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What Is Psychic Channeling? by Psychic Izzy

Date 10/12/2019

Find your happy place.

Find your happy place.

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Psychic channeling, for me, is a powerful form of non-verbal communication that I use to communicate with angels, spirits, guides and source energy, either for myself or others. I love doing this for people, animals, plants or situations. 

How I Channel?
Before I begin to channel, I prepare myself by calming my body, taking deep breaths, grounding my energy, connecting to source and tuning into the flow of my heart energy and out of my analytical mind. I always tune into the peaceful energy vibe of a neutral big-picture perspective. I can also use tools like angel cards, tarot, and crystals to channel. But my fastest results usually come through reading energy and trusting my guidance. 

Why Do I Channel?
I do this work to help clients with questions and concerns, bring clarity to situations or engage in energy healing. I also communicate with people or animals in their lives or those who have passed on. I have learned to trust these techniques through much practice with a variety of experiences over the years. I also enjoy channeling for energy balancing, chakra clearing, Reiki work, deep distance healing and protection purposes. I sense the most effective communication is achieved at a higher vibration, resulting in richer communication methods. 

As I channel, the energy is flowing through me, often creating a “visual” awareness and sometimes I experience physical representations such as tingling, heat or energy running though my body. At other times, I am led to communicate words or metaphors. I always approach this work from a love and above perspective — for everyone’s highest and best! This positive intention creates a “bridge” for me between my current human awareness, and all that is possible for us to notice and be aware of through a deeper psychic connection at a higher vibration.

Benefits of Channeling
I have grown a lot through these experiences. I have a lighter view of concerns and can more easily find the positives and benefits. When viewing life and our challenges through this lens, I am able to have a much broader and more neutral perspective which provides more clarity, choices and direction for all of us. This helps my life to grow richer with a deeper sense of empowerment — and that is my goal for you as well. Right away, more options and more optimism become crystal clear. Clarity is a beautiful gift.

When in a state of deep connection and channeling, I experience great spiritual growth and expansion. Sometimes I am keenly aware, while at other times it seems to happen in the background. This can be similar to the quiet and connected state of meditation; although for me when working I am often actively involved in communicating with you. For this ability I am very grateful. 

As we learn more about ourselves, our challenges and our opportunities — life becomes expanded and anything is possible. That is fascinating. We need to figure out if we have the power to control our concerns. And if we do, take action! But if we do not, we need to accept our situation and move on.  This is where I love to dream big. I ask the universe for what I want — or something even better. I suggest you do the same. I see my work as making the world a better place, one person at a time. 

Slow down. Find your happy place. Get quiet, and find your own answers from the inside, instead of the outside. Those quality answers are the only ones that really matter.

~ Izzy x9366

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