eating nourishing healthy food (root vegetables) and drinking your water!  Connect with nature and animals, which could include a barefoot walk in the grass, hugging a tree, planting a garden, playing with the dog or more. 

Smile and compliment yourself in a mirror. Mindfully practice gratitude daily by saying a simple phrase such as “Thank you, universe!” By being humble and thankful, you are channeling. This information is not coming from human you. You have a blessed source connection.  And always, always trust your guidance!

Unleash Your Clairs

There is a lot there, so don’t try to rush and do them all.  Review them and see which ones speak to you and start there.  But as you practice more and more, you will likely discover you are becoming more in touch with your clairs and how they can impact and shape the world around you with increased awareness!

Now go, unleash your Clairs, you’ll be happy you did!  And to explore this further, you can always get a phone, chat or video reading with a clairvoyant psychic, a clairaudient psychic or any of the other clairs, available 24/7 at Psychic Source.  

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