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How to Use Oracle Cards with Tarot for Clear Guidance by Psychic Autumn

Date 6/4/2024
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You're a tarot reader. You possess the knowledge of endless combinations and spreads; visually and intuitively as well as "by the book". Perhaps you are seeking to add a little pizzazz to your experience with tarot readings. Have you tried oracle cards? Click or tap here for our Free Oracle Card Reading. If the Tarot is a bowl of ice cream, think of an oracle deck as the sprinkles and toppings to make readings much sweeter and more complete.

Allow me to express how interesting, in depth, and personal it can become when deciding to implement oracle cards into your situation and reading. There is a sense of peace and advice unlike a typical spread that actually vibes with it adding relevance when these two join forces. What is great about this combination, any experience levels apply. The connection between oracle and tarot is a spiritual tango of how each cards mesh with one another and offer a grounded response to your reading. I will be using one card examples below of how to use oracle cards with tarot.

Oracle Card Decks

Questions to Ask Your Tarot Deck with Oracle Cards

Once you have set the intention to your reading, cleanse, shuffle your deck, and arrange to what spread accommodates the situation and tarot deck of choice. You should be able to identify the prediction or response from the cards. Should you encounter a head scratcher or unclear message by either one card or by combination, this is where an oracle card can clear that up. You can ask during or after the reading as you go and record it in your tarot journal. 

Here are some questions you could ask your tarot and oracle deck regarding situations that can present advice and explanations. They offer true meaning in reference to the examples provided below. Feel free to explore and use them for your own guidance! Disclaimer: Cards, readings and scenarios will vary by energy, the person's path, and choice of tarot deck and/or oracle cards. 

Tarot and Oracle Cards


Asking about a job, promotion or trajectory of the position, investments, assets, inheritances, interactions with bosses or coworkers etc.:

  • Will I get the job/promotion? 
  • Should I change careers?
  • How can I improve my financial situation?
  • Will investing in this (insert asset, home, company, etc.) be profitable for my future?

Let's use the first question: "Will I get the job/promotion?"

A little backstory: Your boss feels you are a strong candidate for an upcoming promotion. They would like to provide a reference to nominate you to be interviewed for it.

You or your advisor pulls an Ace of Pentacles. The ace is usually a yes card and signifies something new! Pentacles are tangible, like a document, money, gifts; and can be the slowest moving energy of the deck, but an opportunity, nonetheless. We could gather, it may be long term and it involves work/finances with a fresh start! But we would like clarity on this ace. Before you draw the oracle card that clarifies the ace, you may ask: "What is the ace of pentacles anticipating or will this involve a bonus or extra income?"  Your oracle card chosen was "an opportunity awaits." This validates extra income, which is positive news regarding the promotion. 


Tarot and Oracle Cards

Questions you may ask regarding connections or relationships with self, family, friends, and lovers and their feelings and intentions include:

  • "How does the person I am in a relationship with feel about the connection we share?"
  • "Does my family support my decision?"
  • "How can I improve my self-care routine?"
  • "Will my colleague and I become friends?"

For our sample, let’s work with "How can I improve my self-care routine?"

There are moments where days have been a bit more overwhelming than usual, and you notice a shift in your energy. Maybe you’ve been taking more trips to the coffee shop or didn't get all your daily steps in, or even realized you’ve had three missed calls from your bestie!? With your self-awareness, there is a "stuck" feeling regarding your planner. You are feeling a tad frustrated or tired because it has been an unusually busy week! How will you manage?

Picture this: You're aiming to find a balance to your work, life, social, and love routines. To begin, seek an advisor or yourself to shuffle your Tarot deck, focus, and pull a card. The card revealed to you is 4 of Swords. This card can mean rest, meditation, calming the mind and going within, with no restrictions to healing and allowing recovery. It can also mean withdrawing. 

This card tells you to do just that. This may include taking a break when you can, easing the chaos with day-to-day concerns, limiting screen/socializing time, drinking water, attending a virtual conference call in your favorite fuzzy socks, texting your bestie when you are available to catch up, and performing some minor household chores to get your steps in. It is about finding harmony and prioritizing time to take care of your personal needs within situations that can cause burn out or stress.

You may then reach for your oracle deck, and ask to clarify the 4 of swords, or to resonate fully, asking your oracle to present an idea to unwind. Your oracle card that was pulled is preserve your energies. What does this mean to you? Taking a bath, journaling, scheduling an appointment with a holistic practitioner? You may draw another card but most of all, what does your heart say to you? Trust your routine and intuition to decide how to do so.

