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How I Use the Tarot to Reveal the Unseen by Psychic Therese

Date 4/23/2024
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How is a Tarot Reading like an Onion???

How is a Tarot Reading like an Onion???

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I always believe that information is power, no matter if it is finding and keeping love, dealing with business, a boss, co-workers or just navigating thru life.  My combined focus of the psychic, spiritual and the psychological, gives each of my callers a unique perspective for a deep excavation into the issues at hand.  

When I give a reading, what I do is a kind of “psychic archeology.” Except I am not only looking at the past, but also the present and what will happen in the future, sometimes tweaking my client’s strategy for the best outcome, once we determine the truth of the situation.  

Because detail is very important, I often help the caller to drill down, as I focus on layer upon layer of questions, literally getting to the bottom of things. Think of it as peeling away at an onion, one layer at a time. They are often surprised how much information I can get.

Start at the Top
My process is to take a subject of the caller’s choosing (love, work, money, etc.) and begin from there. For example, let’s say it’s a love reading. My caller will give me a first name of the person in question (a lover, ex, potential crush, etc.) and I do a cold read about the situation.  

As I ask the questions and lay the tarot cards out on the table, I get psychic impressions of the situation.  Very quickly, the messages that come in for me combine with the sign posts of the Tarot spread, it all syncs up together and I get answers. Sometimes, if I need additional information, I will lay another card down to “amplify” the message in a particular given area. 

By doing all this, I can delve into the issues, gaining insight that may not be accessible by any other means.  This may include how this person feels about the caller, what this person really wants in the relationship, what are his/her hopes and concerns around the issue, and more.

Another Dimension
I can also look into the people around the client and the loved one, and how they feel and what kind of input they are the giving the significant other, that is also affecting the direction of the relationship. This can add another dimension to the reading, as we plan the next move for the caller. 

Does the loved one have a hidden relationship?  Does he have unexpressed (or subconscious) fears regarding relationships, family of origin issues, etc. that are causing the relationship to get stuck or bogged down in emotional sabotage? I can find out all of this, which can be vital to the caller and to the relationship going forward. 

Peeling Away the Layers
It is critical to look at all the angles around the loved one, because people, despite their best intentions, sometimes aren’t able to express themselves the way they need to. Sometimes they hide what is really going on. And sometimes they innocently just don’t know or understand the real truth or why they do what they do. As we peel layers from the proverbial onion to get to the truth, at times, the effort becomes interactive. I will bring something up to the client, we discuss it and then determine where to go from there, as we continue our “search.”   

Decision Time
As we lay out all the facts and ask all the questions, we can experiment with hypothetical situations while determining a course of action. For example: if I do this or say that, how will it affect my loved one?  How will he respond?   Which strategy is the best in this situation?  How should I approach it for the best outcome? Once we access this information, I can help the caller to make good choices and decisions, based on what emerges from the reading.  

Sometimes it’s a confirmation of what they have been feeling and many other times, we discover new information that will help them make a new decision, find a different strategy or gain a better understanding of what is going on with the significant other, that is hidden from view.  

With the help of the Tarot as my guide, I can get to the truth very quickly, no matter how complicated it may seem initially.

Remember: things are not always what they seem!

Tarot month continues all April long. Please return next Friday as Therese shares a story of a special Tarot reading that helped save a customer's relationship! 


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Lovingheart: I have had several readings with Therese. She does excellent Readings. I would ask myself... How does she do it! The way she uses Tarot to gain information and insight is truly amazing! It's nice to read about how she gets information about questions and people involved. Thanks for such an awesome article!

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