Tarot and Oracle Cards

How to Use Tarot and Oracle Cards Together 

You can use the oracle cards by asking to add more relevance to the tarot card, or the situation. I say that a clarifier is more so, a response to a question such as: "what is this regarding?" thus, plugging into the situation as it presents itself. You could inquire solely about the tarot card or dig deeper (inception style) getting right to the nitty gritty of the how’s and whys to the topic you're seeking clarity on. You can then place the card near the reading or card that you wish to understand better.

You may ask your deck for advice regarding a conflict with a friend. You receive an Ace of Swords. Swords in tarot represent communication and thoughts. The ace of swords as advice is to seek a high purpose of clarity, a breakthrough. You may then ask your deck, "what is the ace of swords here or what clarity is this regarding?" Your oracle card may respond with a card that expresses the word "caution,” so this tells the story that the clarity or advice you seek is a conversation with a friend to express, but tread lightly next time you converse, hinting that the situation is tense. 

Tarot and Oracle Cards

If you feel the Tarot reading you gave yourself or another does not fully resonate, an oracle card may be able to discern why the cards or reading combination came to be. If you ask about your current energy of your love life, and the 5 of Wands  appears, according to Rider Waite, this is a card of conflict. Should you be unable to "make it fit" or resonate, you may refer to your oracle deck and ask it to explain what the conflict is: perhaps there isn't conflict, so why the card? Now your oracle may have a card that revealed two zodiac signs, and card that says, "secret admirer." Now, you may interpret that this card is speaking to you and that the 5 of Wands here in this example means: someone or another is competing for your attention.

Do you know you can also choose to read on your or other situations using your oracle deck solo, and have your tarot deck as a clarifier? Oracle to oracle, or tarot/tarot? It can get pretty interesting and fun! Tons of information to record and learn! You could ask your tarot or oracle to do the talking, or as I call it "spill the tea."

Oracle Card Decks

Types of Oracle Decks

I do recommend checking out different types of oracle decks to offer you options with relevance to your guided readings. Here are a few descriptions of oracle cards that are easy to read and get to the point. 

  • Any angel, heavenly, divine, or archangel decks will offer lovely artwork, and a brief message or affirmation, sometimes with timing, topics, and a solution. There's likely a cherub somewhere too, real cute! 
  • Crystal, zodiac, astronomy, or alchemy themed oracles can offer advice with timing, healing messages with corresponding images, and characteristics of situations. They tend to aim toward recommendations regarding areas of healing, objects to utilize, and cleanse, in addition to the situation used to clarify. Oracle cards that serve a specific genre can promote a more inclusive, relevant result and appease a style or reader’s taste. Example: (floral, herbal, animal, aquatic, robots, colors, etc.) 
  • Affirmation Oracles are guidance messages that offer thought provoking information used to strengthen the mind and belief system that can resonate with the energy of the situation.
  • Lenormand is a hybrid system of tarot and oracle cards offering an image with a descriptive word or number referring to accurate keywords with numerology. It has its own set of rules but trust your intuition. 
  • Make your own! Add descriptions, zodiac signs, astrology, images/colors, affirmations, any way you like with your energy in a way you can understand your own messages. Playing cards are widely used as a form of cartomancy
  • Honorable mention: Charms, runes, palmistry, tea leaves, dice, are just a few other indicators to provide divine insight!

There are sub types of oracle cards, which can offer images, dialogue, timing, descriptions of a person, place or thing, their zodiac sign, advice, love, twin flame, LGBTIQ+, no contact, soulmate, sexual, career, aside from the general advice listed above along with tarot. These specific oracle sub types or topics are tailored to a situation that elaborates on the meaning that fills in the void when a situation is confirmed and actively resonating. An advisor may use the "no contact" oracle regarding a client who is in a (you guessed it) "no contact/separation" situation, or a "love oracle" regarding a connection or relationship with self or the client's love life. It's like dressing for the occasion type of reading!

In this "add on" feature to your tarot spread and/or deck is that oracles are just another tool to enhance your guidance, situation on any reading at any time. There are many to choose from, from the styles down to the topics, even creating your own deck! From novice to pro, try it out to investigate for yourself! It’s an insightful way to create a foundation, beginning to end, and most of all, peaceful resolutions.

Happy shuffling! 

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Autumn is an Intuitive Empath who has a love for astronomy with astrology as it correlates to who we are as spiritual beings and life purposes. She has over 16 years of experience with knowledge passed on from her ancestors and guides communicating with multi-dimensional souls over the significance of understanding the universe and our life paths. She is a generational psychic and an oracle, who uses tarot as a tool to clarify the messages she receives, feels, hears, or knows. She uses crystals to heal and ground energies and recharges the chakras with reiki.


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